Yamaha BB300
Yamaha BB300

BB300, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
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MGR/Bob Petro09/02/2010

MGR/Bob Petro's review"Yamaha BB300"

Yamaha BB300
Mine is a Black finish with a 34' neck. I changed to flat wounds since I play with my fingers and didn't want to shew them up. Plus I like the soft sound they project. I primarily plat The Beatles and most 60's tunes. I've been playing for over 40 years and taught myself how to play on a 6 string acoustic my older brother had. My tastes in music are Classic Rock, The Beatles, Smooth Jazz and Classical, which is very relaxing.

My BB300 was a father's day gift back in 1986. My wife bought it for me and this guitar has sentimental value and I will never sell it. The bass has been trustworthy and loyal to it's heritage. My wife has great taste since she has no clue on guitars and was going strictly on the advice of the music store owner. What a choice and what a recommendation. Yamaha makes top notch electronics and this Bass is a testament to the value and quality of the BB series.

The feel of this BB300 is so smooth and silky. What a great bass it is. I loved it the second I held it. It's not overly heavy. I've owned a Rickenbacker and I can honestly say I love the BB300 more. I sold the Ricky a long time ago but my BB300 will die with me.

Nothing. It's perfect.

Excellent construction. Never been in a shop for repair. Quality.

This classic BB300 is more valuable than a new bass guitar of similar price and features. If anyone wants a great bass look up the BB300 and get ready to pay a handsome price for a handsome bass guitar.

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MGR/Drake Johnson12/23/2007

MGR/Drake Johnson's review"Yamaha BB300"

Yamaha BB300
I've been playing for decades. I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, etc.

I got my BB300 16 years ago in a pawn shop in Akron, Ohio when I was passing through. I probably paid $150. I was in the middle of a recording project and needed a bass really quickly and so I bought it. Amazingly I liked it and so I still have it!

Solid sound and generally stays in excellent intonation. It has been totally workable and I've recorded with it a lot.

In comparison to a Fender P-bass, I've preferred the BB300. I mention this for reference. The P-bass has much faster action and is more balanced, but the tone of the BB300 has been more consistently workable for me in my musical creations.

The neck is way too heavy and the action is really slow. It's really hard to play fast and quick. It's good for beginner type playing, but for a lot of the sounds I want in my recordings that really isn't a problem. It rounds out the harmonic structure well in a solid bass sort of way. It's sound is roundy and full (which I like, but is a limitation).

If you want to get a lot better, you'd have to upgrade, but I mostly play guitar, so for me I've never found the need to get another bass.

Solid and well constructed in a quality, utilitarian sort of way. It has a good tone and has served me well.

Absolutely excellent in it's price range. I wouldn't pay more for it, but it presents it self very well in recordings. The BB300 is a very forgiving instrument for the studio. I would not look forward to playing it for a lot of live gigs because the neck is so heavy.

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MGR/Dennis's review"Yamaha BB300"

Yamaha BB300
Bought from a pawn shop with case for $200.

It plays easily, sounds great.


Sturdy construction. This bass has been dropped numerous times and still no problems. Stays in tune for days.

Excellent value for this bass. I replaced the stock pickups with a set of EMG P/J's. I had the body routed out for the J pickup and removed the tone capacitor. I've got an awesome and original sound.

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MGR/Ben's review"Yamaha BB300"

Yamaha BB300
I am a genuine bass beginner. I mean never played a guitar ever. Our praise band at church needed a bass player so I thought I would step up to the challenge. I went to all of the music stores in town. I didn't have a clue as to what I was really looking for. All of the shops were pushing the gig packs. I tried out all of the brands of gig pack basses and they all seemed really cheap and flimsy. I started looking at the used bass sections and started seeing all of the Fender P-Bass models. They all played nice but I was trying to stay under $400 with guitar, practice amp, stand, strap, book, and bag/case. I ended up plinking on lots of Fender's but really like this Yamaha BB300 that I found at Music Go Round. It was $200. Pretty good shape compared to a lot of the Fender's. New strings and just handled great. I bought it and I love it so far.

I really like the heavy feel of this bass. It just feels like you've got an instrument in your hand. The sound seems nice and round. Not spectacular like the real expensive bass's, but for $200 it sounds great. It stays in tune all night practicing. The neck is nice and solid and is easy to move on. For a first time bass this is a lot more than I figured I would get.

As I stated earlier it is heavy. Playing for a long time with it does stress the shoulder some, but it is sturdy and stays in tune. There is nothing else that I don't like about it.

Sturdy quality bass. Solid and does not feel cheep considering it's made in Taiwan. I've played Yamaha brass instruments and they have always been made well. This bass is absolutely great quality.

For the prices these units are going for, about $200 on average, they are a lot of bang for the buck. I'll keep this one around for a long time.

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MGR/Cam's review"Yamaha BB300"

Yamaha BB300
I bought it used at John Bellones Music in London, Ontario, Canada for $200, with a gig bag. I then replaced the original pickups with some Bartolini's.

The set up I described above makes this bass sound like a $750 bass for only about $700. It is so versatile. You can change from a fat bottomy sound to a nice slap twang, and anything inbetween. With original electronics . . . not going to happen. With the upgrade I made, it sounds great. With original electronics, it's just ok.

It's fairly heavy, but for the price I paid, I expected it to be heavy. I bought it used, so I'm not sure if that was the original action, but I had to raise it because when I first played it the strings were buzzing a lot on the frets. Other than that, no complaints.

It's VERY strong! I had a very cheap strap, and it used to come unhooked sometimes, and would smash on the ground. After about 15 drops it still sounds perfect!

This thing is built like a brick sh*thouse. Solid as a rock, not like the current crap coming from most of the big mfgs on entry level products. This thing has a great sound, and stays in tune for a very long time too. If you're a beginner, on a budget or want an instrument that will deliver real value in the long run, I really recommend you shop around for something like this.

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cro_magnon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha BB300
Made in Japan 80 years.
21 frets
Settings: volume + tone
Lock type Fender Precision but with a reversal in the placement of the microphone split.
So in addition to low-pitched sounds.


Slightly concave handle very nice.
Access to acute is correct.
This bass weighs heavy enough: It has therefore a good sustain but the clavicle is a blow to long!
His side, is easily obtained good bass hot.


This bass seems pretty versatile: Depending on the action of the right hand (bridge-middle-round) you can go from a rather dry sound to "round" and very serious.
I use a Yamaha 55w amp for its time.


I have this bass for 4 years but am not a bass player "pro".
It is very easy to play.
This bass is no longer manufactured by Yamaha for many years.
It is one of those instruments super reliable and solid as they were made in the 80s.