Zoom 4040
Zoom 4040

4040, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 2 reviews50 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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didier.guillemer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 4040
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Not super simple to program, but you get done.
The two pedals: volume and expression are IDAL, especially in concert (volume)


The factory sounds are not terrible, it must be his own and works quite well, even the wha-wha trs bad at dpart paramtre can be to get a wha-wha tr s correct, it is necessary to find the right frquence moduletable.


I use this pdalier since its inception, 10 years I pense.Le Exceeds 4040 is probably now but its bargain price should make the happiness of the guitarists not rich (plonasme).

pulvonium's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 4040
Relation which says prcdemment t is an old and poduit midrange when it was released. So if you buy today, do not ask him to compete with the current pultieffets. But what he does, he does still. This is the mulitieffet IDAL guitarist who wants to reach, connect the amp, and the multi play. 36 install and no pedals rgler. Everything is paramtrable mmorisable and so even between two titles trs DIFFERENT, PDAL is a rush. This is useful
Trs numerous connections, but is plasticky ...
Many effects (distortion, EQ, wah, modulation, reverbs ...)
A wah pedals AND a volume pedals, a c'tait not common in 1998 ...
A tuner
Rducteur a blast (because yes, it blows a little during the silences.)

All effects are paramtrables and recordable.

Note that it may also:
Pdalier-control channels (on a stereo jack) for 2 or 3 channel amp for example.
Pdalier noon-order a rack for example.


Simple non: Should really follow the LEDs, painting, and be concentrated ...
Impossible to navigate without the manual (well done, but is essential reading)
Not be the stuff of rgler scne (except the delay and the effects paramtrables in real time by the pedals): The philosophy is to spend time finding the right sound, the record, and out of scne.
Once the connate, a will.
As there is no knob, the need dfile rglages and operate the + and-. So the Inuit programming is not at all. To find a sound, better sound from a "factory" and change that from nothing.
There are fast enough "its" 4 / 5 presets that will prfrs often.
A default connatre: It goes tuner by pressing twice quickly one of four preset pedals. If, by changing its mgarde, gradually is pressed once too often on the damn pedals, instead of the disto mchante, we may end up naked with his clean and feeble of the tuner. ..


Effects effective, a yes. One of these things happen ...
Personally, however, I had the feeling of having Trusca approaching what I wanted without ever getting REALLY. Feeling quite dsagrable, admittedly ...
For use with a guitar, I test with my bass, nothing has given good.
I did once effects trs spciaux with a microphone, but really for fun ...


My résumé is that with the two pedals, all its effects, its programming, the tuner is the multi IDAL for quick installations and dparts fast, when one of advance what is going to play. Comfortable when to switch from one sound aute its radically DIFFERENT.
C'tait me a good tool for beginners. He took a slap coronation when I bought my pedals Premire lamp ...
Since I pass on bass. If I return the guitar, I'm not the r-sr of use. But I keep it still be my poeut Controller twelve o'clock ....

chaosfactory's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 4040
Bin a good old (now) digital multi-effects with a library well stocked effect anyway ... this makes me a decade that I use and it still works despite nickel aspect is very plastic with respect to what is being done now (there are a few brackets that screw a jump jett force be in all directions but once retit it does have more noise when you move it :-).
good connections (although I used always the same) with Stereo outputs and noon (I did not served in time as such)
I was the era I'd pay something like 2200Fr


It must know at least ... but it's good all the effects are shown in a table in which we walk with a pad for all 4directions rglages. good for programming but for a change in the speed they need to understand the beast)
otherwise everything is customizable The only negative I could give is that there are certain effects that can not accumulate because it is in the same list ... (Like a simulation or wha amp and a chorus and an octave ...).
but if not possibility to do "copy / paste" of bank ...


I'm gonna personal in preamp I stay completely clean channel and the beast does the rest and it's going to sound clear, saturated ... Polivalente enough not hesitate to dig me I use it with an old ibanez proline to make the above metal perso for saturated and I always use the same I caught up with equalization. overall the effects are so powerful we must use subtilis rglages but it's going. Only downside for me is the wha wha trs difficult configurable (always too thoroughly) and with the pan over a base dunlop


With AC current rating is very good value for money as a quality multi effect so complete with dual expression pedals and whatever may be said for the sturdy bin plastok veiled trs well to start! but now with experience I will surely something more pointed (when he finally let me go)

Younger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 4040
Multi chitarra pedali effetto.

Programmazione di quattro "canzoni" per banco, per un totale di 10 banche e 10 User Bank Preset.

L'effetto è caratterizzato da 5 parti per "canzone"

1. tipo di suono: dal clean al crunch attraverso le DISTO e la saturazione, ci sono otto ADB al suo DIVERSO.

2. equalizzazione: questo permette anche una legalizzazione rgler di OR hanno un tubo o impostare un wha wha.

3. effetto lordo: questo non è un 'aggiunta di un effetto di livello quali l'altezza o il chorus, flanger, tremolo, lento, phaser ... Tuttavia, non mettere uno di questi effetti.

4. ritardo: come suggerisce il nome è quello di DLAY l'aggiunta di un mono o stereo.

5. riverbero: è così ... un rverb ...
per la tecnologia, è improbabile la lampada, o analogico. è un massimo di un componente che assomiglia analogico.
ovviamente è ditable di 40 "canzoni", ma dobbiamo conoscere il BTE perché altrimenti è perso rapidamente.
collegamenti a livello, viene compilato mezzogiorno di diventare un pdalier semplice, ingresso Jeck , uscita stereo e mono, ext ctrl, corto, pieno.
MODELLO pdalier sono i pedali d'espressione con due un volume e si ha l'effetto assegnabili a un rgler questo facilmente.


Used a fairly easy 4 sounds available in a kick. But for the Program, go back to fawn dancing duck are important ... so watch your knees.
To edit the sounds, it's easy for little choice max 5 for each sound. however, a good ear is important because the sounds are really DIFFERENT.
The manual is clear and complete.


For the musical part, the effects are quite raliste but more importantly, do not trust the factory presets are really to fill the bank.
the distortion of the body and have clear sounds are warm. the most difficult argl distortion but the sound ringing round.
I use it with a Fender guitar.
what I find fun with it is that the pedals volume is programmed to move its a simple solo. However, what I like least is his age. old and he hardly gets a little ridiculous compared to the pedals a little more Ress.


I use it for 9 years and I never tire of it. but one day it will take a new and more complete ...
who have tried to distortion pedals or effect of type singulire, cete pedals offer a fabulous guitarist complment for beginners who want more using one or two pedals.
No longer exists in nine, the argus is interresting about 120 now.
Looking back in time, I would have kept the pedals, but now, I have other sheep's eyes and it may soon spend his nights in a closet ...