Fernandes LE-2

Fernandes LE-2

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LE-2, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fernandes.

1 user review
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Fernandes LE-2 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fernandes
  • Model: LE-2
  • Category: STC-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 06/16/2007

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Fernandes LE-2 user reviews

Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
 1 user review100 %

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fernandes LE-2
Note: Fernandes LE-2 I propose to detail here is a model "customized" so we will be far enough from the specificity of LE-2 Standard. She was delivered by the Holy Grawal friend, whose kindness deserved to be notified here.

See the photo gallery ... ( http://www.hiboox.com/lang-fr/diaporama/jcoj7nxg8wo9aet6a9n5vienotc1q1 )

The LE-2 is a fairly old copy of a Stratocaster 90s made in Japan. Originally, the LE-2 was a copy feature for feature, including the head with a typical Fender "matching headstock" (veneer in the same tone the body). It is newer and the head is less close to the Fender shape, bearing a logo Fernandes bigger.

The body is alder, the little I see from the well of vibrato is in three parts, two smaller on both sides of a wider tray containing the vintage tremolo.
It swims in the open with a funky-style golden color that has preserved a beautiful color, a little less violent than the Fender Shoreline Gold.

The handle is screwed in maple, one piece (1 part), with a rosewood fingerboard. The strips are rather thin. Specialist without shrinking, I think they are fine / medium because much less massive and taller than the medium / jumbo that I usually go.
Benchmarks "dots" classic, which I assume plastic are finite and do not take bad shots over time. If it is plastic, at least it's good.

The bridge is all that is most stratabound. I can imagine the owners of strata just exclaim that there are dozens of classic tremolos ... we say that it is the type vintage, as found on Fenders VR. This n'emmerdera person (and certainly not me) because it was blocked. Good, I do not like vibrato for two main reasons: 1 / is a source of hassles and 2 / I do not use it.
It does not make, but is not too bad all over. If one day or another I decided to use the animal think I'll have to be replaced by a more "modern". Never mind the anachronisms, we are not there to observe a holy relic, but to cause (and play) of the skyscraper.

The most obvious changes have been brought over the head with the replacement of mechanical origin and the addition of a D-Tuner. The replacements are Sperzel locking, oil bath type. Nothing to say except that they are good and they are very nice finish with gold button pearl white. The D-tuner is installed as required to get from E to D in a leg and filled his office with no gap. It's not especially a beautiful piece of mechanical and reminds me more of a garden sprinkler to a mechanical guitar.

<img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/zy4cjfaw.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/trydhvyz.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/vt1c0qyp.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/efi862ie.jpg )

Other heavy modification: the plate is not typical strat any microphones, but a kit EMG (white) with two singles (SA) and a double splittable (as the experts have identified as a stroke of 89). Three knobs with a push-pull (the split) and a 5 position switch end table. Needless to say, this kit is highly recommended and delivers the right amount of precision and clarity.

So we will kindly put a new (and not get an egg, because it must hurt).


Let us talk of the handle, this protuberance graduated from quite a number of strips (which I do not want to count) and more particularly of its playability. On that side we enjoy.
It instantly reminds me to handle my ex-ESP Horizon Custom: very very comfortable. Inspired by the stratum, but this time much more enjoyable. And then I&#39;ll be with surgical precision: dish it right but not too much, just the right width and thickness ad hoc. If you do not cause I can not help it: you do not have my hands or my fingers, I do not see that will tell you more than my appreciation! Be serious ...

<img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/wbvhyotp.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/7rvr7sr8.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/a0d39qyt.jpg ) <img border="0" alt="" /> ( http://images3.hiboox.com/images/0408/trydhvyz.jpg )

We go down to sharp falls more likely that one to hell ... Believe me, I know what it is, I take the subway every day! Well, more seriously: the heel is fast enough but this is not a huge gene either. I do not usually venture into the too sharp, my ears do not.
The back of the neck is painted (and only the back, because we do not varnished rosewood as I know) but this does not affect the pleasure to stretch their fingers. It retains just enough to prevent the thumb from slipping. The finish is flawless frets (dare I kidding?) And there is nothing to prevent so boring the smooth running of my guitar ecstasy.

For usability, it&#39;s a Start know (roughly) and it&#39;s still done well these old things. It was not the half of an acorn&#39;s father Leo. Mind you, it was lucky he was not stiff drunk the day he designed the Start ... otherwise we would all BC Rich instead. Ouch. So yes, it is operating well, smooth and flawless.

One, and new, hop there!


It is because of her a little?
Bah sounds, it&#39;s annoying. Becaufe already tell it&#39;s a joke and more describe the sounds that 10,000 can scratch it out on the edge of pain. You can remember (until the soundclip) than 5 positions are fully exploited. And if you know you turn the knobs and use a split then you will enter the pantheon of guitar too stupid.

Truce tall story: It sounds crazy.
The SA of the handle itself is a poem, peuchère. It will cause to blueseux within seconds. I note in passing that this is a first for me to appreciate all the single coils, and in addition it is also my first time with EMG SA.

We go down a bit selector and it growls a little more. No need to push the amp, the combination of the handle and the center fit for purpose without Cureton: niaque more, a little more masculinity (though the neck pickup is already the most Burns).

It just goes micro central and there is the rejuvenation of old people in the area, those who loved the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour (damn, I love them too, bang, getting old) . If it is not causing these sounds there, you&#39;ll have to think about the lead esgourdes immediately. It&#39;s a classic sound with a capital C. Classic also as classy, ​​majestic, strong ... indispensable.

Passing through the central position easel + [split]: ouch, again it&#39;s divine. It basks in the airborne sound, in finesse, clarity but with a nice range of harmonics. It&#39;s singing and immediately it shows the old disks.

It turns the split, so central bridge + [double] and re-vamp. The same with much ardor. Here we are already out of the playground classic strats with 3 simple and you enter the size of the stratosphere of sport. Dad, the range Ford T we take the MacLaren! Mazette it&#39;s tough. Beware, it does not bleed for a bit, it&#39;s still warm and clear but with a significant dose of testosterone. There they will browse on the land of guitars are thicker and fast approaching the Gibs, but not dislodge them from their position as the big machines. It is less conventional, less easy to share, will listen.

It gives the bridge pickup position splittée and we linger a bit as a single coil. As usual the bridge pickup has a lot of punch, he sends the high frequencies with more presence than his colleagues at the top. You will remember that it is a EMG89, so it is supposed to behave like a split in the way SA. I can not guarantee that it is absolutely the case since I have not tested with SA in the same place. But indeed there is the shine and the side teeth, incisive, SA above.
It still sounds great, but if you do not mind, I prefer the combination central sleeve + [split] to handle [split]. Remember that it is still very couillu for a Start ...

Well, now nag mode: the handle 89 of the double solo.
Solo in fact, because it acts like a catapult sharp riffs or gimmicks of soloists. More grumbling as SA, more potato because it is also a double. The 89 is awesome. I had a scratch on 81/60 for a few months, and I confess without shame that the 89 is easier to use when moving from one style to another. I think I read that the 89 dual mode behaves like a 85. I want to believe, I never had in my hands. But beware the eyes, it can be very brutal. Do not think that there are monsters EMG power. It is relatively lightweight microphone whose output level is raised by a preamp: what explains the great finesse of 89 and SA. It has a maximum of 89 details with the dual mode is the power and character of a humbucker with the precision of a simple, pretty much.

We&#39;re going to stay there temporarily for tone, you will wait patiently soundclip I will prepare as soon as possible.

The sound is so subjective ... go, 10 is well deserved, this guitar is colossal.
Ten der ...


How long have you use it?
Too little time. I would have liked to have before ... but I am glad today. And I&#39;ll keep it selfishly!

What is so special that you like most and least?
I love the sounds, even those of any race that I&#39;m not used to love unless it&#39;s a P90. I appreciate his ability to send the sauce when you need never be blurred: the notes are always perfectly intelligible even with a big win thick. We are not in the micro analytical, cold and soulless.
I like the gold finish. I do not see why we should bored with colors or finishes walnut wood that is already struggling to bear on the toilet seat.
I do not like the placement of stratabound volume knob glued to the neck pickup, but I got in a few hours and it bothers me more now. So I pose the ring (not the directory) and I vary the volume (wow class, something that everyone is 50 years).

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Yes, indeed the list (with notice) is available on my profile ... not detail here.

How would you rate the quality / price?
Since this is an opportunity at a price almost indecent, I am delighted. For a stratum is top marmoset and it fits a very big blow to the Fender Highway without hunting in Suhr (try to say it fast ten times).

With experience, you do again this choice?
YOP! No luck, we do not often find this kind of dug in the market of occasions.

A good nine overall, well deserved, just adopted by the fact that this is not the Holy Grail of Fender USA. But in terms of sound and it&#39;s also great fun.

Fernandes LE-2 manuals and other files

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Other names: le 2, le2

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