Rockbass Streamer Standard 4
Rockbass Streamer Standard 4

Streamer Standard 4, 4-string bass guitar from Rockbass.

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goethe 10/26/2004

Rockbass Streamer Standard 4 : goethe's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bass 4 strings 24 frets factory in China
2 passive MEC pickups
Warwick Bridge, rosewood handle screwed Saddle (manufacturer information, see
1 volume for each microphone, Tone 1.
For the price, that's good trs.


Channel enjoyable trs
It's a 24 frets, Access in acute is easier than on other models, but I do not venture too rarely in these remote cons is you d 'Judging in the test.
Heavy bass in the 5 kg, at least heavier than my Epiphone "the Dot"
It runs through the handle with happiness, the game runs smoothly without a hitch.
The frets are limes, mcaniques prcises.
The form is "classic" tell us the look of the bass is yet enjoyable, I colored amber color that brings out the grain of wood, which is also the most beautiful effect.
In short: great for the price (I note according to it, she would not support, forcment, the comparison with high-end MODELS)


I play at home of Jazz / Blues (THEME recovery of Monk and Davis, walking in BMOL B, ...), and a group of "contemporary music" in a National School of Music, and most styles are discussed, from salsa to rock to reggae and Varita.

In the "mass" of a group, their sound is a mat, from style to style nimbly enough, and I still have not reu dsobligeante remark on it;
Versatility is the word matre, but my nails "dirty", "harden" the sound, which is annoying when you want to play reggae. I also lost depth in my walking, which I dsormais ESG ... So much for the single cot ngatif.
Note that the knobs have a great power: it can spend its mdium Pastorius such a deep, playing with them.


This will make 3 years I possde; the era of purchase, j'tais a young "rebel" who wanted to play rock (60 'and 70'). Being passed to jazz and blues since this low, the report qualitprix competes with the best in my opinion Asian (450 for about a low trs trs well finished) has probably left the area while prdilection dsign of-all ("Rock" bass) - ... while remaining sufficiently account for not warrant a replacement. L is the quality of this low: versatile, "pass".

I only regret not to Ducks era on the market opportunity, but buying him has no reason to even be questioned.
I was a prt 1 month Cort (MODL unknown). The Rockbass the far outperforms, both in sound quality than the finish.
Excellent for low level beginners / intermdiaire