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nailmusic's review"Decent multi effects for the money"

Line 6 M9
I bought this pedal primarily to use with a synthesizer; more specifically, because it has a wahwah pedal model that can be controlled with an expression pedal, and Stereo i/o. I don't know of any stereo i/o wah pedals, so this fulfilled a specific function. Other than the wah I'm primarily using reverbs and delays. As a keyboard player there's a bunch of effects that I don't use - amp models, preamps, etc. The reverbs are "usable" - i.e. they're not fantastic but in a live context they get the job done. The delays are pretty good, and the M9 has the full compliment of delay types from the DL4. (I also have an EchoPro so I've grown accustomed to certain models.)
The unit is well built; metal construction, tho the display is a little hard to read despite the contrast setting (my eyes aren't so great anymore). There are a good assortment of parameters per model, and many models to choose from - flangers, chorus, spring reverb, tape delay, etc - and many many others, including pitch shifting and intelligent harmony. AND a 15 second looper, and tuner, built in. 2 Expression pedal inputs allow control of different sets of parameters, and you can assign parameters to 2 different control busses. Heel down and Toe down values are easily set and tweaked. Patch storage is minimal; you can run it in effects mode (like a collection of stomp boxes) or configuration mode (where you can call up a whole different pedal board setup). I pretty much use the same effects all the time, unless I break it out for my Lap Steel - then I have a different set of effects.
All in all it's easy to use, inexpensive and basically sounds good. If I was seriously into tone (as some guitarists are) I probably wouldn't use this. It is however a very portable way to throw a bunch of fx in a bag and go.

nickname009's review

Line 6 M9
Over 100 stompbox effects

• Run up to 3 effects simultaneously (with 3 more on deck)

• Dedicated knobs control each effect parameter

• Create up to 24 pedal board scenes. (It's like having 24 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time!)

• Universal tap tempo syncs all your time-based effects

• MIDI in/out

• 1/4" mono or stereo inputs

• 1/4" mono or stereo outputs

• Two 1/4" expression pedal jacks

• True Analog Bypass or DSP Bypass

28-second looper with dedicated footswitches (Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Play Once, Undo/Redo, Half Speed, Reverse)

• Built-in chromatic tuner

• Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches

• Included AC power adapter

• Dimensions: 10.5"W X 2.4"H x 6.5"D - 3lbs.

Can't really say enough about the features of this multi-effects. They have definitely come a LONG way and I can't believe that I've come full circle with owning one again since...'95 or earlier.


It is quite easy to use as a multi effects, most of the other ones have not difficult, but slightly complex ways to tweak settings and configurations etc. So you are generally bound to spend a few hours with it before taking it to the rehearsal studio or the next gig.

Yes you probably should read the manual for certain things but you don't have to read it before playing. You can pretty much plug it in and play, and I read the manual for certain things if I'm looking to do something specific with it that I have in mind.

Yes you have to read the advanced manual for anything beyond what the youtube demos show you etc. So yes it does take some time on your part to get used to how this thing works. MIDI has always been my enemy so I can't comment on that.

I currently use it with the line 6 expression pedal.


Pretty darn good! Lives up to the hype that's been built on the internet from youtube users etc etc. There's tons of video demos that will give a wide range of very usable sounds to crazy whacked out sounds that you'd sparingly use.

There's been lots of debate about the distortion sounds and I want to say that I think it sounds VERY good. No, of course it doesn't sound exactly like a tube amp but this kind of debate will go on for years to come regardless of my opinion but I think....I might just bring the m9 to rehearsals for the next little while instead of my usual pedals, that's how convincing it sounds!

The effects are top notch in my opinion. I love the variety of wahs available and I use all the effects I need to cover almost any song. I have a huge tube distortion pedal that I use to get most of my sound


A really interesting unit to look into. Definitely worth checking out. I was never a multi effects guy, I tried a few in the early 90s and gave up and did the whole single pedals and a board for the next 10 years and now I've come full circle back to a multi effects like the m9. Because this one actually sounds QUITE good and not only that, is very usable live, you can tap things in and out on the fly during a gig and with an expression pedal you can control nearly every parameter of an effect on the fly also. And it sounds great! What more does one need??

ejendres's review"Great solution for a messy pedal board"

Line 6 M9
The M9 contains over 100 effects, a 28-second looper, and a dedicated tap tempo button. The effects are 6 categories: delays, modulation, distortion, compression and eqs, filters, and reverbs.

mono and stereo in/out. Midi in/out. And 2 expression pedal jacks.

I don't believe there is an external editing program, but with how easy the M9 is to use I don't see the need.

The M9 is made out of metal and seems really rugged. The buttons are plastic and worried me at first, but after months of using it they've held up and show no sign of wear.


I cannot imagine a better implementation than what Line 6 has done with the M9/M13. Whenever you choose an effect to edit you just turn some knobs to tweak the sound and the M9 automatically saves your settings. Its as close to an actual stomp box setup as you can get with a modeler. Its beautiful.

There are 24 scenes, and each scene stores 6 effect presets. You can run up to 3 effects at once. its very easy to switch between scenes.

The manual is very straight forward and easy to understand. And on top of clear instructions it has an overview of all the effects in the unit.


I've mostly used the M9 with guitar, but I've also used it on vocals. It sounds awesome for the most part, especially for delays and verbs. The most disappointing part of the M9 is the distortions, hands down. For the most part they're buzzy and unusable. But everything else is gorgeous.

The most surprising part of the M9 for me was how transparent it is when bypasses. In true-bypass you cannot tell the difference.


Overall, the Line M9 is a very solid piece of gear. The effects sound gorgeous and its very easy to use. Great for stage and studio.

I think its a great value for the price. To get stomp boxes to cover all the bases the M9 does would take thousands of dollars.

I've owned the M9 twice, the only reason I sold the first one is because I needed the cash. Its the most convenient and best sounding solution for my effects needs, and if I have to sell this one for some reason I will buy another down the line.

loudfunk's review"Nice gadget..."

Line 6 M9
Multi effects that lets you store 6 pedals, you can use 3 at once per scene. Has 6programmable scenes.
Also has a 28 second looper. AC powered only. Stereo in and outputs, midi in and out ports, and 2 expression pedal jacks for use with wah and/or whammy effects.


Great little digital pedal to toss in the gig bag, comes in handy when you can’t bring your pedal board and don’t know what the rental back line will be. What you get is basically all theeffects from the Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler, DM4 Distortion Modeler, FM4 Filter Modeler, MM4 Modulation Modeler, Verbzilla, Echo Pro boxes.
I like how tweaking any setting the pedal will already write it into memory with no need to hit any store buttons. The Looper has its own set of buttons, Record, Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Play Once, Undo/Redo, Half Speed and Reverse (The looper can be used simultaneously with the three FX Units.).
And as with all Line 6 stuff the manuals are pretty comprehensive.


There are a few stand-outs for me, in Noise Gate is a must use when running loads of gain, for overdrives I’m partial to the Tube Screamer and Butler overdrive models, the Tri Stereo chorus is lovely although far from the sound of th real deal. The inteligent harmonicer is great on clean stuff for Les Paul/Mary Ford fun and games. The delay is where it’s at for me. I have used the DL4 for years and the only thing I messed was the dry though of the rachmount version, well here you can get a modulated delay or tube echo, or tape echo with the dry through, comes in so handy.


I’ve been using the M9s bigger brother the M13 since it came out, and I really prefer the M13 fo the simple reason that you can run 4 effects at once, with 8 more at the ready. But when space is of consideration the M9 will do nicely.

ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good compromise"

Line 6 M9
A good Swiss Army knife with a multitude of effects more or less useful.


Very easy to use, no need to read the manual as it is simple.
Settings for different effects is very simple with potentiometers found the right sound quickly.
This little box is very ergonomic.


That's why I bought this pedal, I had seen videos on youtube of guys who played U2 and I found it stunning.
Necessarily delays and reverbs are really great.
There are one or two who distos not seem to hurt me too (screamer, heavy ....).
I love the little looper that enough for me and has a good quality.
I plug it into a vox Ac4 a lamp and it sounds very very good!!
It happens with toues my guitars (Strat, and Jazzmaster thinline telecaster).


I recently, but it's been a while since I was eyeing on the m13 or 9.
I looked at the m9 becaufe my amp has no effects loop and also because he does not take place.
I had a lot of effects (analog or digital), saying I sold all my pedals so that the suits me.
A bit expensive new, there are good Bazaars however.
I think it is good value for money considering all that was in it.
The only downside that I found, and it is also on this point that we must be vigilant to buy, it is the quality of the switches.
If your pedal a little experienced, it is likely that the latter is tired.
It's a little disease like line 6 DL4 excellent.
Brief in this case do not worry there is a mod to change by more robust.
The manipulation for the m13 here:
guilbertvince@mail.pf11/06/2012's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Overpriced and outdated"

Line 6 M9
Multi effects for all digital ways "I have three pedals underfoot, what do I do now?" + + Tuner Looper.
Good full specs are arranged on the site. The M9 also has some hidden features. You can also adds three simultaneous effects with sounds and called with a midi foot multi effects standard ways (Scene).


Using relatively simple but the effects were not a lot of settings in which you will have to spend time. It will also make a choice: In front or in the loop. Not possible to do both. Therefore has less work on amps are very clean and the overdrive drop a lamp, you should choose between whammy, phaser and cry baby or the delays and reverbs ...


Effects are generally satisfactory except sounding distortion podX3 ways. Rather prefer analog pedals. The delays and reverbs are very good, but troubleshoots modulations are back ... The filters are uneven, some are cool others are useless.


I use (well it is in my pedalboard) for one year. I am quite a fan of good sound clean and good overdrive sound so I use the effects that m9 at times for not having to buy a chorus or phaser just an intro I like the Swiss Army knife that side troubleshoots well. I use mostly the tuner, volume (ideal for cleaning a clean Crunch in and send the sauce at once), the boost also boosted the distortion of the amp. I use effects when I need it. Even though I do not always use it, it is reassuring to know it. My pedalboard and suddenly much lighter.
I miss the noise gate that sucks the chain and sound modulations and digital saturation too. Also impossible to directly planted in a sound, it sounds not and it is not made for this. Over time I would do that choice. I would take earlier ZOOM G3. Even have digital troubleshooting much less and pay more zoom and more complete. You should also know that today a pod HD400 is almost the same price and it has all the functions and the M9 and much more (even pedals expressions what is required to enjoy some of the M9 ) Voilou

8oris's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Always the mark of numrique"

Line 6 M9
Has any Retailer below. This is the perfect multi-level handling, quality of manufacture.
Only the screen format trsrduit s'avre impractical because not very visible.
Another big point ngatif: the impossibility to save his presets other than via a MIDI connection. I do not know what justifies this choice of connection but it is bad trs.
Overall, it's still a reliable and good quality.


As always with Line 6, the grip is intuitive and fast. No sub-sub menus, everything is very easy accessible. The edition is ultra sounds easy.
The fact that each bank can be ddi effects of the same type or not makes the machine really trs customizable. This is also a big plus: the limitations are few.
You want:
- Three distortions stackss: possible
- 3 reverb: it is possible ...

The manual is clear.

As for the looper, it does not replace a real scne looper / sampler worthy of the name but a riff can work at home.

I put 9 because it is not really far from perfect in terms of rglages!


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?
The effects are trs good, much better than those stamped "COSM" Boss from home.
Section reverb / delay / echo is trs trs good.
For modulations, it's good but not perfect. There's always that little numrique color in the background, but Muls The models are trs correctly.
The modeling pedals gain seemed to me no more blah ... Neither great nor really horrible ...
Small size comparison between a Boss DC3 and version "Dimension Chorus" from Line 6:

Which instruments do you use?
A guitar LTD MH400, a branch pramp AMT SS-20.

What are those you prfrez, you dtest?


I have used for 60 days before returning to the seller. I mainly bought it for use it as "multi-purpose" ddi modulations and although these are good dernires I prfre the sound of my pedals.
In the same style, the TC Electronic NM-1 is much, much worse sound quality level.
I do not buy it, but the report qualitprix seems unbeatable now whereas for those who want a good multi-effect sound quality, size and Reduces trs "open" in the rglages, go for it!

Davoche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Line6 very good ..."

Line 6 M9
See below ...


Ease of use is really the strong point of this pedal ... Everything is done so that it sounds at once. The only problem is that the use


Apart from some distos ... the effects are overall very good ... So 8points ...


I use this particular material ... In fact, I use it as a sound module to further my pedalboard compzosé good old analog pedals. The big advantage is that the M9 does not significantly alter the sound in "buffered" (you can also bypassed all, but I find that the change in sound is noisy when it engages the coup ... ).
I remake of choice without hesitation, especially since it is very compact.

Natchar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Easy to use"

Line 6 M9
One hundred effects, easy to use, no amp simulation: therefore important to love the sound of his amp


Yes, trèsfacille to find good sounds


With electric and acoustic guitars


Its ease of utlisasation
Matt Preacherz10/14/2009

Matt Preacherz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 M9
Just so some do not fall for it: If you think that sounds kind of this craft are equivalents of those pedals 4 of the series "Stompboxes" (DL4, MM4, FM4, DM4) not rvez!
Despite what Line 6 declares on its website, in fact I have made a comparison between proposs sounds M9 and Line 6 DL4, and very clearly the difference means; sounds are less dfinis, shallower, and modulations in the Offer DL4 (Ananlog With Echo, etc ...) are very widely Suprieure.
Same with FM4.
After the sounds of M9 are not bad, but just as good.


Just so some do not fall for it: If you think that sounds kind of this craft are equivalents of those pedals 4 of the series "Stompboxes" (DL4, MM4, FM4, DM4) not rvez!
Despite what Line 6 declares on its website, in fact I have made a comparison between proposs sounds M9 and Line 6 DL4, and very clearly the difference means; sounds are less dfinis, shallower, and modulations in the Offer DL4 (Ananlog With Echo, etc ...) are very widely Suprieure.
Same with FM4.
After the sounds of M9 are not bad, but just as good.