cyberbib 03/20/2004

Line 6 MM4 : cyberbib's user review


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There are 16 effects diffrent several types of effects, either vintage or kil c tou nine super versatile.
are all the rotary kil fo chorus flanger tremolo vibrato Univibe (among others)
it lacks a delay peti ... but his other stomp box for Dlay then his business will be great in.


C super simple:
- We do crglages
- It held down 3 sec
- There remains ka play

kom po is easier because the manual is super Retailer (and there are even jokes of shit)


The sound is perfect
nothing wrong with the subject of a really quality professional c


I sow for over a year I mainly for the User tremolo chorus flanger and phaser
I do not regret my choi
I laid back carefree it again for 300 c really good invesstissemnt