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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 17 reviews )
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 8 reviews47 %
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Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
heads on fire12/29/2011

heads on fire's review"Good choice in an entry level 7."

Ibanez RG7321
Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Wizard II-7
Body: Basswood body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl dot inlay
Bridge: Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge
NeckPU: AH17
BridgePU: AH27
HW Color: BK
Finishes: BK


Scale/Length 648mm/25.5"
a: Width at Nut 48mm
b: Width Last Fret 68mm
c: Thickness 1st Fret 19mm
d: Thickness 12th Fret 21mm
Radius 400mm
Bridge Pickup
Model No: AH27
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Seven-string version of AH2 pickup.

Neck Pickup
Model No: AH17
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Seven-string version of AH1 pickup.


The RG7321 is designed to be an affordable alternative to the higher-end 7 string guitars out there. This axe was created to ensure that anyone could get into playing an extended range guitar, and the results are promising. Due to the price, one could expect that there are no fancy frills, but there are some nice touches - the rosewood fingerboard is bound, for instance, and the neck is a 5 piece design of maple and walnut. Much of the guitar's sustain capabilities are due to the Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge, which is a substantial bridge design, and it has no sharp edges or corners, making palm muting very comfortable.


This guitar sounds nice for the price! The pickups are a touch on the muddy side, but they still offer some good warmth and power. With that low B string, the guitar rumbles the whole stage! This obviously is designed with hard rock and metal in mind, and it does that very well.


This is a good entry-level 7. If budget is a big consideration when choosing a 7-string guitar, this is a great idea. It is just inexpensive enough to be in reach for most, and yet a good enough quality to offer a real playing experience. I wouldn't try to get any 7-string that is cheaper than this one, as the lowest end 7s have awful fretwork for most of the companies out there.
King Loudness09/06/2011

King Loudness's review"Good 7 on a budget"

Ibanez RG7321
The Ibanez RG7321 is a guitar that is built for the player who wants get into owning a good quality seven that feels and sounds like the higher end Ibanez RG guitars, but doesn't cost nearly the same as the Prestige models like the RG1527. It's built overseas and features a basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 24 frets with dot inlays, sealed tuners, a hardtail bridge and a pair of dual Ibanez humbuckers. It's basically a seven string version of their popular RG321 six string guitar.


The design is basically that of a classic Ibanez RG but in a seven string format. It's quite light and sculpted like all Ibanez RGs and the neck has a thin Wizard profile that is perfect for fans of the classic Ibanez shredding feel. It has great upper fret access too due to the AANJ neck heel and the very deep cutaways that allow reaching right up to the 24th fret.

Getting a good sound out of this guitar is decent overall. The stock electronics leave a bit to be desired in regards to their clarity and articulation but all in all it's easy to dial in. You have to watch the bass and low mids as they can get a bit lost on the lower strings, but it's not too bad overall. The split coil tones are great for clean or some odd order overdrive tones as well.


The tones out of this guitar aren't too bad as stock. The OEM pickups really leave a lot to be desired in the clarity department, but the guitar is not a high end instrument so that is to be expected to a degree. They sound good when put into a decent high gain amplifier for metal or fusion riffage for sure but they do tend to get kind of muddy in the low end which is not such a good thing with a seven string. These guitars do open up quite a bit if you put in a nicer set of pickups such as DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan, and if you're a fan of the feel, it might be worth it to invest in a nice pair of humbuckers to go into it. This is a common complaint I have with Ibanez guitars in general (stock pickups) so at this point I factor a pickup swap into the cost of any new Ibanez guitar.


All in all I think the Ibanez RG7321 is a great seven string for the price. It has a great feel, is easy to play, and if you put in a new set of pickups it would sound pretty killer. At about $500 new this guitar is fairly priced, though I'd rather find a used one for about $300 and pop a new set of pickups into it for some great seven string tones.

tjon901's review"Good simple 7 string"

Ibanez RG7321
This guitar pretty much started the 7 string trend. The RG7321 is all you need to play some 7 string riffery. The guitar is barebones simple but gets the job done great. This guitar is a stripped down 7 string that has been in the Ibanez line for many years now. It has slightly changed recently and this change has made it even better. The guitar has a basswood body like most Ibanez guiars. It has Ibanez's famous wizard neck so the neck is super thin and playable. The neck has a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. It has dual Ibanez pickups. The upgraded part on this guitar is they recently changed the bridge. It has a Gibraltar style bridge now instead of the Fender style hardtail. This new bridge is much more comfortable than the old Fender style bridge. The onctrols are simple with a volume and tone for each pickup with a 5 way blade switch.


The super easy to play nature of this guitar helps downplay the fact that it is a 7 string. Because the guitar is so easy to play you hardly notice how wide the fretboard is. Ibanez Wizard necks are some of the thinnest guitar necks out there. They are well known for their playability. The body of the guitar has some deep cutaways so it is very easy to get to the upperfrets. The neck join is sculpted and rounded so it does not get in the way much when playing up there either. I prefer this guitar over Ibanez's other 7 string models because it is a hardtail. I always look for hardtail guitars over tremolo guitars. I would rather have the tuning stability and the ease of changing strings in my guitar.


The stock pickups in Ibanez guitars are usually very weak and this is no different. Going from a guitar with aftermarket pickups to this and you will think someone changed the settings on your amp. This pickups are dull and tired sounding. The pickups are usually the first thing you throw out when you get an Ibanez. A set of 7 string Dimarzios will really help you get the best out of your sound on this guitar. The stock pickups do not give it justice.


The RG7321 has been the best way to get into 7 string guitars for years. Its simple hardtail design means you have less to worry about and its super thin neck means you and jump right in and dont have to adjust for much. With a swap of pickups this guitar can be a real beast. It is really all you need when getting into 7 string guitars. It has the playablity and the simplicity that you want. If you are looking to get into 7 strings you can do a lot worse than getting one of these.

Shaunm's review"Great beginner 7"

Ibanez RG7321
I wanted a cheaper 7 string to dip my toe into the extended range waters and eventually decided on Ibanez's lower end solution, the RG 7321.
It features;
*Basswood Body
*Maple/Walnut Wizard II-7 Neck
*Bound Rosewood fingerboard (incidentally quite a nice bit of rosewood in my opinion)
*Hardtail Bridge
*Grover style tuners
Two Humbucker Pickups
*5 way pickup selector (configured to Bridge, Bridge parallel connected, Bridge and Neck, Inner coils from neck and bridge and finally neck.)
*Master volume and master tone controls
*Made In Indonesia
*All Black Hardware


I have to admit, I really enjoy the feel of this guitar. The Wizard II-7 is quite thin, but feels quite a bit fatter due to the bulky shoulders. The fingerboard has a fairly flat feeling radius and allows one to travel all over quite easily. I also find it quite easy to access the higher frets due to the carved neck pocket, which works a treat.
The body is quite comfortable in terms of shape and is fairly light weight.

The bridge is quite comfortable in terms of resting your palm, mine is the old style bridge, not the newer Gibraltar style one. I also find the position of the control knobs and pick up selector quite comfortable to alter during playing, which is important to me.

For a budget guitar, it holds the tuning quite well, even through a fair amount of abuse. I detune this guitar quite a lot, play a lot of two tone bends and use a lot of huge vibrato and it rarely lets me down. It sustains fairly well too


The sound is a bit of a let down unfortunately, it sounds quite muddy and loose a on distortion and quite plain and boring on clean. Both the neck and bridge constantly lack any kinda of clarity or definition. It doesn't cut through in a mix well either. I've experimented quite a lot with EQ and tried at length to get a decent sound. I run through a Roland cube 60, but have had similar results from line 6 spiders, computer simulation (guitar rig, logics amp designer) and even through a mesa boogie single rectifier. I would recommend anyone thinking about this to upgrade the pickups. This is the only real let down in my opinion, fortunately it's easily altered with a decent set of after market pickups.


Overall, I'd recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a beginner 7 string, or even an intermediate looking for a back up/beater. Some of the upgrades I intend to make include Bareknuckle pickups, Graphtech saddles, graph tech nut and strap locks. This is a great guitar on the whole and with a little work could be a great overall guitar, it doesn't compare to higher end ibanez', but the price doesn't compare to them either.
I did try a few similarly priced schecter models before deciding on this. I thought about ordering an Agile for a while too, but I'm quite glad I ended up with this. It's a nice feeling, decent looking guitar and I'm never bothered by its war wounds.

MGR/Brian_Rosser's review"Ibanez RG7321"

Ibanez RG7321
I had been playing Deathcore and dropped tuning hardcore with my band Storm the Shoreline on a 6 string Schecter c1+. Eventually The Ibanez RG 7321 Made its way to me. It is a fantastic 24 fret RG for shredders on a budget. The INF IBZ pickups could be better but they scream for the price. Its a typical black ibanez with a bound rosewood fretboard...not much to look at. I'm not a fan of inlays period so the dot inlays aren't all that appealing to me personally but the tone makes up for the appearance. Its string through basswood body sustains for days and has an incredible low end. Especially for a meager $399.00. It came with D'dario mediums on it and in my opinion, these are the best companion for the 7321. THE BEST 7 string on a budget. I would like to see these available with a tremolo.

I was given this guitar by Bill Vigil from Madison Amps and in Your Face entertainment. He was displeased that I tuned my six string so low isntead of investing in a 7 string so he made me take his.

<a href=""></a>

I love the tone, sustain, and versitility of the 7321. It is a solid instrument from ibanez with a very appealing price tag. It plays very well, but might need some adjustment to suit your playing style when you get it, but factory setup was satisfactory overall. The pickups are fantastic and finger dancing sweeps are a breeze on the prestige neck. The low end of this guitar is vicious! So if you are into breakdowns, get your hands on one of these bad boys.

This guitar has no serious flaws. Personally I'd like to see it in more finishes but black suits most people.

This guitar is built like a tank. Just invest in new strap locks when you get it. Mine fell facedown onto concrete at a practice. It was a bit out of tune but aside from that, survived without injury. A real quality instrument. It has a very tight and 'together' feel to it. It's very easy to adjust as well. Its a simple and reliable instrument.

Case in point, this is a fantastic instrument especially for the price. If mine breaks, I'll have it replaced within the week. You won't find a better 7 string within the 7321's price range. So what are you waiting for? Get one of these mamajammas

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Nedjed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG7321
Manufactured in: Indonesia
Strings: 7
Channel: Wizzard II, 24 jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Vibrato: No
Knobs: 1 volume, 1 tone
Selector position: Type lever 5 position
Micro: * 2 humbuckers, see other review for the original ones, mine has 2 Seymour Duncan


Level of ergonomics, nothing wrong. The balance is perfect, the weight is correct, access to acute could not be more simple ... I read in another review that someone had a concern because the volume knob is too close to the ropes and he happened to touch it when playing, it never happened, unlike the strato or I always changes the position selector (I play very near the handle).

The handle, I find it perfect, it fits perfectly in my hand, the jumbo frets are very nice (I worried a little before this change because I was playing on strato) Since this is a 7 string is of course larger but not larger than a 6-string acoustic guitar, so no worries on that side.

It quickly gets a good sound on this guitar, even if it takes time to adapt if we pass a 6-string guitar for this ^ ^


I played on an amp Line 6 Spider III 120 Watt (an owl critter for metal and harder sounds in general). This guitar and amp that are a beautiful couple, they are designed for the same sounds which allows me to get the maximum.

The clean sounds are "fair" and it takes quite picky to find a setting that does not make it sound like a pot (I'm tough because I also play alongside a stratovolcano)

If you want to play some old songs a little jazz or otherwise, do not be demanding in terms of sound (perhaps on a marshall amp 60-70 years there would be some way to get anything but good).

An amusing fact is that it sounds pretty good for reggae ^ ^

on the other hand if like me you love to play the sound "slamming", from the old hard rock to metal, this guitar is perfect. It's really up and it sends heavy, just what I expected from this guitar.


So I bought second hand a month ago (to 130 € = D), and before that I played on a stratovolcano and also on classical guitar.

The thing I like least about this guitar is probably the lack of vibrato (I do not use it often, but hey if it's taking me envy I can not), sounds clear so I do not like compared to my strato.

Considering the price at which I had, I can say that value for money 10/10. If not seen his store price, I would put him 8 / 10, with a view or you want a 7 string, because if we had not really want, as much to buy a 6 string.

Of course at 130 € I resume without hesitation, especially since it had better pickups than the original ones. Excellent guitar

Rawen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG7321






The Ibanez RG 7321 is a good guitar for beginners range of 7-string davoir it allows its bearings but do not expect too much because the quality of such serious strings does not sound perfectly ca lack of quality but a tad C than enough to slam riffs metal.Ce is practical is that it has no vibrato dc ais is to change the strings and the dsaccorder.Je AIS for a little less a year and I'm still happy to note that it has good clean sounds I ca still surprised when I try.

dmlb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez RG 7321 (7 string)

Made in Indonesia
Channel: 24 cases Wizzard 7
Pickups: 2 doubles Ibanez (5 positions selectable)
Bridge: Fixed
Trimming: 1 volume, 1 tone and a 5 position selector microphones


This is my first 7 string, usually I play on Ibanez RG Prestige (6 strings).
I chose this guitar to try my hand at the 7-string without ruin me and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this guitar prices "broken".
The handle is necessarily wider than RG 6 strings but is still very easy
to play, access to the last box is not a problem.
Level look is that of a conventional RG 7: very current, we only wish
not be able to choose colors other than black. It is very light (at least
3 pounds less than my RG prestige). I put 8 / 10 for usability because I am still a bit more comfortable on my 2550ex RG prestige for the plans very fast but hey let's not quibble at that price is already very good.


I mainly use the scraper to the Metal in fact I think Ibanez
targeted metal this guitar out. Good microphones are correct without
but at that price should not expect a Dimarzio's or EMG. I find that his lack
a little potato and precision and it is felt when the branch on a good amp.
In fact for micro home I would put 7 / 10. I have changed for Dimarzio and there
is the slap! On a good amp it has an amazing potato! Big riffs become serious if the heavy and extremely clean (no feedback in all directions for can
that mastering just the instrument). So for the tone with Dimarzio (especially the evolution in seven bridge) I would put 10/10!


Well I use the scratch for about a year, I set (handle, nut, bridge
microphones) to change the pulling of strings for the 10/59. And I must say that now is a
killing the scratches. As well as it is a fixed bridge no hassle to deal with a floyd.
Frankly if you want a 7 string that kills without breaking the bank buying the scratches and make the rule by a real luthier change the pickups (the priority in the bridge position) and you have a 7-string deadly with little maintenance (no floyd !)
In any plan to the price of the guitar (300 to 400 euros used or new 480 to 500) at least one microphone (7 to evolution in 78euros Music Store) and a good setting in a luthier (25 to 50 according to the maker ) unless you know well set a scraper (attention to the reinforcing rod of the handle if you do not know the rules!) In all the scratches came back to 378 euros with any changes.

Eiwar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG7321
Made of indonsie. 24 cases. Jumbo frets. 7 strings.
No Floyd ...
I am not a specialist in.


The frets are a little big. Trs but the handle is flat, fast and enjoyable. The finish is qu'honnte.
The weight, it is also heavier than my Start.
This gives a good sound quickly.


I play mtal overall. For clean sounds sound is good and remind my strat mxicaine. The saturated fat is mostly on the say so of grave.On ragouillage ... But my amp may be too small (Valvestate 8020) I try on a more powerful amp (Valveking 112): its really makes better. To the heavy metal (Dream Theater, Metallica), this should trs well!


I use it for 8 months to play most of Dream Theater, and I find the height. His report is qualitprix suitable trs. I ignored this site for my choice because I wanted a 7 string too CHRE to make me hand on this type of guitar. I'm not. Its strong point is his report qualitprix his sober black and I really like ease of adaptation for beginners on a 7-string.
His weakness: the lack floyd, and lack of cot me ... that could roll back some.
This would be a remake I redeemed without problem.
The Sorrow02/17/2008

The Sorrow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG7321
Electric guitar strings in September, with bridge (floyd no = not making head) fixed and traversing ropes. Channel 24 boxes Rabl (Mapple), rosewood fingerboard (rosewood).
Made in Korea.
The neck is a Wizard-II is the version that handles non prestige Wizzard well known shredders (those on the RG Prestige). Channel trs so late.
It was also a slecteur three positions (bridge, bridge / neck, neck), one volume and one potentiomtre of Tone.

Overall absolutely no point ngatif. It may possibly regret the absence of potentiomtre unique volume, but it's not a big loss.


I test this guitar in the store.

The handle is trs enjoyable, fine and soft. Obviously it is more "high" that handles six strings, but the playability is Submitted. The adjustment period is short and trs also feels that the DS grip.

Access in acute is very practical because the hollow infrieur of the guitar is deep trs. Remember that the form is RG plbiscite by the soloists of all kinds.

Ergonomics is a strong point: the body has two dfonces. THE FIRST is the junction of body and your arm, to facilitate the game The second is the junction of body and your stomach for comfort.
It is also trslgre! I did not weigh but a rough guess I would say less than two pounds.

I thought about the sound at beginners should be sure that I change the pickups, and move on EMG-707. In Ralite no need for the moment, and yet I played on a transistor amplifier 65watts. It sends believe me!
Nothing wrong here, everything is spot on.


I play a lot of black / thrash / death, and it is perfect. But this question is because all dbile dpend your rglage ... Say that the microphones SERIES of this guitar are versatile enough to attack you for softer styles.
Time will tell me but for now I think even when it paste the EMG-707, they have a much more frank potato.

I play a Peavey Studio Pro 112 and the sound is really fat (fat in English)! Honntement it sounds great, heavy and strong! If you add effects on it (including distortion) you can expect some nice surprises.

Overall I think that, given its price, the microphones are all made honntes but can be a little too versatile. Large hardos their prfreront probably EMG or Dimarzio.


This guitar is a monster price quality ratio. When I started watching my seven-string Schecter port my attention at first. Then I learned that the mark had some problems: distribution (count four months waiting for a Hellraiser, the Loomis is not yet distributed in France) and the size of the handle (take a five-string bass and you fixs).

I love the handle and ergonomics, it's really his biggest advantage: easy to play, soft, easy to ACCS Acute ...

I have the "exprience", and I think for Premire seven strings (without changing the microphones) is a good choice trs. If you change the pickups I think it can without flinching galer some high-end ladies.