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All user reviews for the LTD SC-607B

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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Audiofanzine FR12/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

(Originally written by belzeb/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Good quality guitar made in Korea.

Mahogany body with maple top

27" baritone neck, two active EMG81 pickups for 7-string guitars, one in the bridge and one in the center position (no neck pickup).

3-way toggle switch, volume and tone controls.

Auto-locking EMG machine heads

Body-through tailpiece.

Quite surprising body-through neck. It strongly reminds me of a Schecter 007 neck. This baritone neck is not convenient for small hands. Compared with an Ibanez, the neck is wider, thicker and not so flat (but flatter than a Fender).



I personally love Ibanez RG necks and this one is quite different but incredibly comfortable. The 27" scale can be impressive but I didn't have a problem when I tried it out. It won't be a problem for people used to a 25.5" scale. But people used to playing short scale necks will have lots of difficulties.

The neck is not totally flat. I usually play with the thumb behind the neck and I was surprised to see that I sometimes place my thumb on the top edge of the neck. I guess shredders will feel pretty comfortable with this neck. The space between strings is larger than on Ibanez guitars so it's very playable. The neck/body junction is good and you won't have any problem reaching the last fret.


The instrument is not that heavy considering it is a mahogany 7-string guitar. Standard weight. It's as heavy as a RG7, but lighter than a Xyphos.

It's pretty comfortable to play it standing or sitting thanks to the Strat shape.

But I noticed some small disadvantages. First of all, the center pickup is a bit uncomfortable when playing with a pick. If you place your hand very close to the bridge the pick hits the pickup and it's unpleasant. Another problem is that the headstock isn't angled enough so the strings generate vibrations beyond the nut when you play palm mutes. If you like a very accurate sound you'll have to mute them with adhesive tape or a scrunchie...

Last drawback: in the beginning, the inverted head is a bit confusing when you tune the guitar...

But in spite of all this I loved this guitar!


I tested it with a Peavey Bandit 112, which is a very average amp. However, I liked both clean and distortion sounds which shows that this instrument is good!

The unplugged sound already lets you hear the mahogany body, the set neck and the body-through tailpiece. It sounds great and the sustain is incredible!

Clean sound

Everybody will say this guitar was not conceived for clean sounds but I love to disagree with everyone! The EMG pickups sound good, clear and accurate. The sounds provided by the pickups are not that different from one another, and I believe a neck pickup would really broaden the sound range. However, the overall sound is crystal-clear and straightforward. Personally, I find the clean sound is really nice for a guitar conceived for heavy metal.

Distortion sound

Awesome... The EMG pickups are the perfect match for this guitar. The response is dynamic and clear! Stunning... This guitar has an incredible punch and a very large dynamic range. You can hear that it's a massive mahogany guitar. The sound is stunning (although I usually play a lime tree guitar which has more aggressive highs and more accurate lows).

The bridge pickup produces a more precise response while the center pickup sounds like rock. The combination of both pickups is also very good for rock. All three pickup combinations sound quite similar... Perhaps it was the solid-state amp I used when I tested the guitar...


I tested this guitar at a music store and it belongs to the best 7-string axes I've ever played!

The neck feels very unusual but it's incredibly comfortable. The finish is beautiful and it seems to be sturdy. The guitar has a strong personality. I really liked this guitar and I think it will be my next purchase... especially because you can tune it to F sharp thanks to the baritone neck.

This guitar is perfect considering its price. I will buy it as soon as I have enough money!!!

Flowlion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

characteristic already developed! I own the model with mechanical self-locking, micro and 81-7.


Round fun! I'm used to handles Gibson, the pitch changes a lot! careful not to wear it too low! You can quickly have pain in the wrist and hands.
thickness is surprising, traversing ropes and handle should help sustain this incredible guitar.
factory settings are shit, you really have to spend a luthier before using it on record or live. And there! This changes everything! Saw the guitar!


My style of music is between the rock and power metal post grunge!
we are only three in my group, so it must send the guitar enough.
I use this guitar on a mesa roadster correct! here's sending very large, but the EMG tended to disappear in the mix if too much gain (à10h adjustment on the front). it lacks a ch'touille heat, but with a good set of amps, a bit of presence and a calculated dose of bass, it's OK! According must coordinate with the bassist to complete the level of frequencies. The bridge pickup is the most interesting for my taste! especially in groups for many shows in the spectrum.
I think the clean sounds are really top, in cons by crunch she is doing very very well! may be surprised to play the blues with good old rock! She does not face reddened or SG 335. Even on a mini amp type badcat or orange, it was overpowering sounds awesome!


I buy to record an album there are about 4 months! to complete an SG and add an octave in the bass on the chorus!
and I am so pleased that I use from time to time to live!
I tried the Ibanez, Dean and Schecter, but this one really showed the lot! Especially in terms of sound quality.
form here is fairly commonplace, but the sound is so amazing that you forget its flaws.

khronegon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Made in Korea.
Channel transverse three pices of stocky, 27-pitch (Baritone)
Mahogany wings
Neck profile: Thin U
Inlays: "CBC" has the band Douzima
24 frets extrajumbo
Black binding on my guitar natural gloss finish
Mcaniques ESP
Tune-O-Matic tailpiece transversa
EMG 81-7 in the bridge position and intermdiaire
Volume / Tone / 3-Way Switch

The neck is wide, it's enjoyable because it has room for the fingers, but it takes time to adapt.

Mcaniques are the basics on my ESP mcaniques MODEL (MODEL old). A Submitted they mount mcaniques Schaller Locking. I think spending a day because the head opposite the handle and 27 "brings sometimes shocked to fall on the strings too short to be installed correctly. Finally she takes the tuning, c ' a. dj is bad, almost perfect ...


- The handle is wide and requests to adapt against it by the end.

- Access in acute is easy except for the strings frets Most recent internship larger.

- The interface is excellent, but the guitar is quite heavy. The balance of the horizon is shaped by a body retains a bit bigger than the little sisters six strings.

- The sound trs are good, but no illusions either, has left East Mtal / large rock.

- Always the problem of changing strings ...

- I give to Drop F #, a joy ...


- I am a big fan of the Deftones, then yes, it matches my tastes.

- I play on a AD30VTXL (as in an apartment, a j'conomise JMP1 and a small power amp). The cash amp though, the sounds are nice trs.

- I love what I get with the simulation "BLACK" of the VOX. It's really the sound I love. For clean, I find that the sound is trs cool, I do not understand those who say the 81 are bad. It is obvious that I would not blues, but it's still okay trs (cold, but correct) (simulation with "GLASS" of the amp).


- I use it for some months.

- I bought it on E-bay, I was hanging on the site when I came across the advertisement, 607b NG virtually new. I crack, and I put an ad. The signature seven-string baritone Carpenter, I could not not try to have it. GATOR bought the flight. What a thunderbolt ...

- The ratio price quality seems excellent, especially on new MODELS mca with the blocking.

- I regret nothing, I can live without ... It MRIT 10 mca with good ...

Bedoni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Here it is, I bought this guitar in Because apparently it would not be distributed in France .... check info.
I got it in less than a week, apparently was the dernire in stock at the distributor German. Otherwise the delay is from 1 to 2 months.

I tried it quickly and I must say it is impressive. The handle 27 'is the ball.

On technical characteristics, I leave you the mugs on the website of ESP


- Level aspect gnrale & Finish: not bad at all, it has a good mouth, balancing test (I'll post an update once I get it well in hand)

- Channel: is the mastoque, more like 0.5 cm in width than my ibanez 7321 and 1.5 inches more length.
Trs dplacements are accessible and ISSA, even for my big hands.
Channel driver, the reason is not bad at all. I drop the 7th chord in A and nothing has changed impressive.

- Bridge: not yet had time to refine or change the rglages tiran ropes or use.


Sound: Deep and clear even in the grave. I have a GT8 with a lot of presets "bizarre", tablecloths etc. synths. It's better now defined. I'll talk more after a trial by repeating.
Electronics: EMG, so we like or not like it, but it's still big trs. I have tested high volume to realize (now I have 707) but the gain seems to be greater than 81-7. When switching on the microphone "stick" is a typical sound Deftones. I am not too fan, I will mainly use it when I turn my effects.


I put 9 at the moment because I have a great feeling with, but by using background that I will receive the limitations and weaknesses if any :-).
I'll post an update soon.

Here is the update *************** **************

- I replaced the bridge pickup with an EMG 707, not enough serious with my taste 81-7
- A visit to a luthier t rglages necessary to correct the factory a little strange

I now feel more drawn party agreements same large greasy Morbid Angel spent the dissonant niquel
Otherwise, the flight case, there is a case ESP:

anomaly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Made in korea
24 frets, EMG 81-1
Horse with fixed ropes through-
1 knob volume, 1 tone and knob of the selector 3 positions
handle 27 "3-roomed in saddles, rosewood fingerboard
the wings are in "Mahogany" finish on my natural MODEL
Silet graphite


The handle is clumsy (+ a large 7cordes ibanez) but has played pleasant.
CHAC is easy to acute
Not too heavy for guitar of mahogany (probably a kind of mahogany mahogany but not as we dsign in France), the handle 27 "long that it feels is in the wrist when playing a long time.
You plug it sounds ...


For its large mtal rings of hell (I play mainly on the bridge pickup)
I plugged into my head ENGL Powerball, the sound is powerful prcis a time (like all the deluxe ltd). I use almost no light so the other mic positions did not interest me.


I play it for 1 month, I wanted a floyd without 7cordes with EMG.Probleme narrowly held and agreed at the reception of the guitar but all was silent in rglage corrected by a luthier (XAVIER SMALL), since no problem to walk all over nickel.Achet 1200euro THOMANN the quality is the appointment although mahogany is not the + prestigious table - a millimeter cache the junction of wings with the body and part of the talon.Elle has a rather sober look, no frills just the basics.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
yes it is a good default Korene his only book is that it is not the case and made the handle 27 "head has reverse it does not pass in a normal case, I had to buy a box Bass.