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  • Line 6 Helix

    Line 6 Helix - "Line 6 Helix (Back to the Future) Great Scott !!!"


    Line 6 Helix (Back to the Future) Great Scott !!! My complete review of Line 6’s Helix – a full-featured and well-conceived multieffect unit. Unboxing day!!! When unpacking it you’ll immediately realize how heavy it is. It seems sturdy, up to …

  • Line 6 M13

    Line 6 M13 - "Line6 scores a direct hit with the M13--this is Stomp Box Heaven!!!"


    The Line6 M13 is the flagship stomp box modeling unit from Line6. Unlike most of the Line6 products, this unit does not have all of the signature Line6 amplifier and speaker cabinet modeling software at your disposal. This unit is designed to work WI…

  • Line 6 M9

    Line 6 M9 - nickname009's review


    Over 100 stompbox effects • Run up to 3 effects simultaneously (with 3 more on deck) • Dedicated knobs control each effect parameter • Create up to 24 pedal board scenes. (It's like having 24 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any t…

  • Line 6 M13

    Line 6 M13 - "Quanity...and lots of it"


    • Over 100 stompbox effects, 4 simultaneous in any order and any combination • Dedicated knobs to control each of the parameters of each effect • Create up to 48 pedal board scenes for instant recall. (It's like having 48 fully tricked-out ped…

  • Line 6 MM4

    Line 6 MM4 - "Good thought falls short."


    The MM-4 by Line 6 is actually a modeler of several different famous modulation pedals of the past, along with a few modern ideas thrown in. The pedal features models of 16 different modulation effects. The pedal has four footswitches for four pre…

  • Line 6 MM4

    Line 6 MM4 - "Another 4-stomp winner from Line 6."


    Available Models: • Opto Tremolo • Bias Tremolo • Phaser • Dual Phaser • Panned Phaser • U-Vibe • Rotary Drum • Rotary Drum & Horn • Analog Flanger • Jet Flanger • Analog Chorus • Dimension • Tri Chorus • Pitch Vibrato • Ring Modulator…

  • Line 6 M9

    Line 6 M9 - "Great solution for a messy pedal board"


    The M9 contains over 100 effects, a 28-second looper, and a dedicated tap tempo button. The effects are 6 categories: delays, modulation, distortion, compression and eqs, filters, and reverbs. mono and stereo in/out. Midi in/out. And 2 expression…

  • Line 6 Mod Pro

    Line 6 Mod Pro - "Line 6 ModPro"


    It's the rackmountable version of Line 6's MM4 Mod filter stompbox. It's still the same bright blue, just flat and with four screw holes in the front. These were made primarily for studio use, generally made for guitars, and didn't sell very well w…

  • Line 6 MM4

    Line 6 MM4 - "The MM4 is Mmm Mmm Good!"


    The Line 6 MM4 is a modulation modeler that digitally simulates 16 classic modulation effects including choruses, phasers, tremolos, rotary speaker/Leslie, flanger, and others. These can all be edited with the on-board controls and saved to one of fo…

  • Line 6 M9

    Line 6 M9 - "Nice gadget..."


    Multi effects that lets you store 6 pedals, you can use 3 at once per scene. Has 6programmable scenes. Also has a 28 second looper. AC powered only. Stereo in and outputs, midi in and out ports, and 2 expression pedal jacks for use with wah and/or wh…