Line 6 Variax 600
Line 6 Variax 600
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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 16 reviews )
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blackbird56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Top"

Line 6 Variax 600
I use it for 3 years

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not a leading instrument, but its place in a mix"

Line 6 Variax 600

For nearly three years that I have. What I had tried was the concept of "25 guitars in one." I even swore in good faith to my beloved minister of finance with the purchase, there would be no other behind (lie without the knowledge of my own free will).

In an attempt to achieve nirvana for digital scratching, I even bought a Pod XT Live OCCAZ almost new. After three years, is the record:

The emulation of guitar is stirring in the middle of a mix. In fact, Line6 has succeeded in generating the evocation of guitars emulated like a phenomenon of self suggestion. You catch yourself saying "yeah, it sounds like a really well ..." but it is not one. on the other hand, played alone, apart from the folk and the emulation of the sitar, it's not a carbon copy of Start, Tele and others LP. The character "squabbling" Rickenbaker of microphones, for example, is not rendered properly.

Much less is the cold side of the digital programming: for example, the emulation of Start is calculated for not sustain, and it shows: the notes die artificially, and all in the same way. On emulations Explorer (or Firebird, I can not remember what Line6 has assigned as resemblance), for example, she died the same way, but just with a longer holding time. In this regard, the analog of a single coil or humbucker one is irreplaceable, sorry to tell Line6.

Another drawback to the use of force emulated their sound qualities, certainly, but above all their faults fixed (see the issue of sustain), the Variax makes you want to own the original models ... and there are 25!

In short, today I change my tune. Contrary to what I read here and there, the Variax 600 has a good violin, it is physically very enjoyable to play long hours, and I canned, but I do more than the intended use of scratch a little unconventional: Start, Tele and LP are not at all the presets that I use, I have the originals or good copies.

The sound of the Variax, in particular, are a pleasure to listen to, and the comparison between the size of one against five Variax Acoustic pleads really in favor of digital. The 12-string Rick is also nice, the sitar is funny.

Emulations of ES and Rockabilly are also very successful. It already makes a bundle of perfectly usable justifies the reputation of the instrument.

The price / quality ratio is unbeatable, in my opinion, and I had more chance to nab the new home Thotho with a 20% reduction because it was a "B stock" purchased and returned within a month by the previous owner. The pair formed by this guitar with the Pod XT is an almost perfect success, with few defects closely related to the numerical technique used.

Knowing what I know of this model today, I still do it again this choice.

nknmusic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exellent and very practical, high quality"

Line 6 Variax 600
Ideal for the studio. Perfect finish on mine. Enjoyable to play. Simulations bleuffantes really.
I have all the paraphernalia Fender / Gibson, but since the recording, I have many more possibilities.
I used a lot of configuration and registration for 1 year 1 / 2 and I will change only for the next model of the brand.

Tin-Man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
Everything has been said about the features of this guitar.
But I read in the reviews below that of the finishes seemed to have been completed in a hurry ... So I do not know if I had a bowl or if improvements were made but mine and really well finished, no smudging or about ...

The handle is really nice. If you do not have the hands of Hendrix or Steve Vai (I mean the size, not their talent ...) is great, you can almost do a barre with thumb ...
The access is as acute on the stratum. So perfect!

With regard to the sound. I DO NOT KNOW THE ORIGINAL MODELS (except strat I own) but we did not clap, the sounds are excellent, I do not know if taking a model I really have a Les Paul Les Paul sound but the sound comes out and really good and workable architecture and then have the same sound as the entire planet a little bored ...
Well I tested the sound stratum of the Variax modeling on a Vox amp and my real strata on the same model, I can tell you if the other guitars are also well modeled IS NICKEL!

with tastes, listening or composition, rather eclectic, this guitar suits me more than fine.
The Rickenbacker sound lens, the Gibson sound, like Gibson heuu bin I think.

I plug in the Pod X3 Pro from the same brand. Personally I love it.
I love beautiful guitar with a beautiful wood, so the look you want is already playing. But I damn that sound like this or that, having the same sound Hendrix will ever make me play like Hendrix, and then he had already done, we will not turn around 300 years the same thing. So if the guitar is beautiful and the sound I like, I'm interested.
If you like tweaking, there is also the Workbench that lets you create your own guitar (still staying around and pre-existing models) and therefore your own sound. It is really a killer. To my taste ever!

I use it for about a week, I've already registered on 2 titles (which I wanted the warmth of a Les Paul more than the bite of the Start.)
I tried 30aine past years, lots of guitars, high-end models with a shovel handle to spin and I think the initiative Line 6 pretty unique and interesting.
Having the ability to change the guitar, tuning, use a capo just turning a knob, it's still royal, right?
Leny Red11/02/2008

Leny Red's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
Everything is said in other colors.

Here is a small informative video: [/ video]

Everything is said also in other colors.

I do not know if the electronics is so fragile that say "pro-analog", I made two years it holds up. I remain skeptical. Arrter must say it is heavy: I do not agree! Have you tried a gibson sg?? A gretsh?? It is heavy '^ ^!

Usage is generally irreproachable in a finger movement going from a guitar modlisation another. Combine the Pod XT Live is a real pleasure to ease.

As everyone said, great. Tons and tons of sounds. Srieusement really you who read this review, which rvez to express, Getting to know the sounds you prfrez, to broaden your creativity or just to duplicate perfection of the classic blues and the great "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond" from Pink Floyd, anything is possible with this guitar, a price that is affordable. Down with the a priori, we do not care that this is not a "real" fender, it does its best to get sound clear and rich.

Only BMOL: I must admit that even when numrique ... Rhâââ, sometimes it's a bit poor and low-frquences medium rather low, so on some sounds I find it sharp. But only on certain sounds!

Kudos for the twelve string sound FANTASTIC.

Buy the.

You will not regret if you really know the sound PERFECTLY you want. Otherwise with its panel of its immense use necessarly be rewarding and professionalizing.
Los Teignos05/07/2008

Los Teignos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
Made in China I think, the guitar has a Start type tremolo, and a double connection: a jack to connect it to power Casing it even connects your console / audio interface or via Jack XLR. Note that if you do not use the Boti, is through piles ... The guitar also has a RJ45 connector to connect to the Workbench that allows computer edit the presets of the guitar (modlisations and open tunings) ... The latter is not provided: you have to buy from ...

A five position switch and a slecteur Crant to allow accder diffrent modlisations, while two pots allow where appropriate, the level of rgler virtual microphones, or their position in relation the instrument (for modlisation acoustic guitar).

Ct violin, one can obviously not say that it is high art, but Line 6 has not ashamed nor for the price which is about the Variax 600 and saw that the electronic embeds. In fact, if the guitar does not offer the comfort of a much CHRE Start U.S., it is playable and is done fairly well the tuning ...

It has become the only INTERESTED because ACCS Variax gives a package of ready-made sounds worthy of intrt. Start, Tele, Les Paul, 335, and even acoustic banjo or sitar, there's plenty to do.

Trs sincrement, unable to say that modlisations sound like the real scratch (a real Standard Tele is more enjoyable to play his modlisation), it must be admitted that Eng Line 6 have good boss and that, in general, are modlisations trsrussies: we understand well recognized by the guitars which they rfrent, with my humble opinion On success that much more Fender VG Stratocaster and a price so infrieur.

The Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul and Hollow body is REALLY usable and if only one glue derrire a good amp simulator, the Variax is transformed into a Swiss army knife for 6 string model in silence. The acoustic modlisations of their usable by any fact, even if they sound electro-acoustic and acoustic plutt, and it is a pleasure to be able to catch 2 am embter without its neighbors ... The banjo runs well too, even the guitar rsonateur. Less convincing, the twelve strings give the impression of being the six strings with a simulated chorus, but overall, it's even great when done ...

If you are a big fan of guitar and you possdez dj a stratum, a tl and a les paul, chances are you prfrerez the original copy, or question its playability Still, the Variax combines a bunch of sound quality in one instrument and that in fact, if not a real box of scne at least a practical tool for models super speed the Lumire. Not making head of the sound, turn a knob, is recorded, and the sound is to go.

Russianness really beautiful to me. And probably what we invent more INTERESTED guitar since the 50's for a ridiculous price.

maxpapaie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
Asian manufacturing, value for money requires no complaints on the finish. Mine is white style "Mary Kay" vintage look (white then pulls on the beige) ...
For technical specifications, a look at this website will tell you as much as I can do. The philosophy of the 600 is clearly stratabound: mapple typed round fender, narrow but relatively flat, the three buttons take up the config stratocaster (volume near the ropes so) we love always, if you take the 700!
Big plus for me indispensable: a vibrato type fender. When one knows how to use (and pay) it works very well!
I used it for the first time on stage yesterday for three hours: no worries of detuning, in any case nothing more annoying than my other instrument equipped with vibrato. Mechanical impeccable.
I forgot: I changed the strings of origin (9 / 42) for the 10/46, a bit beefier, which is probably required to improve the tuning. I put 9 / 10 since I chose this model specifically for these physical characteristics.

After three hours on stage, I can confirm that the weight is quite reasonable, in any case less cumbersome than my G & L S500 (a super-strat, but only one type of sound ...)
The handle is forgotten, especially if you're like me used to the touch mapple Fender. It is even more comfortable than the average factory setting flawless (I had the opportunity to choose among several models in the store, the standard setting was more important than the choice of color. Mine is the hair.)
The body shape is still very different from the stratum: horns narrower main part of the larger body. Beware: it will not fit in a flight case necessarily carved a stratovolcano. I abandoned the gig bag for a stronger body. People who turn me understand ...

The sounds (not the sound) is the main argument of this instrument; Initially skeptical (20 years of his Fender in his ear anyway) I came into the store with my G & L and a strato U.S. buddy, to compare the history modulations strato 59. (It is not me). It was important for me to find the feeling to go to the strato purchase. Sounds more to me would therefore avoid changing guitar on stage for acoustic ballads or plans Dobro open tuning ...
The test was conclusive. Let's be clear: I will not sell my strato, but in case of change with the guitar, I take the Line6. There is a spectrum somewhat limited at the margin (bass deeper on the real stratosphere, and dynamic a little chick on the Variax, but the "color" is there, including the sounds 2 and 4 "out of phase")
The acoustic sounds were the big surprise in rehearsal: live on the table (and especially not in a guitar amp!) We believe it. He had only seen the head of the other zicos when I played on modeling Martin D28! They were looking where I stashed the guitar .... Ditto for the sounds of the National Triplate: intro to Romeo and Juliet as a disk, all without disconnecting and reconnecting the galleys at the guitars. Total comfort, and one side "wizard" that makes her little effect. But I insist: acoustic sounds always on the mixer and the sound with a bit of reverb, XLR output only (it's in the manual)
Other sounds are very characteristic and allow me to get out a few of my habits. Gibson sounds are very convincing, particularly the P90 ("special") in saturation have a smooth texture and singing very user friendly. Try it and see.
Still limited to small sets with open agreement: the digital detuning, convenient, suffers from a delay effect very marked. So use with care.

I've had two months. I use it on stage for the directory Dire Straits: the intro guitar metal (triplate National), sound accompaniment (Where do you think you're going), his solo singing Les paul (Brothers in arms) and of course the riffs strato (sultans of swing): everything sounds so credible and above all without the fuss! With the POD 2.0 on the floor and pedal Floor board, I became a fan of Line6 for convenience (travel light) of the concept. We agree, nothing can replace the original guitars with amps that go with it but frankly, your back will thank you. Apart from a few snobs who shunned the side of the High Tech Digital, the large audience yesterday was surprised to learn that I played without amplifiers or microphones on the guitar.
A reasonable purchase, fun and a great value for me (I keep the best for last: € 551 new! But there is more at this price, the price catalog is € 907 .. . But it's worth.))

Rabanne000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
Modlisation guitar, I think not need to list the modlises scratch.
1 volume, 1 tone, 1 slecteur microphones / guitars.
A mache trs end, flatter than a conventional round stratum (as for back as the frets).

Channel trs enjoyable to play, very flat, the frets are thinner than a gibson, more than one strat Paisses, the sensation of play approaches (in less anyway).

Access in acute done everything correct (double cutaway.
It is a bit heavier than a Start.

This gives a good sound VERY easily, I will discuss the sounds below.

Point ngatif:

The output levels can be very Ingala diffrent between the guitars (logical single coil humbucker ...), but it is adjustable with the Workbench I strongly recommend. (T corrected this problem on the new Variax 600: see my other review).

No microphones, which is good for those who likes to play catch between their computer and amp, but for users Ebow, went like a sound (a little louder).

I put 8 which is a very good note (I must be the margin of the day I will note a US Start, PRS or other high-end guitars)

Ah, the important point.

To remain as I confess objetctif can be in love with his Fender (I play a Start with a Blues Deluxe)

My AYou PCHS, I can tell you that the guitars are modlises plustot Russias.
Sure, purists multi-millionaires go your way, is not sound 100% like the original. But with a compressor (a lacks a bit of compression) and an amp lamps is that of happiness. Of the Tele Les Paul Special through the 12-string acoustic and a superb sound.

A big highlight for Gibson ES are amazing (Go Go Go Johnny B Good)

Well you have not inquitez also works very well on a transistor amp (I have a Line6 Spider 2112).

I explain any more, I just want to give you the urge to try it, the guitar will do the rest (notice to dtracteurs Variax rebels, who have never touch one)

I use it for two years, I sold for model above.

Indeed for an old guitar (not me) the Variax 300 can make a cheap.
The 600 is the same with a round of very good quality and vibrato, and offers a better quality price.

Any fawn even for 2000 will not scratch so much.

I advised the PERONNES like me was not sure if a Start or a Gibson (I take the brands) would please them thoroughly. 500 aves here for you both (and even more) with some accssoires ring perfectly.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
That says it all down!

I carrment Science and by the quality of this guitar jouabilit

Directly on a slice, or amps, the total happiness. To live, I use two amps, a guitar and an access switch and I included the case is of the ball.
I am often with my friends paris musicos "conservative" by sending registration. 0.1% are able to make the difference between an original and Variax. The purists are often wrong time, even if for some modlisations, even when we can find some approximations.

We are husband for over a year, and it's always the honeymoon.
If I change it to buy the original MODELS .......... So notice Lotto
I had the original which gave me much pleasure, but it gave that s what it had! The Variax is what it is, but it gives the maximum.
In view of the services rendered, the report quality price honnte trs.
I just released the vibrato, it's really the m. ...
I resign! A 700 can be but hardtail (no vibrato) and when Mr. Line 6 will give them a maple neck, the I crack.

Fender2a's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Variax 600
The above all is said

The handle for me seems a little big but I have to get used to.
Access to acute: no pb
The ergo: the stratum is so for me that has one, that suits me
Get sound .. you turn the selector and rock and roll ..

Making in several styles, great versatility of this instrument.
I play on my input ISIS but I also have a Vox amp.
All sounds are nice, not knowing all the guitars I emulated sound basis for strat and I will play again with the original

I use it for a week the only thing I can put it away immediately vibrato: annoying, not at all and disagreements ergo the Variax and God knows if I use it with my strat USD.
As against the value for money for technical innovation, several guitars in one, there are no photos: it's great!!
For the home studio and maquetteselle is great, no hum, no need to disconnect and reconnect without a stop at last: no no no, I have no regrets!