Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2010-2015]
Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2010-2015]

American Deluxe Precision Bass [2010-2015], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

lvokko 08/28/2012

Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass [2010-2015] : lvokko's user review

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Features: 8
Okay so I'm going on the manufacture not m'taler else do it better than me. Button in maple is that I was looking for, the handle was a bit Drout at the beginning knowing that I had the 5-string for some years, with a thin neck and little wide, j 'I had the impression of having a tarp in the hands!
Lower trslgre for me, well balanced I had read a lot of good and when I got into the hands has made me all funny.
Two microphones, volume, balance, bass / treble and a knob of mdium the PBass sound versatile and well let's say we burn what surf lot of styles just by moving your hand, j love it! However it's his name, and that is.


Use: 8
With time I took my marks on the handle, I have big hands and I feel good hold, it is ultimately reassuring. The bass does not sting the nose and takes great agreement. I just want to say that this bass is a great tool, reliable, convenient and versatile. So, as I have two basses, well I often play and I find my account quickly and easily.


Sound: 10
Then there is always better diffrent ... etc ... I think it sounds good as it should, say nothing, when we play fatty fat, slamming when to slapper I rather play rock, but I sent in all styles reggae, metal, fusion, funk, jazz, play with my fingers, mdiator and slap on the Accuracy what, we walk on the handle and r alise that among all these wonderful models that exist, it is not the famous without reason!

Some will say that it is less PBass done slapper, but frankly with maple fingerboard made it widely, it's slamming or right. For my part I play with a lot of so acute I get confused easily.

I have not found it to major default, if not we like it or not the fender, and I confess that I was not convinced before putting my paws on it. It enchentais me not to have the same sound as the half bassists of the plant (that is exagr!), And finally I got scotch as autes!

I played on an Ampeg 4x10 svt3pro with 1x15 and has sounded! And since I pass on a Marshall head VBA400 any lights, and even better, forcment!

Just a ngatif poins about the sound, we will never have the vintage sound, it's always a very "manly", even when playing cool cool, this low despite a fairly modern character s versatility, sound is on, neither more nor less. But that's also what I was looking for!


Final Score: 9.5
I put this note because malgrs me, it fills my expectations both in terms of levels has full sound.
I use it for almost two years, I was looking back to the four rope after a few years on my pdulla RB5 (nothing to see his level!), So I wanted an instrument that sounds slap that goes everywhere and sending the steak, keeping at least the same quality without ruining me (did many criteria!).

I had a case on the pdulla and would put me fach more expensive in a less well finished instrument! For 990euros priCe I barely rflchis, the bass was a year .... Let's say if I had to buy new I would have taken more time to compare with other mod the.

I had a super OCCAZ and you can buy this kind of model ferms eyes I think. Anyway I can not imagine selling it.