heads on fire 11/02/2011

Line 6 MM4 : heads on fire's user review

« Another 4-stomp winner from Line 6. »

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Available Models:
• Opto Tremolo
• Bias Tremolo
• Phaser
• Dual Phaser
• Panned Phaser
• U-Vibe
• Rotary Drum
• Rotary Drum & Horn
Analog Flanger
• Jet Flanger
• Analog Chorus
• Dimension
• Tri Chorus
• Pitch Vibrato
• Ring Modulator
• Panner

MM4 Specifications
Digital Effects 16
Factory Presets 20
User Programmable Channels 4
Controls Effect Selector, Speed, Depth, Tweak, Tweez, Mix
Additional Controls EX-1 Expression Pedal (optional)
Mono/ Stereo Stereo in/ Stereo out
Chassis Color Blue
Dimensions Length: 10-inches/25.4 cm; Width/Depth: 6-inches/15.24 cm; Height: 2.375-inches; Weight: 3.1 lbs


This pedal is a dream modulation pedal. It gets a ton of great sounds, can save presets and recall them easily, and has a lot of tweakability. Stereo ins and outs help a ton with routing options. The manual is very clear in detailing the operation of the unit, so no worries about getting into a stompbox that's too deep to swim with. For an added bonus of fun, use an expression pedal with the MM4!


This unit sounds great. I'm only giving it a 9 because I've heard some mods done on them that sound better than stock from the factory. So the pedal CAN potentially sound better, but it's really great to begin with. My favorite setting is based on the Flying Pan from Ibanez - it can pan between two amps, and with an expression pedal, the speed of the panning can be changed from slow to fast - it resembles a good Leslie effect, and sounds absolutely killer. The other rotary effects are great, and the Univibe is not bad. The choruses are rich and lush! Stereo is not required here, but again, it makes the sounds so much more full.


The MM4 is one of the best modulation effects yet released in the music world. It can do a lot of great sounds, and the ease of use is second to none. Being able to program 4 patches and recall them at any time definitely helps make this legendary pedal a big winner. Highly recommended.