Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR

Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR, Electric solidbody baritone or 7/8 string guitar from Squier in the Stagemaster series.

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All user reviews for the Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR

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MGR/Kev's review"Squier Stagemaster-7"

Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
I got this axe in the UK (most convenient for me as I am a UK resident) in Wycombe. A little shop called Percy Priors that do mostly Ibanez, ESP and BC Rich. I got it brand new for £99. I got it because I was looking to buy a seven string guitar to give me more notes to play around with when writing new songs.

Pickups - Two humbucking pickups, which for stock pickups have really nice tone and really hot output with almost no noise. I merely have to touch the string to get a screaming pinch harmonic.

Neck - The neck is wider than normal (obviously) but isn't very deep. It's nice and shallow which I like very much. I find it comfortable.

Headstock - Good quality machineheads. I think the reverse headstock looks damn cool.

Keeps tuning well. Had to adjust intonation a bit, action is about right.

No tremolo bridge and only a three way selector, but the pickups can be easily done.

It stays in tune well, feels like a lot of care and attention was put into it. Its not fragile. Sound great for the price.

I love it to bits. I don't know if i'll buy another guitar, i'll just change machine heads and pickups and change the wiring. The woodwork is amazing

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Blacky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good make but electronics review"

Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
7-string guitar, entry level.

I was looking for a 7 string for doing covers of Sepultura ... but for a limited budget.


Generally the violin of this guitar is good for the price and nice handle.


1st Tap ... disappointment, bad contacts on the jack of the guitar ...

For sound, you can not make big sound despite my ENGL amp and my big speaker, the sound lacked body.

My decision -> repeat electronics (jack, knobs ...) and ESPECIALLY ...-> put a microphone SEYMOUR DUNCAN "Invader" in the bridge position ... and then, my friends, my friends laughed musicians less when I came back by repeating the following mods -> BIG SOUND !!! We could finally make the big metal


I think that is only my opinion, I would say that this guitar is good but it is imperative to provide redo the electronics and replace at least the bridge pickup.

For the price I must admit that I expected a bit, but the first test by repeating was a disappointment ... as far as the 2nd was a nice surprise :) (after mods)

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE superstrate!"

Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
I've had a lease ... and nothing has changed still as nickel.
24 frets, 648mm (fork fender), attachment bolt on neck so jeff beck stratocaster, with mechanical reverse head that do not move even the third.
2 doubles and split-screwed right into the body, a long adjustable bridge so ok for a bit below.
Frets not too large and small landmarks chicos. The chamfer to the forearm is typical fender, for those with a sombrero and scratching under the armpit ... not terrible.
Mine is anthracite metallic, very chic, head attached. Crafted in china, very well done.

It was quite expensive for the final time, even when past 600 roros


Used since the bottle at 7 wizard I was very surprised by the Stagemaster, because the profile is extra. D end and less than the wizard, and the key is also more rounded.
Mimines ok so small, even by an inch above no problemo.

Razibus string action, remarkable and has not moved in 8 years, and I'm on this 7 in standard tuning with over 60 011 to 52 in seven ... This means the quality of this sleeve.

Compared with the wizard it is more natural, and the guitar sounds more open, less serious than my rg7321 compressed, so the result is more intelligible.


The neck pickup is extra, I split the coil side handle and slap it very enjoyable to clean / crunch.
I set up a capacitor on the volume, 270picof, and it is a wonder to clarify the lowering of its 2-3 while I'm on a channel HiGain.
The bridge pickup I know, I had a DiMarzio custom7 of 1990 has surprises in my mailbox and I rode him out of curiosity and never touched since it's so good.
Splitted and the two microphones are no background noise but give a delicious grain for blueser and funker.
In short I love it!


At least 8 years, I've always been very happy with this Stagemaster 7.
It is not even said that the original bridge pickup is average, I remember.

Aging as well with such a string-bending, without artifice (or handle multipart carbon graphite or titanium reinforcement, nothing) speaks volumes about the quality of wood used in manufacturing.

I found a general feeling (strength, varnish) similar to the classic '50s vibe of the brand, and a kingpin of acoustic fender, both made in china. I think they come from the same subcontractor, and its just great news!
A word ...

roguewillot63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
Made in china

24 frets
Channel profile flat and super fine. Very nice when you have ropes over 7! Very close, even plagiarism of the handle kind of Ibanez 7-string RG 1570.

Fixed bridge (no worries, and super adjustable)
2 knobs (vol + tune) and 3-way switch.

Body ... I do not know what! It sounds a bit like alder, linden surely. Squier officially name it "solid Hardwood" so it's not the Agathis (whew!!).
Metallic black.

7 MECAS online oil bath though correct, reverse head. Nickel.

2 humbuckers, which are reminiscent of DiMarzio.

Good stuff embedded on paper.


The handle is very nice for a 7 string, you get used very quickly. Roll youth! No problem to put anything in rhythm.

The fact that the handle is super flat is a bit boring in single player, it goes less well than a shovel with jumbo frets and a little more radius would not have been too many. We do with it is a 7-string entry level. It happens but not ecstasy. I struggle still ... I put the AC on account of adaptation to handle larger (it is not far from the handle of a classic acoustic guitar).

Not too heavy but it weighs its weight. The game is up but no worries at the beginning it must be high enough to get used to the game 7-string.

No mystery to the settings. The agreement is very good, I have addario 10-59 strings on it.

By potentiometers are shamefully against catastrophic ... buzz ca, ca sizzles and it happens even to lower the gain and volume ... only the tone knob is fulfilling its role. I do not know if it comes from the assembly, microphones or knobs themselves.

8 / 10 for the concern, I just always leave the gain at max for it is nickel.


I bought this guitar for a group of Death that I built recently, which is played in Si
I play on a peavey 5150 and I just a CryBaby wah GCB95Q the effect for solos.

The clean sound is very convincing and it is really nice. It's slamming, Crystal clear enough in the treble without a good match strat. The pickups do their taf. The neck pickup gives a warmer, rounder, more bluesy.

Saturation level is still ca. The sound is big, bold and drooling. J'obtient sounds very similar to Arch Enemy on their first tour (ah yes bin 5150 requires even Carcassiens ...), and it's quite enjoyable! But the bridge pickup lacks definition damn distortion.

It drool too! Even with less gain is a draft. I am considering a change soon, surely an EMG 707, and I think the sound will be really huge post.

I would do an EDIT after the change, type in a few months.

A blank guitar sounds great ... The mystery of the type of wood remains intact!


It's been a month and a banana that I have a Squier and frankly she hides her playing the pan! A guitar for the big fat pig's crazy ...

The quality of the violin is really nice and the instrument sounds great.

As against the knobs and pickups are absolutely ... yuck. I plan to redo all the electronics of the guitar because the knobs are really disgusting, they do not mutate the instrument to 0 and it sizzles a lot of intermediate positions.

Once improved, I think the sound quality will be much better.

This is a great 7-string for a really nice! A good surprise. I found the same feeling as the RG 1570 a colleague and I think it is a copy but different from the other model (even the black Metallic looks monstrous!).
Buckethead Slash12/29/2004

Buckethead Slash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Stagemaster 7HT / 7FR
Body: Solid Hardwood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24
Pickups: 2 Humbucker
Controls: Master Volume, Tone
Switching: 3 Ways
Bridge: Floyd Rose License

Head reversed, Blocks strings, 7 strings

Guitar 7-string type strata just ...


The handle is nice for a 7-string, a little introduction for the extra string and automation hop back ...

Access to acute is very easy, this type of guitar solos in the easy end of the shaft ...

Ergonomics nice, classic shape with a design strat more hard ...

To see the section below ...

I use this guitar for 6 months now, the purchase became mandatory at the time to take pieces of neo and other groups such as Children tune ...


Like most 7-string, it's hard to be very hard to see, I use a JCM 900 with a metal zone distortion type

The other guitarist in my group uses for its an ibanez 7 strings, the guitar actually has the original sound of the 7-string (hehe) but after some adjustments at the amp (accuentation bass and gain), our sound is the same pretty much ...


As I have said six months of use ... this guitar satisafit me fully in view of its purchase price (- 200 Euros) ... all that is expected of a 7-string is in this guitar ...

For more demanding then I think of course this guitar an Ibanez but not be ashamed of its rivals ...