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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews )
 11 reviews65 %
 5 reviews29 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

tarrtime's review"Modeling isn't evil"

Line 6 Variax 300
The Variax 300 is an electric guitar from Line 6 that models the sound of other electric guitars by using digital signal processing. This guitar does not have traditional magnetic pickups (single-coil or humbucker). Rather it uses a piezo pick-up in the bridge to transduce the string vibrations to an electric signal. This guitar can sound like a Telecaster, Strat, Les Paul, Firebird, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, 335, and a bunch of acoustic guitars.
The first question everyone asks about digital modeling is: does it sound like the real thing? Honestly, I was very skeptical about this guitar before I tried it out. My opinion is that it sounds very good, and very similar to the guitars it is modeling. I don't think it is a fair comparison to criticize the entry level Variax because it doesn't sound perfectly like a $4000 Les Paul. I think the better comparison is does the Variax model of the top-of-the-line Strat sound better than a Squier Strat is the same price range as the Variax 300. In this comparison, the sound of the Variax is much better than a Squier in the same price range. Based on sound quality - I think the Variax 300 is miles ahead of anything else in its price range.
The biggest problem with the Variax 300, is the physical guitar seems to be made very cheap. The body, neck, and hardware of the guitar are really cheap. Line 6 isn't manufacturing this guitar anymore. If you are trying to buy it, then you are going to have to buy it used. Unless you find one that is in really good condition, I wouldn't count it lasting for years and years to come.
I purchased this guitar 'new' when Line 6 was ending production and trying to dump the last remaining units. I try my best to take really good care of my gear so that it will last a long time. Unfortunately, after owning the guitar for several years, it was stolen out of my church. I searched for a long time for a replacement. All the 'used' versions that I found had something wrong. Eventually, I found a used Variax 700 in great condition. This guitar has the same exact modeled sounds, and also has better hardware.
Line 6 has now released the James Tyler Variax. Someday, I am sure I will buy one of these guitars to upgrade my Variax 700. If you are in the price range for a low- or mid-priced guitar, I think finding a used Variax 600/700 is a great idea. This guitar will sound better than buying a Epiphone or Squier. If you can afford the James Tyler Variax, it is probably your best bet. Well...unless you can afford 20 different $5000 guitars - then you can forget about modeling.
MGR/Steve Brewer12/17/2003

MGR/Steve Brewer's review"Line 6 The Variax Guitar"

Line 6 Variax 300
I came to be an owner of the Variax through necessity more than want. I've been lucky enough to be performing as a 'one man band' 5 out of 7 nights a week for the past 7 years. After years of using Ovation acoustic/electric guitars (with satisfaction),I learned about the ideal innovations of the Variax guitar from a fellow professional, who gave a high recommendation. I have special requirements because of the nature of my act, & the Variax sounded like just the thing I needed. I went to Guitar Center because they have been giving me the best deals for over 17 years.

When you entertain nightly visitors along with a regular following in a downtown atmosphere, the instruments you use better have no equal. I need the best equipment that delivers from the first to the last note, including a state of the art guitar with streamline make-up; and the Variax fits this bill perfectly.
I play guitar, play harmonica, sing, & play percussion rhythm with my feet via four pedals which are hooked up to a digital drum module. I have different sounding percussion, but the mainstay of my set-up are 2 snares (one for each foot), a kick, & a cymbal I crash or choke. My act is as visual as it is audible, & the only drawback is that I have no time to mash any stomp boxes or momentary foot switches for different sounds. Well, the Variax opened more doors and dimensions for me by having the very sounds I need built right into the guitar! With a flick of my finger I can go from a sitar sound like I need for 'Norwegian Wood' to a 12 string Martin for in between the verses. Everything I play is live, yet many people ask me where my 'back up' cd's are! The streamline shape of the Variax enables me to keep the guitar close while I'm stomping away on my pedals, & the sampled sounds within are nothing short of lush musical purity. It even has a built in port, so that you can hook it up and record on your computer! And here's the REAL kicker; all for the price of a regular guitar! Hats off to the innovative creators of this mind blowing guitar which makes me sound better than I am! My only hope is that the same people that came up with this extraordinary instrument come up with a way to house orchestral sounds as well, so that an end to those expensive synthesized guitars is realised! For those of us who don't have a lot of money and/or have families to feed, yet would love to have the many vintage sounds of some of the most coveted guitars in the world; THIS is the guitar for you!!

The only drawback about the Variax is the neck. It seems a bit more in depth & width than my electric, which makes it a bit more difficult to play than my electric, but not difficult enough to make me want to put another neck on, which you can do easily enough as it is a simple bolt-on style neck. It does handle much better than a neck on an acoustic. Also, I would gladly trade some of the vintage guitar sounds (as I don't need as many as it has to offer) for some string sounds, piano sounds, & the like. The only sample that isn't up to snuff in my opinion is the banjo sound.

Construction is solid. The shape is perfect for me because it's difficult enough playing beats & fills throughout the night without stretching over a wide guitar & balancing yourself on a drummer's throne! As far as the quality goes, the body's A-1, but the neck's a bit iffy, being a bit too thick & wide for a 'buttery' feel.

I see this guitar as a hopeful trend of musical products to come. It's great that this instrument can be used as effectively for recording as it can for live applications. In my 28 years of performing, I've never owned a piece of equipment that's made my act even better, at a price that is equally as mind blowing. Just think; a plethera of vintage guitars for the price of one! Awesome.

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tuckbess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My guitar home :)"

Line 6 Variax 300
How long have you use it?
2 years now.
What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Plus: the multitude of sounds available, of course.
The least: perhaps as ... very subjective though. Otherwise, I had a sensor that was released at a time, and I took time to find another ...
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, no, a friend wanted to get rid of because he was using more, I jumped at the chance. With that said, having had only acoustic guitars before, I do not really know to what kind of sound I turn to an electric. Having use in home studio to record my songs, I find that this instrument allows me to have the appropriate sound each time, regardless of the style.
How would you rate the quality / price?
So, pretty good ^ ^
With experience, you do again this choice?
Yes, even without having had the opportunity at the time, I think that given my use, it's perfect.
Then, as drummer initially, it will never stage.

JessB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

Line 6 Variax 300
Being a follower of type Guitar Vintage Telecaster, Gibson Lespaul .. I bought this guitar out of curiosity, I must say it is really cheap.
I use it primarily with a Pod XT Live with a cord (ethernet) to free myself of battery power and allows me to change the model of guitar at the same time I change the amp is really great! Gibson / Marshall and just after acoustic guitar / preamp to do this without difficulty and without Variax Pod ...

What I like is the ability to play in open tuning without re-tuning.

The Violin is a bit "cheap", but the whole is quite correct, the guitar is right and it holds the tuning well.

Side its impossible not to find something in the range given, personally I love modeling and folk guitars Gibsons special.
I compared the sound of my Telecaster with Variax modeling and even if it is not exactly the same sound (I tried another TV, they never really sound the same), difficult to say what is the best.

What we can regret, no modeling of superstrate (Jackson style, ESP), which does not handle 24 cases.
Of course this guitar will not replace a high end guitar for beyond the sound, there is the quality of the neck, the feeling of the game .. but in the second guitar, it is perfect.
It also allows quality recordings, coupled with a Pod xt, it has a range of realistic and its really impressive and all for an unbeatable price!


Seith's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
Description made above, nothing else to add

Channel nickel for me Dumoine
Easy access to acute
rather good ergonomics
the sounds are easy to access

Pooh j'avous I'm bluffing I tried the 700 I found a bit expensive in the meantime I had the opportunity to try a fender and a gibson us with Conference lespaul 1957, the purists can not picture it's just screaming to be not like the original and we do not care I take it as a second guitar and I must say it sounds great plugged into my pod x3 pro in his numrique d mnage serious it would happen and gives great agreement, buy 256 euros of new dv247 is unbeatable it next to my throne and I regale rgxa2 with not trying to imitate the Whereas the scratch ancestral line 6 as a full-fledged guitar and it will fill you without any doubt.

Bah oui.oui.oui
super value for money, many low-end guitars do not compare with the Variax but as said above do not look the emule ...

major63000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
Caractristiques already cited. a volume, a tone, a slecteur simulation as a 2nd tone, a 5 position slecteur type fender, no vibrato .... and there's more that play!
Everything is sturdy and is not cheap tout.La the violin is good and the guitar does not dsaccorde easily. Just a problem for beginners frieze, solved by a regulation of the focus trussroad. on the other hand, a problem of micro rcurrent (sensor) on the string of r which is sometimes in the roads: I snapped the rope several times and leaves. Electronics somewhat fragile?

Channel type stratocaster super pleasant. the guitar is stable sitting or standing with a strap.
The requirement to pass through the box to power Line 6 guitar is a little pnible strength, as if there were not enough to hook up when his DJ sound system! if not, the batteries, I do not advise, because lie stranded in the middle of a song on stage is not ideal. In addition, it must imperatively a cable that provides the juice, so more expensive if you want the quality. The case is trslger and promne around for a little bit that s'nerve on stage.
CASC to sound DIFFERENT becomes intuitive after several hours and we change as we change pickups on a classical guitar very quickly.

I just add my set a Fender Strato mexico with EMG (S. Lukather kit). I wanted to spend heavy, real Fender, short, pay me the top of my budget. So it's good, true, but I must say, After more than a year of use, the Variax is doing VERY well in terms of modlisation. I just feel a diffrence between the 2 known, but it's not as obvious that a. The Variax is a little less comfortable, a little lack of attack from the stratosphere, but offers such ventail of possibilities that are easy to forget that little notch dessous.Bref, I keep it, given the versatility it offers. The acoustic guitar does simus may not be fantastic, but m'vitent to buy yet another guitar. When I need a big sustain, the Gibson simus are l. For sounds a bit typs, half-boxes are fantastic. Having so many DIFFERENT sounds is a big plus for those who, like me, have a varied repertoire ranging from blues, funk, rock U.S. trip hop.

I use it for over a year, on stage and home. I love its versatility, its look (black with black plate is wonderful), the quality of sound. Like least the connectors and electronics that sometimes rats. C'tait a beginner's guitar, which allowed me to grow, not because it is magical, but because it can, given the varieties of sounds, to focus full of different styles and try lots of techniques. It was on that if you're just the metal, or of bossa, it is better to focus on a more guitar spcialise.
I referrer that choice without problem, proof, despite the arrival of a new girl, she'll stay in my set.

ulrich.evans's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
Well, I think everything mentioned above ...

A quick calculation ... Over a hundred of thousands of euros in an instrument ... Thank you Line 6!

Originally, I am more Gibson than Fender ... But then, surprise, the handle is nice under my fingers! Access to acute is easy (it is inevitably a form very close to the Start ...) and the body moves well, whether sitting or standing ... The guitar has an easy grip, which will delight beginners!

Only downside: the game in wireless ... Provide two sets of rechargeable batteries! But hey, a 9 qd same for her. Knowing that the 10 would be for Gibson, Fender, PRS, Dean ...

There is happiness ... How to find a more versatile uitare ?????
The Variax is plugged into a Korg AX1500G pedal, then a Marshall amp, or on the laptop via a behringer mixer to work on Cubase.
We quickly get to play with the buttons to change at any guitar will ... A little TLC for commancer soft ... Well, it sounds good ... A lil Jimmy Hendrix on the Start ... oodstock is fast approaching!
Then come the Les Paul ... What happiness!
The semi! A good old retro rock well ... Go Johnny Go! Johnny be good!
The Jazz ... Not bad, but a semi-hollow ... It's so magical, the sound is there, but ... a semi-hollow body is a half!
The acoustic ... Here I find my Gibson J-200! The sonoritées his family!

Ben is already my second ... A sold in France before coming to settle in Quebec (I take no risk, electrical outlets are not the same!) And the second purchased in Quebec ... (Much less expensive in France than elsewhere nine ...)
This is a fantastic Guitres, I use it at home, in studio, on stage, and I've never had a problem with. I can follow all styles of music, and, Workbench can step if necessary ... In addition, I have no truck to carry around guitars!

Value for money? 10/10!
I would do without hesitation that choice ... and then for the 700 version has a more physical for my taste ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
See more advice ...

This is my first guitar. Pleasant, easy to access.

Different emulations are really interesting. I do not know if it's true, but it's more like that! In any case we provide a wide range of its

It's pretty stunning to hear his guitar to a hollow body, 12 strings, metal ...

6 months of use. It is a tool to share I think that matches my expectations (studio).

I offered good bass too ...

Jeffouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
Chinese-made, clean, burr-free, it is even in SunBurst really pretty! There is no vibrato on this model, too bad I used it that far. There are one volume, one tone and the magic button that takes you to a Custom Telecaster 1960 National Tricone to 1928. 9 / 10 for the dream ...

I use it now plugged into my Pod XT Live. The possibilities are fantastic! I play Folk Rock, I do not need "big sound", the models fit me so well and I am sick of 25! The neck is thin (a little too much for me, I have a Gibson for many years I used tree trunks ...), nice touch, not surprisingly, the frets standards. Some small defects noticed during bends but nothing too serious. It is still not high violin, then 7 / 10.

That's where I'm going to slap on the wrist, I do not know if the models are very close to original models and indeed I do not care. Indeed, all the tones stand out quite well and all the sounds are usable which makes it one of the guitars, if not the most versatile guitar on the market. And if the reproduced sounds do not sound like a real Les Paul Goldtop 52, they are very good (or excellent) and living and found most of the models emulated (the twang of a TV, a Les Paul argne , softness and roundness of a Super 400 ...). Certainly after having a relatively light agathis never replace the feeling of holding a Gretsch 6120 and it is true that the rest of the guitar (including handle) plays for much of the sound. Not to mention the effect "psychoacoustic" produced by playing a beautiful instrument. But this is really amazing Variax share the quality and variety of sounds it produces. Acouplée the Workbench, the possibilities are endless.

I've had a year and never tire of it. I try everything and find every day (with the POD XT LIVE) a sound that will allow me to complete a piece. She is very playful by the variety and quality of sound produced, it is doing, I think, better than other guitars in the same price. I will not go either in the debate "for or against the model", it will be crazy, it does at least have fun at good prices with lots of different sounds. I like!

Jackyetcorbier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 300
- Chinese guitar
- Simple concept: no vibrato, bridge type gibson basic.
- Trs Lutherie guitar couraging proper even if with some matrial onreux: agathis body, mechanical correct but trs rustic ...
- Instrument trs well finished. Varnish trs beautiful quality honed handle great.
- One word to describe this guitar is an instrument of work well done, although basic Designed with nothing but a guitar collection.

- Trs enjoyable round. Good width. Fairly close to that of a wider strata.
- Access in acute trs good.
- As many think.
- Excellent: see above-after.

The sounds are the strong point of this guitar.
For a list of guitars mules, I refer you to advice on other models Variax.
The sound ranges from acoustic 12-string les paul though the swells through the sitar.
The quality is quite impressive: plugs into my sound card (esi esp 1010), without physical prampli, with just an amp simulator freeware (bc devil), his standard.
Everything we can play with this scratching: folk, funk, heavy rock ... very powerful
The only style banned (and again ...) is the extreme mtal.
I think this guitar is a tool destined to the outstanding work and home studio composters. Scne for this may be not bad, but hey, it's not the destination privilgier.

I have this guitar for a couple of weeks.
It is exceptional in terms of efficiency, but nothing transcendent in its look and its manufacture that trs well finished and sturdy.
This is a guitar that is intended for composers, which is my case.
A foisen hands, one passes easily for hours to create.
I work with Samplitude, a esi esp 1010, washburn bass and dsormais my Variax.
My home studio is full dsormais.