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LTD 4-string bass guitars news

  • [MUSIKMESSE] LTD introduces two multi-scale basses
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    [MUSIKMESSE] LTD introduces two multi-scale basses

    04/09/16 in LTD B-1005SE Multi-scale

    LTD has introduced the B-1004SE Multi-scale bass as well as its 5-string version, the B-1005SE.

  • The LTD RB Basses are coming

    The LTD RB Basses are coming

    03/25/14 in LTD RB-1006BM

    ESP/LTD started to distribute its new RB series of electric basses designed in collaboration with Tower of Power’s Rocco Prestia.

  • [NAMM] ESP Pancho Tomaseli Signature

    [NAMM] ESP Pancho Tomaseli Signature

    01/22/12 in LTD PT-4

    War/PHILM bassist Pancho Tomaselli gets his first ESP signature model, the LTD PT-4.

  • [NAMM] ESP Basses

    [NAMM] ESP Basses

    07/25/11 in LTD Vintage-204 Rosewood

    At Summer NAMM, ESP is introducing new series of 4- and 5-string basses slated for release for the second half of 2011.

  • [NAMM] ESP LTD Surveyor-4 & 5

    [NAMM] ESP LTD Surveyor-4 & 5

    01/06/11 in LTD Surveyor-4 Rosewood

    LTD Surveyor line has been expanded with the introduction of the new Surveyor-4 and Surveyor-5 basses.

  • ESP LTD FL-600 Frédéric LeClercq Signature

    ESP LTD FL-600 Frédéric LeClercq Signature

    04/13/09 in LTD FL-600

    Among its new releases, ESP is introducing the Fred LeClercq LTD FL-600 Signature model bass.

  • [Musikmesse] ESP LTD FL-600

    [Musikmesse] ESP LTD FL-600

    04/06/09 in LTD FL-600

    ESP has introduced the LTD FL-600, Dragonforce's Frédéric LeClercq's signature model.

  • [Musikmesse] Trace Elliot Turns 30

    [Musikmesse] Trace Elliot Turns 30

    04/01/09 in LTD 30th Anniversary

    2009 sees the 30th year since the launch of Trace Elliot as a brand in Essex, UK.