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All user reviews for the Line 6 MM4

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 4 reviews50 %
 1 user review13 %
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Fireguy8402's review"Good thought falls short."

Line 6 MM4
The MM-4 by Line 6 is actually a modeler of several different famous modulation pedals of the past, along with a few modern ideas thrown in. The pedal features models of 16 different modulation effects. The pedal has four footswitches for four presets which can have values changed in real-time via an outboard expression pedal. Stereo ins and outs are provided for a full stereo sound when using multiple amps. This particular model is a floor based unit, however Line 6 did come out with a rackmounted version. The MM4 can be powered by battery but is best powered by an external power supply.


Hooking up the pedal is fairly simple. There are stereo inputs and outputs so if you’re using it in mono with one guitar and amp be sure to plug into the mono input and output. Editing the sounds can be a little tricky on the MM4 without the use of the manual, however Line 6 includes two stickers for the pedal to help you along. The pedal has your basic modulation knobs (Speed, Depth, and Mix) but also includes a Tweek and a Tweez knob that change different parameters depending on what pedal you are modeling. It’s nice that the pedal is tweakable, but this can get confusing if you don’t use the pedal often, so keep those stickers. Overall, the pedal is pretty well laid out and easy to use. Basically you just tweak the knobs until you find a sound you like, hold down on a preset button for a few seconds until the LED blinks and you’ve stored your sound to that footswitch. Basic usage is simple, but to get into all of what this pedal can do it is best to read the manual.


I am not overly impressed with this pedal the way I am with the DL-4. It is a good idea and I love the layout and functions but I feel this pedal falls short in the sound department. There are a couple choruses and a phaser that sound decent, but the other models sound very processed and digital, in a bad way. The tremolo and rotary sounds are especially disappointing. If you are looking for a warm analog sounding modulation you would better off looking elsewhere. Line 6 was able to get some great analog sounding delays packed into the DL-4 but, there is just something very digital sounding about this pedal which can be useful for some applications. There is also a significant drop in the volume when I use this in the loop of different amps.


Overall I think Line 6 had a good thing going with this pedal but fell short. I like the idea of the layout and I love my DL-4 but there is just something lacking in the sound and it is very digital and unnatural. Some people may like that and find it usable. There is also a definite drop in volume when engaged in my rig, although there are aftermarket modifications to remedy this. I feel this pedal is too large to keep on my board for the few good sounds it produces and that my money would have been better spent on a few separate pedals instead of an all in one unit. Great idea, bad execution.
heads on fire11/02/2011

heads on fire's review"Another 4-stomp winner from Line 6."

Line 6 MM4
Available Models:
• Opto Tremolo
• Bias Tremolo
• Phaser
• Dual Phaser
• Panned Phaser
• U-Vibe
• Rotary Drum
• Rotary Drum & Horn
Analog Flanger
• Jet Flanger
• Analog Chorus
• Dimension
• Tri Chorus
• Pitch Vibrato
• Ring Modulator
• Panner

MM4 Specifications
Digital Effects 16
Factory Presets 20
User Programmable Channels 4
Controls Effect Selector, Speed, Depth, Tweak, Tweez, Mix
Additional Controls EX-1 Expression Pedal (optional)
Mono/ Stereo Stereo in/ Stereo out
Chassis Color Blue
Dimensions Length: 10-inches/25.4 cm; Width/Depth: 6-inches/15.24 cm; Height: 2.375-inches; Weight: 3.1 lbs


This pedal is a dream modulation pedal. It gets a ton of great sounds, can save presets and recall them easily, and has a lot of tweakability. Stereo ins and outs help a ton with routing options. The manual is very clear in detailing the operation of the unit, so no worries about getting into a stompbox that's too deep to swim with. For an added bonus of fun, use an expression pedal with the MM4!


This unit sounds great. I'm only giving it a 9 because I've heard some mods done on them that sound better than stock from the factory. So the pedal CAN potentially sound better, but it's really great to begin with. My favorite setting is based on the Flying Pan from Ibanez - it can pan between two amps, and with an expression pedal, the speed of the panning can be changed from slow to fast - it resembles a good Leslie effect, and sounds absolutely killer. The other rotary effects are great, and the Univibe is not bad. The choruses are rich and lush! Stereo is not required here, but again, it makes the sounds so much more full.


The MM4 is one of the best modulation effects yet released in the music world. It can do a lot of great sounds, and the ease of use is second to none. Being able to program 4 patches and recall them at any time definitely helps make this legendary pedal a big winner. Highly recommended.

Everlone's review"The MM4 is Mmm Mmm Good!"

Line 6 MM4
The Line 6 MM4 is a modulation modeler that digitally simulates 16 classic modulation effects including choruses, phasers, tremolos, rotary speaker/Leslie, flanger, and others. These can all be edited with the on-board controls and saved to one of four memory banks. Both the inputs and outputs are stereo (plug into the Left side for mono). This pedal is not rack mountable (unless it is put in a drawer), but Line 6 made this unit in a rack effect.


Editing and saving the effects could not be any easier. Select the bank you want to save the effect to, select the effect, dial in the settings for the effect, then press and hold the bank button where you want to recall the effect until in blinks and you are done. The manual for this pedal is excellent. It gives a little history on the modulation pedal or effect the MM4 is replicating, and gives example settings and a description of how the controls work for each effect.


I have only ever used this pedal with my electric guitars. The effects I use the most on the MM4 are the Tri-Chorus, Phase 90, Leslie, and rotary speaker. This pedal works best in front of the amp and before distortion pedals. When I have used this pedal in the effects loop the guitar tone sounds overly processed.


The best thing about the MM4 is the convenience of having 16 different effects in one easy to use to pedal. The most unfortunate thing about the MM4 is that you can only use one effect at a time. It would be nice to have the option to use a chorus and a phaser simultaneously, but in no way do I believe this is a deal breaker for the pedal. The MM4 is a more than adequate substitute for many of the effects it models. Even if you use only 4 of the 16 effects, the pedal is a better bargain than buying 4 individual pedals to produce those same effects. Are the MM4 effects IDENTICAL to the original effects they are replicating? No, but they are VERY good imitations.

moosers's review

Line 6 MM4
The Line 6 MM4 is a modulation effect modeling guitar pedal. It has two 1/4 inch inputs and outputs and also has an output for an expression pedal, which isn't necessary with the MM4. The Line 6 MM4 is not a rack mountable piece of gear as it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the Line 6 MM4 is pretty easy to follow, but does take a little bit of time to understand all the ins and outs simply because there is a lot going on here. There are 16 different modeling settings ranging from all different types of flangers, rotarys, phasers, choruses, and tremolos, in addition to a panner, a ring modulator, and a vibrato. As you can tell, pretty much all of the modulation effects you can think of are covered here and each is modeled after another stomp box or effect. There are four switches that you can save your own presets on by holding each one down while you've got the sound you like. There is then five knobs for controlling the sound of each setting, and each does different things depending on which setting you are on. For this reason the manual comes in very handy as it will outline what each knob does on each setting.


The sound quality of the Line 6 MM4 is pretty good, but nothing is too far above average in my opinion. While its certainly nice to have this many different modulation effects in one box, only a handful of the effects really stand out for me. I've only used this pedal with guitar although it would work fine for any electronic instrument. The sounds on here are probably best suited for live shows when you don't want to use five or six different stomp boxes at once, but for recording I would much prefer to use individual pedals as they have a much high sound quality than the MM4.


I've been using the Line 6 MM4 for about three or four years and it is a perfect pedal for live shows, and is not so perfect for recording in my opinion. The price of the Line 6 MM4 isn't too expensive and will certainly save you money if you are looking for all of these sounds. While I do like most of the products that Line 6 puts out, the Line 6 MM4 isn't one of my favorites in this line, as I think the sound quality could be a bit higher. However, taking into account the versatility of this pedal and its reasonable price, this is overall a good buy.

phraseland's review

Line 6 MM4
This blue box delivers Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo and combinations of all these effects. The idea was to include a selection of models taken from famous effects (like the Univibe) and then have the guitar player adjust them to his/her own taste.
The layout is pretty simple: With the first knob I choose the model. The functions Speed, Depth, Tweak and Tweez (?) adjust the relevant parameters of the effect. The first two are basically self explanatory. The last two vary from effect to effect. The last know lets you adjust the mix.
On the back you have stereo inputs and outputs and an input for an additional controller. This unit needs 12V and runs on an external power supply (don't use the batteries - they won't last).


You basically have four different presets. They are very easy to program and really all you have to do is play around until you find the sound you like. Once you are satisfied press one of the four foot switches until the LED above starts blinking. Now the sound has been assigned to that switch.
The manual is also very helpful as it explains in detail the types of effekt Line 6 has modeled. You also get a few tips on how to achieve certain sounds.
This unit is built to last.


I think in general the sounds are very good. I don't care about chorus too much but this pedal does have some nice ones. They are very lush and deep - sometimes maybe a bit too overwhelming on the original signal. The tremolo is quite alright and has a certain depth a lot of other products out there are missing. It still doesn't compare to an analog one and I never use it. I really love the phaser though as it sounds great from subtle to full warble. I usually add a little bit to my basic signal to give it a bit of shimmer.
This unit can deliver a lot of crazy sounds and I think it really sounds good.


I really like the sturdy construction but would have like it better if this unit could have run on 9V as well. I also think the dimensions make it very hard to fit in a complete pedal board. Many times have I considered to sell it and buy an MXR Phaser instead (I use the phaser most often).
I think the effects harmonize well with each other and it supplies a lot of potential to create new sounds and recreate classic ones.

8oris's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not convinced"

Line 6 MM4
<b>What are the effects, or types of effects available?</b>
Multi-purpose dedicated to the modulation, we can find choruses, flangers, phasers, tremolos, vibes.

<b>What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)</b>
This is the Line6, 100% digital.

<b>Are they edited? Via an editor for Mac / PC?</b>
Editable: yes! Effects by 5 parameters, 4 programmable memories beaches.

<b>What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)</b>
Stereo input and output. Supply via a transformer line 6 barrel.

<b>Is it a rack or rack-mount model?</b>

In short, a multi mas wrong if we place ourselves at the time when the pedal is released. Today, it makes me seem completely overwhelmed as material.


<b>The general configuration is simple?</b>
Yes. Connection of input, output, we select the desired effect and it's over.
For settings, cf. below.

<b>Editing sounds and effects is easy?</b>
Yes and no.
In itself, nothing fancy. Potentiometers Speed ​​(Speed), Depth (depth), Mix is ​​very classic. on the other hand, potentiometers "Tweak" and "Tweet" have a feature-specific effects ... Difficult to identify their use immediately, a passage in the manual is desirable.
Otherwise, I find that the settings are not very progressive.
In terms of saving a beach is simple: you press a few seconds on the corresponding switch, the LED flashes and you're done. However, impossible to know what settings are used!
The mix knob is seen as too often absent.

<b>The manual is clear and sufficient? ...</b>
Yes, as always with Line 6, everything is clear and the tone is quite nice!

Result: Same as above: it was 10 years ago, but today it is completely outdated as it works!


<b>The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?</b>
I did not find my account but we see this pedal on many pedalboards, pro or not pro, so I guess some find their account.
As always with Line 6, I found the sounds not bad, making illusions but sorely lacking the warmth of the original. On the chorus, flanger, it's really not that. The vibes and tremolos are not too bad.

<b>Which instruments do you use?</b>
LTD MH400 NT, plugged into a preamp AMT SS 20, EXH 44 Magnum Orange cabinet.
The rendering is better when MM4 is plugged into the effects loop.

<b>Which ones do you prefer, you hate?</b>
The ones I prefer: the vibes, the ring mod
The ones I do not like: the chorus / flanges

Conclusion: This is the Line 6. One likes or dislikes. Without going into the squabble digital / analog I really not hooked to the sounds provided by the MM4 but it is true that as a backup solution or to explore the modulations that's fine.


<b>How long you use it?</b> 7
I got it for a few months.

<b>What is so special that you love the most, least?</b>
Most: the concept of multi-modulation effects dedicated, managing stereo mix of the potentiometer
Minimum: the operation really exceeded, full of effects available but only four available tracks.

<b>Did you tried many other models before buying it?</b>
Yes, I am looking for a dedicated multi modulation.
I had a TC Electronic NM-1, and a Line 6 M9.
Sound level: the MM4 is between the two, it is better than NM1 and only marginally worse than the M9.

<b>How would you rate the quality / price?</b>
In new: it is theft. For € 250, there are ways to get a setup that will sound better with dedicated pedals.

<b>With experience, you do again this choice?</b>
Yes, because I was really curious to try it but I do not regret having sold.
Guillaume LANGEVIN08/11/2004

Guillaume LANGEVIN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 MM4
Multi-Line 6 effects of dedicated to modulations.
100% digital technology is the emulation of the best known modulations of the 60s to today's big.
Does not connect to a PC, on the other hand, given the complexity of the beast, it is not much ... https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif
Plugs AC course (very highly recommended by the way) or food for 30? battery in two days, the choice is yours https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif)
4 memories
16 modulations
But adequate standard connectors.
We just wish the abscence of a button on / off (forced to live off the area to extinguish the beast) and a diode which indicates that the MM4 is running.


Then the config it looks something simply childish. Even Francis Lalan tame the beast in five minutes ... ten good for him but no more ... no joke nan is ultra clear, intuitive and simple, nothing to complain about that.
To edit a sound is the same, unless you are a fan of "watch your step" it is done quietly, the modulation is selected, you set the buttons tweez tweak speed and depth and mix it supports three seconds on one of the 4 switch the front and basta bouritos is in the pocket.
If you use a pedal expr you can assign to any parameter, be it speed, profodeur effect or even its size in the mix. For more details on configuring the MM4 with expr pedal, take a look at the manual it explains everything clearly.
Bah just the manual: I was told "you'll see, there's good joke." So, is a joke of shit, but the joke is always that. Line 6 has a printed manual for its range: the MM4, the DL4, FM4 and the DM4, everything is grouped in the same book. Practice either. So manual clearly explains how to get the original sound of a modulation, which settings do what the knob mm4 matches that of the original pedal, well short fouttu.


Then what is the point Paske's manual is very nice but not buy a beast with 250? for that. I know the sound of a pedal emulated by MM4 is the home phase90 MXR (legendary by the way) and I must say that by listening carefully, reproduction is very good, very carefully, it seems limited the original. So I do not know if that's not it for all effects but still it is that it ensures the little MM4 serious race of his mother's sister to digital. It's frankly not cold, the settings are effective and everything sounds really good. I remember hearing as good as the digital modulation, even in Boss or Digitech. Brief respect for the job is good
I use it with a Jackson JS30 Dinky custom house (the worry you own children) and a Vigier Excalibur Custom home too (made by a luthier there, I would not risk anything at all by myself with a toy like that https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif)
My favorite effects remain in pole position on Phase90, reproduced again perfectly, a tremolo ch'tit not bad at all and a chorus (they are honestly the good chorus by the way)


I use it for a relatively short time but I doubt that even in hindsight I resell one day. It's solid, beautiful (blue fashion trend), it sounds very good, it never shit, q / p excellent short go for the children!

cyberbib's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 MM4
There are 16 effects diffrent several types of effects, either vintage or kil c tou nine super versatile.
are all the rotary kil fo chorus flanger tremolo vibrato Univibe (among others)
it lacks a delay peti ... but his other stomp box for Dlay then his business will be great in.


C super simple:
- We do crglages
- It held down 3 sec
- There remains ka play

kom po is easier because the manual is super Retailer (and there are even jokes of shit)


The sound is perfect
nothing wrong with the subject of a really quality professional c


I sow for over a year I mainly for the User tremolo chorus flanger and phaser
I do not regret my choi
I laid back carefree it again for 300 c really good invesstissemnt