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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 18 reviews )
 7 reviews39 %
 8 reviews44 %
 2 reviews11 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

alexskolnick's review"Korg AX-100G"

Korg Ax100g
Well, i bought this pedal second-hand from a friend who upgraded to a Boss-GT6.
I ended up paying Rs 6000 (about 120$) for it, including box, manual, stickers, etc. It was only a month old when i purchased it.
Well, now i have owned it for about 2 years and thought i would give a very objective review of my experience of it. I have now sold it to my friend, and have upgraded to a zoom GFX 8.

For the price tag, i guess it targets people who are buying their first multi-fx processor.
The effects on the Ax 100g, are excellent. The chorus control is a touch difficult at first, but once you really learn to use it, it works great! the flanger is good. There is only one delay, but it is EXCELLENT. You cant ask for better control from a delay. But there is only one type of delay tho.
Hall reverbs are good, hall reverd and the garage reverbs, room reverbs are all very natural sounding. But you can only control the mix level for these.

Among the distortions available, i found only 4 of them i really could use. The classic compressor, the metal dist & Us-High G for the rhythm tones, the brit-stack for the leads.
The compressor is good, but its wierd that you can only use the compressor for clean tones, you cannot have compressor along with distortion.
Overall, even the few good distortions are not really upto the manrk. The sound is very dying, the sustain is poor. Altering the NR level makes it better, but still, nah...not really good.
The Cabinet Simulators SUCK. They dont sound ANYTHING like the real thing. Advice: Please keep it off at all times. Especially in live gigs, it screws up the overall sound. Switch it off at all times!!

Playing Live: The sound live is good, if the cab sim is off!! For my bands playing style (metal), i have had no problems.
But in the daytime gigs, forget about seeing anything in the display. THe display isnt deep enough so none of the patch names or the patch numebrs are visible when there is abundant sunlight around.
The effects like slow attack should have been a lot better.

Well its body is made of plastic.So what can i say? Dont step on it too hard. Buttons look flimsy, but they have never given me any problem in my entire 2 years experience with it.

Heres a great idea to get a brilliant sound. You can easily get a pro level sound by, using a BOss DS-2 distortion, along with your Korg. Use the boss distortion, and the korg effects, and wow!!! Your guitar will SING!! A metal ZOne, or a DOD death metal distortion work well too.
So keep reverbs, delays and the choruses, and the compressor effect in the korg, only the distortion external.

Please please plese dont use a zoom or any other digital distortion, use only the anolog ones, like the boss, if you want good sounds.

I have played with the zoom 606 as well. If i was to compare them, i will say that the zoom has slightly better distortions, buit the korg kick its ass in effects. So personally i feel, buy the Korg, if you have to choose between these two.

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MGR/Uday Yadav12/27/2003

MGR/Uday Yadav's review"Korg AX 100G"

Korg Ax100g
I bought this beauty(my first) with a Slammer Centuria(by Hamer) electric guitar. it cost me about Rs. 4750 thats about $110.
i needed a good processor to go with my electric. i've heard a lot of good stuff about Korg so i took this to last me long.

For the price it's superb. leaving the price, its excellent. my friend got over his Korg AX1500G, but i prefer my AX100G anyday. its got beautiful sound and many effects. it took me about a month to learn all about its functions. it's got a good and trendy body. its kind of flat, that makes it good for stage shows. its even got a lead placer under its expression(main control) pedal. it's helpful as it keeps away the guitar leads(unless u've got a cordless lead). the input-output jacks haven't given me any problem and i don't think there is any problem to come either. it's got superb rhythm beats that helps you practice for a jamming session. i've created many useful programes(effects) that suits my needs. it's absolutely flawless. it's 8 sec phrase recording facility is also very helpful. you can slow down the speed of the recorded sound and even hold it to meet the pitch. it even has good guitar tuning facility that really helps. the virtual feedback is a one-of-a-kind gift.

there's nothing wrong with this beauty except that while the rhythm beat plays, it gets cut a little when you change the effect. this makes you go off-beat. apart from this there is nothing!

its black in color with a hard plastic sort of body. the knods are made of rubber. the display is very clear with LCD light. even the effect that is being used lights up in its LCD pointer. the expression pedal readings are in a LCD line that also lights up while tuning up the guitar to get the pitch right. it got this thing that holds adaptor wire so that it dosen't come off. you can even use batteries (though i haven't tried!) the effects are displayed in a table with a blue background. the expression pedal has a small path of the same french blue with 'ToneWorks KORG' written on it. its a true beauty! it has 40 preset tones and 40 user tones.

it's great for all guitar players, especially the beginners. even the professionals should keep one to practice and jam on. You should keep it clean and don't add too much force on the pedals. just be careful when you make a new tone, not to delete the previous tone, that is useful. i love the KIDROCK, PREIST, THRASH, HOSTILE, F BACK and FILTER effects. its a must for all guitarists!

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MGR/Justin's review"Korg AX 100G"

Korg Ax100g
I got this thing as a birthday present, from guitar center. I think it was about 150 bucks.

I like it because it has a lot of different effects in it, and is easily programmable. Its got a halfway decent delay, and the amp effects are cool. I also made an awesome effect out of a defect in the pedal's expression pedal. It has an echo effect, and with the expression pedal, you can change the echo time on the fly. But, if you go crazy and use the pedal like a wah with the echo setting, you can get some really crazy psychedelic sounding stuff out of it. It almost sounds like a DJ scratching. I'd buy the effect if I could find it in an individual pedal.

Well, its got plenty of bells and whistles, but nothing is exceptional. The wah is waaaay too digital for me, and most of the other effects sound too fake and cheesy.

Its plastic, i haven't put any serious tests on it, and i probably won't try testing its durability. Treat it like you would anything else thats electronic.

Well, i'd call this thing the jack of all trades pedal. I'd much much rather have all the effects in individual juiceboxes, but for 150 bucks, what do you expect? Its great if you want a lot of effects, but don't have the cash to be spending 100 bucks on each one. I don't use it all that much, but it comes in handy every so often.

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MGR/Dave Hymus11/17/2003

MGR/Dave Hymus's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
i paid £119 at my local music shop in dunstable,OCTAVE MUSIC.after reading various reviews of this and many other pedals,i decided to go for it...

the amp simulations are pretty cool,as well as the vast array of effects.etc....hey man,i sound like a rock'n'roll star in the space of about 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!its compact,and well constructed,sounds great and comes in at a reasonable price,me thinks..

the manual is a bit complicated at times ....also the ringman patch,wot purpose does it serve?

i think this unit is of good quality construction for the price tag.some sort of plastic,by the feel of it,it would take a lot of pounding to break .tonal quality is outstanding ....

on the whole a brilliant bit of kit,go get one and launch yourself into musical infinity...

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MGR/Matt's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
I got it at zzounds for $119

The switchable amps are great. You won't find another unit in this price range with so many features.

Not much. A heavier casing would be nice.

Again, my only worry is that I might break one of the switches or somthing. But I think I would worry about that with any pedal.

Great effects processor for the price. I also play on a Digitech GNX2 which does have more buttons to push, but the AX100g sutes my needs.

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MGR/Andy Naylor09/21/2003

MGR/Andy Naylor's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
I Bought this pedal at my local music store, Rimmers music, in a sale for £120.

This pedal does pretty much every thing, and for a beginner it is an amazing pedal, and as long as you have the booklet for if you won't have any problems with it, but if you don't you better get one.

when i first bought this I thought it was amazing and it did every thing i wanted it to, but as i progressed and started to play long solos i started to notice that the sustain isn't great and really it needs a compressor to give it that extra boost.

this thing looks very plasticy, not suprising for the price, but it is made extremly well. Mine has had wine spilt on it, it has been dropped plenty of times and has been pounded by my feet for 2 years now and nothing has gone wrong with it, it doesn't even have a scratch.

this is a great pedal for its price, but really its for begginers, but when you progress just add a compressor , or do what i did and buy a Marshall stack and loads of seprate marshall pedals.

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MGR/Tony Pinto01/20/2003

MGR/Tony Pinto's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
I purchased it off of an auction for $120 in a slightly used condition. It looks like it is unused however.

The consistently good sound quality on virtually all the effects is markedly better than my previous effects box. Also the extraordinary array of choices makes insures that you can locate that sound you are after. With a built in rhythm track it also makes practice fun and probably more productive.

There is very little I do not like about this devise. Perhaps the fact that the various switches have such tiny labels makes it hard to locate which switch is the one you are after. Of course as I become more familiar with the box this will become less of an issue. Also on many of the programmed setups the pedal switch only adjusts the volume which really is not so useful.

It seems well built and pretty sturdy and the design is well thought out, even having clips for the power cord and the cord from your guitar. Seems like it would hold up well during normal use.

I am extremely pleased with this effects box. It is a quantam leap in quality compared to my zoom 505 which was dismal in terms of sound. While there are a few programs that seem to be worthless, most seem usuable as is without any tweeking. You do have the ability to adjust settings so you can fit it more to your liking. Perhaps I would go with a better box if money were no issue but this is very high quality for a great price.

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MGR/Nick's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
I bought the AX100G from a music shop in Perth, Australia for AU$150. It was so cheap because the store had a fire, and so they had a smoke damaged items auction. I wanted heaps of effects without paying for heaps of pedals and it was a bargain so i bought it.

It has so many different effects to use and you can get any sound you want with a bit of work. It's pretty light weight, it got a tuner(which can be muted as well). Basically its got quite a lot of features.

I didnt get an instruction book with it so it was kinda hard to work stuff out without one. It doesn't have an on/off button which is frustrating as well.

It is made of plastic on top which feels fairly hard, but it is plastic so it could break fairly easily too. The bottom is metal.

All-around a good multi effects pedal, even better with the instruction booklet!

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MGR/P J Shearman12/12/2001

MGR/P J Shearman's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
I paid £69 for this multi-effects unit although it has an RRP of £149. Bought from Coda Music Luton

The expression pedal is well set and has enough up and down movement. My favourtie feature is the ability to add feedback via the expression pedal without having to turn the amp up to ridiculously loud levels.

It does feel a little bit plasticy and doesn't look as cool as the more expensive silver AX1000G and AX1500G. But, you get what you pay for.

No problems with the construction and quality. Despite it's plasticy look, it os actually very solid and well made.

Great value at it's current reduced price. There's no way you'd get anything better for the money.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Korg AX100G"

Korg Ax100g
i paid $150 for this multi-effects processor at a sam ash music store near my house. i bought it because i needed something to compliment the new guitar i had bought. i figured i would save some money and still get value by going with korg.

when i first purchased it i enjoyed the wide range of amp models. i also enjoyed the edit function, sample mode, and expression pedal.

all the amp models and effects have a weird echo noise that comes out of the amp...the effects sound muffled in a way, and you are forced to turn up your volume to compete with it. while there are numerous effects that can be useful, many are pointless. ringman serves no function at all, and many of the amp models sound very similar. the manual is also very complicated, and the edit function takes a long looong time to perfect. switching between effects also becomes a problem when going from clean to distortion, and volume controls become a hassle while some distortions are softer than others, and some cleans are louder than others.

its made of some sort of plastic, it seems to be durable but who knows? i would have been much more comfortable with a metal, so i dont feel like im gonna break it when i use it.

bottom line, buy a single pedal that does what you want or go with a top name like BOSS for a multi-effects pedal. i definitely didnt find this pedal to be worth 200 dollars (unit price), and i would probably spend a max of 50 for it.

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