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LTD 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • LTD F-104

    LTD F-104 - "Subpar bass"


    The ESP LTD F-104 is a bass made for those who cannot afford the higher level LTD or ESP basses. The guitar is really marketed towards those who are just starting out and are into the whole nu-metal/visual kei kinda thing. The bass features a bassw…

  • LTD Vintage-204 Maple

    LTD Vintage-204 Maple - "LTD Vintage 204 Distressed"


    This is the Vintage 204 series from LTD by ESP. It is their take on a Precision bass copy and made it Distressed similiar to Fender's latest Road Worn Series. I think these came in 2 colors black and sunburst. The P-bass pickup in the neck and t…

  • LTD B-50

    LTD B-50 - "LTD B50"


    I played bass for over 20 years now. I bought this bass cuz it felt good when i tried it and sounded good through the amp. I only like the way it looks. I dont like the fact that the ESP pick ups are very weak. I use a traben bass and when i switc…

  • LTD F-404FM

    LTD F-404FM - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by julboubou/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Made in Japan under the brand name LTD. Mahogany body, neck-through body, fingerboard with tribal inlays, active EMG 35DC/P4 pickups, 35" scale. UTILIZATION Quite pleasant …

  • LTD B-50

    LTD B-50 - "Norman B-50"


    Hi, I'm Mark Steele from Peterborough Ontario. There has always been a guitar in the house and I have always picked it up daily. I've been through a few bands recently, mainly Celtic, traditional Irish, Scottish, Canadian folk. I solo on occasion and…

  • LTD F-204

    LTD F-204 - "ESP Ltd F-204"


    I purchased the F-204 (rather stupidly) online without trying it out, at the handy price of approx. $500, rrp $699. As well as this, with the extra money taken off for the USD to GBP conversion, the end price was about GBP£400. I purchased from http:…

  • LTD B-50

    LTD B-50 - "Norman B-50"


    I bought this guitar after playing and comparing it to others in it's price range and more. Bud's in Peterborough Ont. sold it to me for around $500 CDN including case. This is a well built robust instument..and it is loud and clean. I have to compe…

  • LTD B-104

    LTD B-104 - "ESP B104 Fretless"


    I bought this bass off the internet from I bought it because i wanted a second bass, it was a good price and i wanted a fretless. It was 200$ on sale. I liked First the fact that it was fretless.You can really get some good riffs with …

  • LTD B-104

    LTD B-104 - "ESP B-104"


    Bought from Musician's Friend for $279 because I needed a bass for my recording. Extremely good build quality and finish. Good balance and comfortable to wear. Came with a case -- most companies don't offer a free case until the $800 range! The s…

  • LTD B-104

    LTD B-104 - "ESP B104"


    i buoght this as my first bass guitar not really caring about the sound becouse i never played before.I just seen this on the wall and new i would look good playing that. The whole guitar has great qulitys i was amazed at the price i got it for afte…