LTD B-50
LTD B-50

B-50, 4-string bass guitar from LTD in the Standard B series.

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MGR/Steve 05/18/2009

LTD B-50 : MGR/Steve's user review

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I played bass for over 20 years now.

I bought this bass cuz it felt good when i tried it and sounded good through the amp.

I only like the way it looks.

I dont like the fact that the ESP pick ups are very weak. I use a traben bass and when i switch guitars i have to turn my volume down about 4 or 5 notches.

i think the construction is very poor. my knobs werent tightened when built at the factory i guess. and the tuning keys were loose and needed tightened as well. the neck is weak. i used a heavier guage string due to all the drop tuning songs we do and it bowed my neck in so far i had to readjust everything.

For a beginner there are cheaper basses out there but if your willing to put alot of time in setting this bass up and putting money into new pick ups then go for it. now i got mine all fixed up im gonna keep it cuz i do like it now.

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