Washburn S70
Washburn S70

S70, 4-string bass guitar from Washburn.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Dbman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn S70
Just to complete the previous opinion ...:

After some research on the net, the S70 has been manufactured in the United States and in Japan, with the provision of the Washburn pickups, electronics and hardware by Status in England. The parts are identical to the Status Status of the same period.

The pickups are passive, with 2-band active electronics boost / boost: one with a central knob that allows a serious boost to one side, and a sharp boost to the other (config Steinberger éaquipées identical to the preamp Haz ). There are two configurations: one that has three knobs, and the other four. Config "3" is: volume, balance, tone active config "4" is: master volume, neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume and tone active. For this latest version, it adjusts the volume of each micro idépendament the other, while maintaining a constant output level determined by the overall volume.


Beautifully balanced for a headless, and relatively light. I say relatively because it is heavy compared to some modern low boix exotic and lightweight.

The key is phenolic resin (such as Status, Vigiers, Steinberger basses and other graphite shaft), but unlike true Status, the handle (driver) is maple. It is nevertheless a real treat: nice and fast. Key resin there is probably no stranger!

For the body, is composed of three parts: two "wings" (ie the parts glued to the neck-through) and reported very pretty table (painted brown translucent typical fashion of the time launched Alembic). I do not know the essences of various parties.


Big modern sound, really. "Very aggressive" in Stingray to "very roots" with serious substance and neck pickup only, to recess by the sound typical Status: Mark King


Really a nice low both in terms of sound, as the look.

arsouille22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Washburn S70
From Japan ... with 2 pickups and active electronics ... it was a nice machine that works pretty good.

Look a little offbeat, which suggests a nice violin. possibility of using ropes "normal" rather than "two balls" more difficult to find ... which is not negligible.

well a big fat massive bridge, which serves auszsi has given the beast. Aesthetic and practical.

As for knobs, a balance ... a general volume and tone ... a bit "soft" for my taste.


Channel surreali end.

violin well balanced, both in regard to the balance of the lower shoulder, as the ergonomics involved

I would have appreciated a selector 3 positions ... to pass in an instant high to low, rather than to swing with the knob ... but ... had to find him a ch'ti default;) or my rating of a 7 ...


It gets hot sounds for blues or good slamming, funky well.

To have tested a number of gears, a nice instrument which is happily chirping in plumage.

played on an HH 100 watts ... or my randall antediluvian, it still is doing pretty good. good and punchy than active in nature, using the blackmail smoothly if the sound is rounded nicely by adjusting the balance of micro and modulating the tone and integrated.


Since yesterday evening at home ...

Original guitarist and pianist ... I touch a little bit of everything. 5 already low at home before this one ... not counting the ones I had the opportunity to fiddle with. This one is not the worst.

has less than 500 € ... shame to miss out. Effective and original, it's a low that I recommend.