Ibanez AFB200
Ibanez AFB200

AFB200, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the Artcore Bass series.

Le Bassificateur 08/08/2008

Ibanez AFB200 : Le Bassificateur's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in China, type hollow body
22 frets, 2 humbuckers ACHB2 under the hood, JB config
1 volume, 1 tone, 1 switch microphones
Maple body, mahogany / maple, rosewood fingerboard
Wooden easel, set neck

Very nice finish for this price, a bit light fittings but sometimes that price is more than respectable. (389 EUR in store in Toulouse).


Handle very nice, well-sized.
Access to acute? What is that? I do not play bass for the treble! If so, access ok.
Very light, but compared to my Marcus that can only be light! The larger box gives the impression of having a sound at first, but without adaptation bp.
The only downside: it slumps since the strap is attached to the back.
Its settings and easy to obtain quickly. Its hot on the neck pickup, balanced on two, somewhat shining on the bridge pickup. Again compared to the M ² is super easy ... but compare what is comparable ...


Perfect for blues, jazz, soul, rock even with a good amp. Otherwise, forget the slap on it, not really made for.
Acoustic sound audible to play unplugged, especially with a pick. No pb to accompany a dry voice.
Connected, the sound quality is amazing for the price: round, precision and versatility.
Compelling in-store test of a Trace 1x15 but then on my config (Markbass amp Ampeg 2x10 + 1x15 ).... velvet.
I think inaudible tone of rotten amp, I could hear the variations on the Markbass.
Not a sound parasite, its very clean. I had some a priori, but I was won over to the first note.


Bought a few days there is no recoil.
I chose this model to play as the second and acoustic bass for acoustic type sounds. Not regret the trip and delighted by the result at all levels. The value for money is excellent and very surprising and deserves the 10 I do it again so that choice with his eyes closed.
In my opinion, the quality and accuracy of the amp is important to get the best. Amp on rotten or too fat ... better not.