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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 4 reviews29 %
 9 reviews64 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR12/15/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Korg Ax1g
(Originally written by Marty62100/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
For features go to the manufacturer's website...

The handling is easy and fast.

I give it an 8 because this tiny box includes too many effects...


Very easy to use... You'll master it very quickly!! It isn't very rugged and you'll immediately feel that you can't abuse it like a wah. Nevertheless mine is 3-4 years old and it is still working!!!

Editing: You'll learn it very quickly, but I miss a third switch for patch banks... Some other details could have been better designed...


It's a small multi-FX for beginners and I don't use it anymore.

It provides a sort of contour effect making the sound heavier... It works well... and it sounds good with a bit of chorus...

I often use the filter with distortion. I like to fool around with my guitar's volume knob and the expression pedal... I get special sounds (Radiohead fan)...

I give it an 8 considering the price I paid...


It's a product for beginners even though the finish is not very good, but it can be useful... It gives you the possibility to try classic effects and strange ones, like the watter effect everyone is talking about, a filter effect, a ring modulator, a scratch effect... So many sounds I hadn't tested anywhere else...

The main con is its retro luminescent display!!!

As a summary, it's a good product for beginners and to experiment with new effects. But it's not a high-quality product!! The sound has no dynamics...
MGR/Mike Chalut11/08/2003

MGR/Mike Chalut's review"Korg AX1G Tone Works"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this unit about two years ago online for about 250$. I bought it because I wanted to get into using effects because I play alot of Pink Floyd. this Korg unit had lots of memory for new settings and had a large selection of effects to work with.

I like having most effects all in one unit to avoid having bulky pedalboards. The effects processor sounds great and works well with all types of amps. I like having the pedal available for certain effects. Other effects units that I've looked at didn't have the pedal. Most effects have several different variations. Their are four different choruses, tremolos, wha effects, pans, flangers, phasers and reverbs. The delay works really well also.

The things don't like are not being able to run certain effects at the same time. For example you cannot have a delay and reverb at the same time or have a pedal effect and a mod running at the same time. Unless the pedal is set for a volume pedal. I also dislike the compressor and would like more settings for it

The quality of the unit is unmatched. I've dropped it several times while transporting it, gotten it wet, and stepped on it numerous times and the pedal does not show any abuse and still sounds great.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase an effects unit. It is both affordable, durable and very useful. You really can't go wrong with this product.

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MGR/'s review"Korg AX1G"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this unit on eBay for around $65.00, which seems about average for this item. Being a "part-time" player, I didn't want to spend gobs of money on ten different stomp boxes when I could just get one effects box that does it all. No more messy patch cables, batteries, etc. It didn't come with instructions, but they were easy enough to get off the Korg website.

I can get all kinds of really great sounds out of it! The thing's even got a pedal for wah, volume, speed (for modulation effects like chorus and flanger) and more. The presets are reasonable--some great, some I would never use, and it is programmable (of course). When changing from one sound to another, there is no pause like on some units. You can also loop a short passage to play over and over again while you play.

It would have been nice to have a pedal to cycle the three banks, rather than just up and down pedals--not that big a deal, though. Also, when going to bypass, you've got to step on both (up & down) pedals at the same time. If you miss one, you go to the next effect. Again, not a big deal.

It's all plastic, but I can't see it being a problem. I don't really plan on letting Pete Townsend come over and smash up my guitars and amps or anything.

For 65 bucks, this is an awesome unit! If I'd have had this years ago, I'd be making a living out of guitar playing by now!

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MGR/Anthony Johnson, Jr. - Sylvester, Georgia12/10/2002

MGR/Anthony Johnson, Jr. - Sylvester, Georgia's review"Korg AX1G"

Korg Ax1g
I acquired this unit from Musician's Friend a while back for about $99 because I had just built my last guitar for that year and I needed a small processor to last me for a while.

I knew this thing had spunk when I took it out of the box. A cousin of mine had played Korg effects for a while and I fell in love with them through him. It has so many different combinations of effects and speaking of which, the reverbs & choruses in this li'l box simply melt you and your amp. It sounds even better going straight through the mixer or house PA. The distortions are right on the money!

The only thing I don't like is the display isn't backlit so you can't see what effect you're using when you're on a dark stage, but when you use it for a while you begin to memorize what you use the most with the color & number combinations it shows beside the expression pedal. So all in all thats the only bad thing about it, but like I said, all it takes is a little memorizing.

The unit has a small & unique construction to it which is great for me since I've played many different places. Easy to pack up and take with you in a suitcase or whatever case you may use for transporting effects pedals. Great quality all in all and I would reccommend to ANY style of player from beginner to advanced.

in summation....if you don't have one...GET ONE! haha! Every musician without one of these babies isn't a whole person, lol

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MGR/Tiemen Glastra08/20/2002

MGR/Tiemen Glastra's review"Korg AX1-G"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this from a local instruments shop for about 160 dollars. I bought it because I was looking for a nice all-around guitar effects processor that could spit out pretty much any kind of sound that I wanted.

Simply put, it just does the job. You can either scroll through 30 factory effects and modify them or compose your own sounds. The interface is pretty nice, apart from a display that has no built in light, and allows really accurate editing. It doesn't eat batteries alive like many other pedals do, and it can spit out basically any kind of sound you want. Nice looks, easy use, and high quality versatile sound.

Nothing critical is missing, except a display light, which can be rather annoying, but a nice bright number indicating which effect is running kind of completely prevents it from being a problem on-stage. It's only a little annoying when editing your effects. Aside from that everything is top notch.
Especially the basic effects such as distortions, chorus, ambience and tremelo's sound great and come with many options.

For heavy metal distortions I'd reccomend an additional distortion box but it has all of the other effects covered very well.

It looks nice for an effects pedal, I'm not sure how much beating it can take but who would want to be jumping up and down on a synthesizer pedal anyway. It's nice and solid and the sound and hardware qualities are great.

I can reccomend this to anybody who is looking for a good quality effects processor. I've seen a lot of these things out but most sacrifice versatility for simplicity, even on so called "multi-effects processors". It's versatile, relatively cheap, and very high quality.

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MGR/Encia's review"Korg AX1G Multi-Effects Pedal"

Korg Ax1g
Bought it on Musician's Friend, for $100 plus shipping. I bought it about 9 months ago.

I never had a multieffect before so I decided to buy one. It's a good pedal for the price. As in Chorus, Reverb, Etc. it sound pretty well. It's a good pedal but you will certainly need to buy a distortion pedal if you to hear good distortion. The wah sounds exactly like my Cry Baby 535Q with the Q and bandwith to the max. I would recommend the pedal for begginers. I'm still using it as main pedal since I don't have another one. But I think I'll get a new one this christmas.

But the overdrive is super weak. Distortion sound too digital.

Never had a problem. But well, it's plastic. It could suffer damage.

for begginers or for fun.

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MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 11/05/2001

MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 's review"Korg AX1-G"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this pedal from X-electrical in Kingston, Surrey, London, UK.
I bought it because it has some really nice effects for its price.
I bought it second hand mint condition, without box or manuals for £75.

I really like this unit because it defines truly useful guitar effects at the touch of a few buttons, some are used by the cream of the music industry today. Every effect is editable, from the use of the pedal to the name and what number setting the effect is.It even comes with a tuner, metronome, and mute function to shut up your strings when u need to.
Distortion, echo, whammi, wha-wha, and ones that are undescribable unless you can hear them!

The fact that the battery compartment doesn't like to be knocked, and apart from that its fine!

The construction and quality is second to none, the whole look of the pedal is really nice.

The best pedal for straight forward easy to use effects, utilised in a small attractive cheaply sold box!

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le_primate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1g
Of all, it has been said


One big problem is that the buttons were whimsical, tiny ... do not rely on this pedal to mess with live effects. One program at home, and on stage from the change at the foot of presets, there's not much to do. The pedal is lightweight whawha plastoc pretty darn crappy and no


- THE pitch: A thousand years late, impossible to manage separately to groundwater
I like the effect randomizer (a funny filter)
otherwise I think the chorus is great, dirty, with a grain somewhat surprising, the delay is adjustable, a little wooden ...
the reverb is a little aggressive in frequencies but sometimes it's the long reverbs ... but not the foot, it is clear!
there are plenty of other fun effects like Ring Modulator, you can change the bottom bracket whawha

what's cool: compression sleazy, and I love the noise reduction: Super ... the equalization at large is quite handy.


I use it for 5 years, a guitarist friend gave it to me, I use it only for voice (and sometimes toy synths) this pedal to a unique sound that can be either dirty or neutral
same for the voice, I have not had any big problems of feedback, even if it is not made for that and there's no XLR input, I never wanted to change:
I put a lot of compression, a slight EQ and reverb: I love the sound, it's iuntelligible for live and cheaper than a TC helicon which will be more fishing, cleanliness .. and XLR ... but hey, for me this pedal is THE solution for the voice of the poor
if I made a preset for voice distortion: it can larsener but it is very acceptable, nice grain
another preset that I use:
- Over chorus + delay EQ in the midrange for a sound slightly robotic tape and delay, which, nice live and it gives a great texture to the voice

doudoujeanjean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1g
Quick, intuitive.


Sound editing is very simple, no need to be an expert to get to edit their own sounds.


unbeatable value for money. highly recommended budget and / or beginners given the number of onboard effects. it is not pro stuff, but we have fun without any problems.


purchased in the late 90s, was the flagship model of the time-in-class low price, many young guitarists of the time bought, it is the small but sufficient material to begin with.
Power Bibi07/17/2008

Power Bibi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1g
Everything has already been said!

30 effects.
An expression pedal (wah / vol / modulation type chorus and delay, ...)
2 buttons for forward and backward through the presets selected.
Editable digital effects.
Connections: In / Out


Very easy to use. No major flaws in design.
I just had a problem regarding the volume of output when I bypass the effect and have the direct sound of the amp. Indeed, playing to a reasonable level and bypassing the pedal, I find myself with a clear sound almost inaudible (at least not enough) and we see the diff direct level. Ultimately, we must create a preset sound clear, but hey, not that great anyway.


To summarize:

the distos: Cold and a bit too sharp sometimes loaded ... But hey it's sometimes appropriate to certain contexts.
Modulations: Chorus correct (not too hot either), pretty good Delays, Phaser / Flanger not bad but I'm not a fan of this type vraimment effect.
The Wha / Voice box: Not too typed correctly but no more.
The compressor ... I see no diff ...
Various: Sampler, vraimment nice (that's why I keep the pedal) but bcp too short (2s) Harmonizer / Pitch not tops in the sense that there is a big gap between the note played and when it is processed ...


In short, I bought it in 98 opportunities to broaden my sound design. It served me well although I have not been used since the qq months.

His +:
- Sound sampler mm so limited (but today you can find better bcp)
- The ability to take sounds from space

His -:
- Sounds pretty cool overall

Still a good little cheap pedal for those who want to learn guitar and / or discover the types of effects that exist.