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All user reviews for the Peavey Forum

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Meleagant's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" BUY IT!"

Peavey Forum
Said before.


Said before.


Said before.


I'm the idiot who sold this magnificent bass Arno, at the time, for financial worries. A tip, if you see the 'debt you, you prostitute, BUY the brief.

Grenouillère's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Incredible!"

Peavey Forum
Made in USA (U.S. ah finish!)
The bridge is a standard Fender type, but very good ...
She made 21 fret: just like the Fender ...

Woods: No idea!
What I feel is of solid construction. We feel that the handle is rigid, the body seems very solid. The kind of low "Bulldozer" indestructible ...
The overall quality feels very serious!

For the microphone, we enter the heart of the matter: as a microphone placed on the music man. The particularity of this microphone is that it is curved! In fact it follows the profile of the handle ... So that each string is equidistant from the microphone! Level sound setting, it is a joy! In general, do not curl the strings and the D, one is forced to rise relative to mid and soil. So that the highest and D are from the microphones ... But here, the strings and the D are the same distance as the other two! Result: a consistent sound on all the strings! Brilliant, clever, simple!

For settings: With three buttons! The volume, a knob for treble (0 position and power, and boost (adjustable via potentiometer) and a knob for treble (like bass). The advantage: you do not spend three hours to find the settings or her!

Mechanics: Reverse standard, classic but really stable!

It is an active bass with two 9 V batteries who put themselves inside a hatch at the rear of the body ...

For the config, it is between a jazz bass (two pickups and a tone) and a Fodera with 25 adjustable knobs ... Simply put: we have what it takes to play bass! No need to be ^ ^ engineer to adjust the sound you want!


The handle: at nut, it is 41 mm (as a PBass). The neck seems indeed quite broad. However after a few minutes, you feel super comfortable! Damn, I have always found the sleeves of Precision broad, yet on that one, it was a crazy skill ... Is this due to the design of the handle? wood used? I do not know! What I know is that it is purely awesome!

For acute: Access is facilitated by a report JBass. With the horn being blocked, the body design will descend at the 20th fret on the G string without worries ... It changes! lol!

Ergonomics: smaller than a Jazz bass, weighing a little over 4 kg (due to wood density seems it ...). on the other hand, it is very well balanced: when you put your left hand at the end of the handle at the lower horn, the bass does not lean the head forward! Very well balanced indeed! Rare to be stressed ...
Note the position of the microphone:; in the middle! Ideal for playing in walking, slapper, just in the bridge position ... We can ask the thumb as you want!

In short, a bass that looks like a lot of bass. But I think she looks like a Music Man with his big central block.


Well let's get serious!
Ben at the same time is what counts above all an instrument for ...
How to say ... GENIAL! Simply amazing ...
Position "0" bass and treble: it has its Precision and Jazz bass mixed with a touch of Stingray ... It is rather odd! It brings a lot of classic sounds, but with its own personality! It's quite strange ... It has its own "sound", while being easily versatile: Rare!

If you push the bass was a full sound, perfect for variety, full of sounds serious ... what If you cut the bass, you push the treble, the sound was very "crystalline" typed metal, raw rock, ideal for playing with a pick ...
In neutral position: the big sound, but versatile! In fact the bass goes active! There's ears and attention! It's mind-blowing! If you normally set your amp on 8 / 10 with a passive, you are forced to decrease to 4 or 5 / 10 to do everything to avoid farting !!!.. And then there is still half a volume pot on each frequency! This has really incredibly low in the belly!
For the game at your fingers: ideal! Slap on: it does well (especially with a low action!). Of course the width of the handle a little more pull on the handle of a JB, but otherwise, RAS, it sends! The slap is a pleasure to "fishing ".... You start the thumb, and then claps! Yeah!

Picking: very very good ...

Small feature: this bass to sustain and harmonics sick ...
Basically, you play an open note, you have the time to drink coffee before it was silent (but what is this wood ???)... and these harmonics! When we play, we can hear much better than lots of bass! Crazy ...

To whom it is addressed: I would say especially rock fans (she sends wood!) But it is really extra in jazz (playing a walking is soft, flexible, soft and powerful ... ) as slap, picking, etc. ...
In short: any bass player who wants a crazy low for 3 to nothing!

on the other hand, it's a low "men". It's hard to explain ... But hand it is very rigid, hard ... It is powerful, raw and flexible AC starts like clockwork ... So it's a bit like a Porsche, you have to learn to drive before putting his paws on this gem ... And especially with the microphone and electronics, better to avoid the breads!


I've had two days I am in heaven! After some adjustments in the receiving, I found nirvana bass players ...

Bass I've had plenty: a Music Man, a Marcus Miller, PBass, jazz bass, a Mayones, a Yamaha, a Cort Artisan, etc. ... In short, a low total score ... I can say is the best coffee I had in hand! I'm not ready to let go ... It has been two days and I never left her! My jazz bass and my yam may remain in their cases a good time ...
The feature I like most: it is "unique" quasi found (thank you to Alex in passing!), Replaces any bass on the market (of course this is not a low-typed as a vintage Jazz Bass 73, but it is much easier to use in lots of styles !)... The look (it looks like a music man), sound (full happiness! Which foot !!!)...

Of course I would do the same choice! that's obvious ... And rather than sell my car to separate myself (if I were hard up)!
value for money! INDECENT! We can not imagine an American bass, also a top price so ridiculous! It is worth ten times the price I paid ...

linn134's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Forum
Original notice of 20/02/2009

The FORUM is a Peavey MODEL Designed and manufactured in the U.S. (United States) since 1995.
Plutt classical form (which will evolve over the years to the current Zodiac) and a technically simple building around a body in two and a Bolt.
The MODEL ft renamed FORUM MORE few years and will retain that name for production "Out of United States' similar.

From the perspective of the violin, we prsence of a body into two parts adhesives Solid Poplar and an Eastern Maple handle says "bilaminated" in two parts assembled on the length to ensure greater rigidity.
REES luthier (instrument maker classic) explains about the Poplar:
One of the MOST exciting newcomers to the field of violin woods, poplar IS. When Used to full potential, solid poplar Soundboards yield a full, rich voice That Is Even across the spectrum. Poplar Soundboards mature spruce Faster Than in voice and, just like Tonewood Any quality, They continue to mature and Improvement as the years go by. Poplar est aussi not as prone to cracking as Potential are more brittle woods, like spruce. Additionally, poplar is more dimensionally stable Than spruce. Because it Expands and contracts less, poplar soundboard Will hold a tune better. Perhaps The Reason That poplar HAS not Been Widely Used by luthiers in the past is not Because It Is Especially attractive wood annually. Application of a thin veneer of maple over the solid poplar Does not interferes with the voice of the instrument (in Fact, next day it Some Of Its Own to color the voice) while allowing the poplar to the soundboard and sing-through to look wonderful.

<img border="0" alt="" />


The handle is screwed agrment a rosewood fingerboard with a thickness of between 3 and 6 millimtres and has 21 boxes taken by brands such as "abalone dots," the shrink is composed of nickel frets mdiums. Outside of a truss-rod classic accessible by the head, the FORUM has a too rare SETTING THE tilt, ideal for a fine adjustment of the position of the handle. The nut is Graphlon, a form of self-lubricating composite, be inserted in the key lgante fawn.

The chromes are mcaniques gear like Fender or Music Man and resume gnrale morphology. The bridge is a set composed of a steel plate chrome grazed, plaice, which are aligned on four bridges adjustable height and drive. The bridge is maintained by 5 chrome screws.

From the perspective of the electronics, the capture of vibration is assigned a single humbucking pickup of large size, built by Peavey. The electronic is simple architecture around a volume and two tone gnral active bass and treble giving each 12 dB boost, powered by two 9-volt batteries. Peavey says the data sheet that is a Switchcraft jack.


Original notice of 20/02/2009

This bass is comfortable.
Its contours can play both enjoyable sitting and standing. The balance is excellent.

The neck is fast and without ESG course, even if we are in a prsence Bolt less fluid as the sleeves drivers for Access in treble. Nearest Precision Profile Profile JazzBass that requires a little time to adapt to find his back. Almost central position of the single micro raises questions when you see the bass for the first time. We assume that is the amplified sound will be a compromise or a neck pickup sound, or sound pickup ... but then shows that there is no reason to suppose a rsultat tide.

From a morphological point of view this is a micro Russianness. Its position allows it to calibrate the thumb game "pump", a greasy walking or other forms of play soft but dynamic. In this position plays the rle of micro wedge. But another subtilis is visible: the grainy black hood and a profile Submitted convex lens-shaped. This cover (like that of EMG, then sealed allows positioning of the strings "at the fair." This is not a criticism ngative but a quality: the action may RULES trs be low while maintaining balance in sound for each note.

The sound of the instrument amplifier non-jou rvle a good tonal balance, rich and dense, with one of the most compelling sustain. Instruments capable of sounding both in acoustics are rare, unfortunately, and this bass is an enjoyable surprise. Dynamics, given by a simple and effective instrument making, opens this low horizons, and we imagine INTERESTED dj the "big sound" ...


Original notice of 20/02/2009

Climbs ropes 45-105 roundwound nickel and plugs into a Trace Elliot BLX80 (which must have the same age) with sound at neutral trs good. The mdiums are a little behind as prsager left unplugged sound, but it&#39;s just an advantage for one low rev rock and will allow to be placed more easily in the group.

By pushing the volume up in the active input of the amp, it&#39;s easy to grumble that low. Trs&#39;s fingers quickly baston: standard with a smooth power on low and a sharp attack on the treble. A slap test confirms that we are not instrument prsence East "fusion" but a wild rocker. The same happens when slap well, with excellent raction to boost and a good precision in the pop. Play staccato with hamer-on and mute the morale back frankly, a groove!

The sound is IMMEDIATE, it is by far the first argument of this bass.
A big prsence trs at the bottom of the spectrum, a dynamic always frank with rponse prcise attack make this instrument a weapon of choice for rock and big sound that moves the guts.

Defines how to really sound the grain, this Peavey surprising?
You have to think primarily in terms of violin before looking at the electronics. Handle massive enough while remaining fast, screwed on a body close to the rev of a P-Bass (more ergonomic) dj veil that directs the sound. The test acoustic unplugged, proved that the stamp is robust and bold. With a micro wisely (I think) positioned near the middle, and most importantly type humbucker, will highlight this round. Adding that the electronic contains no active legalization of mdiums: This is exactly what can be called a "low fat". Trs rpeux ease in the heavy, crmeux. To table a comparison, I would say the sound of this Forum is in the spirit of Gibson guitars compared to Fender. It was hot and powerful at your fingertips.

If you have already read some of my reviews you know I rarely break of sugar on the back of the instrument. Why? First of all because I&#39;m trying as much as possible not m&#39;quiper a shovel, as I tried before, and I know that in addition to (put any prtention part) make use of an equalizer and an amp ... if nothing else.
This as said, we INTERESTED Peavey is a really good instrument. Type virile couillu same, but good.

Sometimes INTERESTED to return to "basic" gender, s&#39;loigner some monsters full of electronic instrument making. The Forum opts for the simplicity and the sound level of effectiveness is obvious.

A few words about the amplification which is best.
I have on hand a small Trace Elliot combo (BLX80) srieux and solid, good era, and this low means not bad at all with him. But it is essentially using softwares that I find the type of amp that best suits him.

When I need a powerful sound heavy, but modern, it is a type of Eden amp with a 2x10 that I find my happiness. A legalization almost flat, with a small development of low-mdiums and the sound is awesome.

For the typical dub / reggae, it&#39;s a classic Ampeg SVT (or better, a Flip-Top) in a 4x10 or 15. "Big big sound heavy and greasy. Almost too much, but typ.

I&#39;m not a fan of mdiums perants on electric bass. I think the readability agne lot of sound in a group. So I play the card of serious plutt punchy, trendy "j&#39;te returns the flop" or the Fuzz + Wah, a little out of the mix when I want.

We must not forget that this forum is a big sound machine in the sense that a large, round and try to get her a "fusion" with the Relva BTIS. It is not his record.

A draft mdium-heavy-light or mdium can feel the full potential of the Forum. The blank is smaller, bigger is too dry.

Small sample audio:
The bass is plugged directly into a card Echo MONA registration Live7 with a compressor on the master prior to export. No legalization or amp simulation.


Original notice of 20/02/2009

Peavey book box, excellent manufacturing, the FORUM is aptly named because it brings together in one instrument that many bass players looking for:
- Big rock sound
- Reliable
- Trs and handle really good ergonomics russi
- Power and dynamic balance
- Aesthetics fairly standard
- Price (used) Ingala and fully sub-cotbr />
Too bad she is not in 5-string ... and it is so rare and mconnue.
For a price limit secondhand gift, it&#39;s a real good bass with a "crafted in United States" that will please the skeptics. CHRE least one P-Bass Standard US, in my opinion rivals the Forum with a big amricaine higher line ... but it&#39;s a Peavey so a report qualitprix unknown Fender. I do not even attempt a comparison with a Mexican Fender Deluxe, a will not be in favor of the Fender. If you come across one, do not ask the question too: it&#39;s all good.

Edit (11/06/2009):
I mount a set of Ernie Ball 45-105 Bright Nickel. Ms. Low, same amp (Trace Elliot BLX80), same cable, same fingers ... the verdict is clear: The vamp standard.

Premire comment (at the risk of being an idiot): 0 tones are the bass in passive mode! What a fool not to have tested before. The output level is lower lev but sounds like a P-Bass.

Second point (idiot II, the return) with a pulling a bit more light is nooooooorme the slap! Damn, this coffee has in the gut.

It is true that power play is progressing, but I really redcouvert this bass with ropes pulling Nickel Light. She grunts, play with fingers is always a great joy and dynamics, the sensitivity of the nuances can not be compared by moving from 45/105 to 45/100, a point I did not think possible. This is a new low.
Actually no, but the same LAST. The Trace Elliot I thought the end of life has rveill. I adapted a handle that I found difficult to beginners and gives me a level of precision that I had never known about my ex-bass (B5 Dean, Tobias Pro4, JB Fender Deluxe , AZ Rick WSL).

In the same way as I keep my guitar by Fernandes LE2 Custom priori (I just Sparer a Gibson but not of it), the Forum will my Peavey bass prfre for long . I cut my prfre a * ouch me as spare.