nickname009 02/26/2012

Line 6 M9 : nickname009's user review


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Over 100 stompbox effects

• Run up to 3 effects simultaneously (with 3 more on deck)

• Dedicated knobs control each effect parameter

• Create up to 24 pedal board scenes. (It's like having 24 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time!)

• Universal tap tempo syncs all your time-based effects

• MIDI in/out

• 1/4" mono or stereo inputs

• 1/4" mono or stereo outputs

• Two 1/4" expression pedal jacks

• True Analog Bypass or DSP Bypass

28-second looper with dedicated footswitches (Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Play Once, Undo/Redo, Half Speed, Reverse)

• Built-in chromatic tuner

• Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches

• Included AC power adapter

• Dimensions: 10.5"W X 2.4"H x 6.5"D - 3lbs.

Can't really say enough about the features of this multi-effects. They have definitely come a LONG way and I can't believe that I've come full circle with owning one again since...'95 or earlier.


It is quite easy to use as a multi effects, most of the other ones have not difficult, but slightly complex ways to tweak settings and configurations etc. So you are generally bound to spend a few hours with it before taking it to the rehearsal studio or the next gig.

Yes you probably should read the manual for certain things but you don't have to read it before playing. You can pretty much plug it in and play, and I read the manual for certain things if I'm looking to do something specific with it that I have in mind.

Yes you have to read the advanced manual for anything beyond what the youtube demos show you etc. So yes it does take some time on your part to get used to how this thing works. MIDI has always been my enemy so I can't comment on that.

I currently use it with the line 6 expression pedal.


Pretty darn good! Lives up to the hype that's been built on the internet from youtube users etc etc. There's tons of video demos that will give a wide range of very usable sounds to crazy whacked out sounds that you'd sparingly use.

There's been lots of debate about the distortion sounds and I want to say that I think it sounds VERY good. No, of course it doesn't sound exactly like a tube amp but this kind of debate will go on for years to come regardless of my opinion but I think....I might just bring the m9 to rehearsals for the next little while instead of my usual pedals, that's how convincing it sounds!

The effects are top notch in my opinion. I love the variety of wahs available and I use all the effects I need to cover almost any song. I have a huge tube distortion pedal that I use to get most of my sound


A really interesting unit to look into. Definitely worth checking out. I was never a multi effects guy, I tried a few in the early 90s and gave up and did the whole single pedals and a board for the next 10 years and now I've come full circle back to a multi effects like the m9. Because this one actually sounds QUITE good and not only that, is very usable live, you can tap things in and out on the fly during a gig and with an expression pedal you can control nearly every parameter of an effect on the fly also. And it sounds great! What more does one need??