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Zoom user reviews

  • Zoom TAC-2

    Zoom TAC-2 - "Bonne qualité prix "


    Bonne qualité prix. Ça fait son boulot. Pratique. Auto alimentée par thunderbolt. Mais je pense qu’il y a mieux en préamplificateurs s sur du long terme si on veut passer au niveau supérieur. A ce prix là franchement j’étais déjà très contente. Et ça…

  • Zoom 1010

    Zoom 1010 - "Still lovely after all these years"


    Once bought as my first effects pedal and having used literally hundreds of different pedals and multi effects units from various manufacturers since, from time to time I keep coming back to this little gem. The pros: Standalone, it offers a …

  • Zoom H6

    Zoom H6 - "Limited Use for Everything but Live Recording"


    The controls are cumbersome, at best. Between the Menu switch and the arrow slide and switch, you can eventually get most functions to work if you are patient and memorize the weird defaults. Unfortunately, the mixer does not function as a tracking m…

  • Zoom 505 Guitar

    Zoom 505 Guitar - "A bang for the buck"


    At the time, Gibson e347, Peavey 100w transtube, 2 505 in serial connection. In my opinion you can't beat that effect. I used it professionally in NY for years.I play Jazz Brazil Funk stuff. I had 2 of them connected in serial, the sound coming out …

  • Zoom H5

    Zoom H5 - "Quiet, clean, accurate, great build quality." has imagescontains audio examples


    A very high quality recorder at a very fair price. Pre-amps are high quality and have plenty of power. Built in compression is pretty good. Has onboard editing features but the learning curve was a little high. Build quality is excellent, seems very…

  • Zoom 1201

    Zoom 1201 - "Idiot proof FX utility"


    Certainly not high-end, and lacking in deep editing capability or anything much in the way of multi-FX, the unassuming 1201 still became something of a minor cult item amongst late-1990s home studio types. Mainly I suppose because of the broad array …

  • Zoom H5

    Zoom H5 - "Great performances, but lack of ergonomics"


    Pros The H5 is super powerful; great built-in mics, great preamps, and the gain control knobs are a great step up from the H4n. I highly recommend it, it offers a great quality and can be used in almost any situation. Cons The only concerns tha…

  • Zoom H6

    Zoom H6 - "H6 is perfect EXCEPT it doesn't allow overdub with onboard mic/capsule" has images


    Having owned the Zoom H4n a few years ago, the H6 is like revisiting an old friend that had lost weight, got in shape and stopped cussing all the time. The interface is really sleek, easy to get to, easy to adjust, and easy to see recording volume…

  • Zoom G3

    Zoom G3 - "Great Amp sim & FX!"


    I have had this for 18 months and have used it as a standalone Amp sim, an FX processor in FX loops of amps, Preamp only, USB recording, and USB interface (FX Bypassed!). This unit has excellent sound quality! The dist/OD sims vary in quality but the…

  • Zoom TAC-2

    Zoom TAC-2 - "Very easy to use and setup"


    I've posted a youtube video of my comparisons on these two products. I will admit, without looking at the video I had a hard time telling which was which. The Duet was an older unit with the older computer but it had a slight advantage on a cleaner…