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4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

    Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - "Squier Vintage Jazz"


    This is the black body, black pickguard, maple neck with pearl block inlay Jazz Bass by Squier. One of the latest models in their Vintage Modified series. Agathis body with a Poly finish and Alnico magnet pickups. The knobs are volume, volume, ton…

  • Epiphone Silver Burst Thunderbird IV

    Epiphone Silver Burst Thunderbird IV - "Epiphone Thunderbird IV"


    This is the 4 string, non-reverse headstock, version of the Epiphone Thunderbird in 3-tone sunburst finish. 2 humbucker pickups, volume, volume and tone knobs. Black hardware, alder body, maple neck with rosewood board and well that's all the run o…

  • Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

    Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - mooseherman's review


    This is a Mexican made Squier guitar. Squier is made by Fender, and generally is their discount models. This is based off of a Vintage Jazz Bass. However, it's not the same quality as the actual vintage ones (Fender doesn't really make many guitars o…

  • Yamaha BB614

    Yamaha BB614 - "Yamaha BB614"


    Yamaha model BB614 was my first base guitar I purchased 5 years ago. I have always felt that Yamaha prices in the BB series line of bass guitars were very good. And quality was excellent for what you are paying for. I own a Black bb614 and taught mys…

  • Epiphone EB-3

    Epiphone EB-3 - "Epiphone EB-3"


    This is the 4 string version of the Epiphone EB-3. Mine is in Alpine White finish. This is a rare finish and has an Epiphone Custom Shop Logo on it. The logo does not make it better or more collectible, it is just what Epiphone does when they only…

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "Excellent value for money"


    No need to add anything here. But its weight is...strange! I even thought it had to do with the manufacturing quality, because I didn't know this type of bass. And then you get used to it and really appreciate it. The finish isn't that good....some…

  • Schecter C-4 Custom

    Schecter C-4 Custom - "Schecter Diamond C-4 Custom"


    Schecter C4 Custom Electric Bass Guitar Specifications * Construction: 6 Bolt on * Body: Mahogany * Neck: Multi Laminate Maple and Walnut * Scale: 34 inches * Fingerboard: Rosewood * Frets: 24 Jumbo * Inlays: offs…

  • Fender Precision Bass (1979)

    Fender Precision Bass (1979) - "Awesome tone, great playing"


    This is an American-made bass guitar from 1979. This guitar has one passive pickup, as well as a volume knob and a control knob. The output jack is on the face of the instrument, as opposed to the bottom on other instruments. There are 20 frets on th…

  • Fender Jazz Bass (1969)

    Fender Jazz Bass (1969) - "Fantastic Vintage bass!"


    This classic bass is an American made machine. The 69 jazz bass has a rosewood fingerboard (which changed to maple in the 1970s, making a 60s P-Bass preferable to some people). The bass has an alder body. The fingerboard is narrower than other basses…

  • Yamaha BB300

    Yamaha BB300 - "Yamaha BB300"


    Mine is a Black finish with a 34' neck. I changed to flat wounds since I play with my fingers and didn't want to shew them up. Plus I like the soft sound they project. I primarily plat The Beatles and most 60's tunes. I've been playing for over 40 ye…