James... 02/24/2012

Line 6 M13 : James...'s user review

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• Over 100 stompbox effects, 4 simultaneous in any order and any combination

• Dedicated knobs to control each of the parameters of each effect

• Create up to 48 pedal board scenes for instant recall. (It's like having 48 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time)

• Universal tap tempo to sync all your time-based effects

• 28-second looper with dedicated footswitch controls for Undo/Redo, Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed, Reverse, Play Once, and Pre/Post

• Built-in chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch

• Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches

• Included AC power adapter

• Dimensions: 15"W x 3"H x 11.5"D - 10lbs. • MIDI in/out

• 1/4" mono or stereo inputs

• 1/4" mono or stereo outputs

• 1/4" stereo assignable effects send/return

• Two expression pedal jacks

• True bypass


I was actually one of the first people to buy one of these. The value is pretty obvious. Back in the day you would have to drop a pretty penny on a fed L6 boxes to get all these tones. I have used mine in about every setup you can imagine. I've done the general pedal board driving the front of an amp setup, which seems to be the most common. I would say this is likely the best way to use the thing. Sounds most natural that way. I have used it mounted in a rack and controlled by an external midi controller. It works great this way, although the sound quality seems to be a little off in a racked environment. The m13 in my opinion is really at home in more organic traditional setups. I have used it as a midi controller in a really simple context where I was just doing PC changes. The unit from a technological perspective is surprisingly advanced for a L6 product. But I think this unit's strong point is still the bang for buck aspect.


I will come right out and say that none of these effects will win any best in class awards. If you want supreme sound quality, go buy some $400 analog pedals. That said, for sheer quantity of effects, this unit has the battle won. I will admit there are a handful of effects that are arguably a waste of space. But for clever minds, I think nearly every effect in here can be used in some capacity. Some sound better than others. There are enough great sounding effects to get what you pay for. The overdrives are okay. Delays and reverbs are great. The wack effects are all over the place.


I have some advice for people considering buying this. If it specifically fits your needs, or you just need a whole lot of effects, then go ahead and pull the trigger. But if all you need is a delay, some overdrives, and maybe some reverb, go spend your money on a few single pedals and call it a day. You only get your money out of this unit if you use at least half of what it offers. You don't have to use everything in it like I have. But this is really a quantity over quality device. And it's a good one.