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Peavey 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Peavey Zodiac DE Sunburst

    Peavey Zodiac DE Sunburst - Mitsou91's review


    Peavey Zodiac DE Sunburst. David Ellefson Signature Made in Korea Number of Strings: 4 Pickups: 2 - PB / JB Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Electronics: Passive, 2 volumes 1 tone Frets: 21 Dimensions: 38mm at nut Finish: Sunburst shield p…

  • Peavey Zephyr

    Peavey Zephyr - Anonyme's review


    Made in Asia, 24 fret bass. 2 humbuckers, 2 volume, 2 Tone. Handle a little more than a Jazzbass pais, unless a Precision, easy enough even if like me you were playing before the end of a handle trs. Lutherie exceptional in this price range: l…

  • Peavey Grind Bass 4

    Peavey Grind Bass 4 - philtox's review


    I'm not going to rpter CHARACTERISTICS NNOUNCEMENT dja What is striking: No varnish Channel driver (this price!) The quality-General for the violin for the price (I pay 129!) UTILIZATION Same problem pointed to the frets the rest RAS …

  • Peavey Millennium 4 BXP

    Peavey Millennium 4 BXP - ballouguitarshoc's review


    See above UTILIZATION Trs-handle is enjoyable -L 'treble for CSTA is no problem Weight-level is perfect, not too heavy for back pain! the shape is perfect, no complaints, it has effects on trs beautiful painting We easily obtain a good soun…

  • Peavey Millennium 4 BXP

    Peavey Millennium 4 BXP - Slayer77's review


    34''(864mm) scale 21 frets 5-bolt maple neck with rosewood fingerboard&nbsp;&nbsp;<div> Basswood body with quilted maple top&nbsp; Mechanical axis aligned with the tension nut respecting the axis of the corresponding string Double expansion tru…

  • Peavey Fury IV

    Peavey Fury IV - Musicmanbuyer's review


    My Fury IV comes from the United States but there is a cheaper Korean version. Channel 20 frets with pitch of 34 ', rosewood fingerboard, thusroad bottom of the handle. 2 Peavey VFL active pickups The bridge is string through-. - A volume …

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - Wartimes's review


    - In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...) this bass was built in China - How many frets, what kinds of microorganisms and their configuration? the handle has 20 boxes and two standard jazz bass pickups - What are the …

  • Peavey Fury VI

    Peavey Fury VI - Cannibaliste's review


    I know that this bass was made in France does, it possde 20 frets, pickups for I can not remember. Saddle and handle ... I have a short memory, DSOL. TRS is a good low for all types of music. UTILIZATION Trs handle it comfortable for manufact…

  • Peavey Cirrus 4 BXP

    Peavey Cirrus 4 BXP - ritsz's review


    Manufactures in the US (all the details on the website Peavey). 24 frets, 2 mics VFL. Double active (gain + eq), so 2 batteries ... Note the micro switch that is progressive, a very good point. The neck through the body. I put 7/10 fabrication: th…

  • Peavey Dyna Bass FT

    Peavey Dyna Bass FT - Korg591986's review


    Everything has been said before, go ahead see previous opinion! UTILIZATION The handle is fine enough to play alone. Access to acute piece of cake. The bass is light and well balanced, no worries. I always play up, and I can stay that way very …