Roland TD-20K
Roland TD-20K

TD-20K, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TD-20K

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
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duret.antoine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best"

Roland TD-20K
Simply the best electronic drum market, if you are not satisfied with the drumkit, then no mail will not satisfy you.

I use it for 4 years, I still have no complaints.

I still recommend the use of dedicated amplifier Roland PM-30 to ensure optimal sound and amplification.

Drumaster78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-20K
I use it since early 2010.

I tried and owned the TD-and TD-12KV 9KX.

What I like most is the expression and transcription realistic touch (velocity, Positional Sensing etc.).
If I had to blame something (it must be: p), it would be:
- The heating time of the module screen, unresponsive after ignition (especially if the ambient temperature is low). Past few minutes is restored (even if you see it anyway).
- For the price, Roland could still be included in the expansion card (integrated into the TD-20X) the Positional Sensing and Interval Control on the toms the devil (the MIDI protocol allows whatever the pad). Here is pure laziness (less than model behavior via COSM).
- Noise "clack" of the VH-12 but I'll deal with buffers purposes.
- The important and difficult deletable bounce of the kick (KD-120BK) but still damped by relaxing the skin.
- To play with sticks absolutely not too heavy if the rebound will be tenfold (physical phenomenon logic trampoline / skins mesh). With chopsticks and light medium is impeccable.

The quality / price is obviously lower in Roland, especially on the higher end, but the quality is higher, then it must have the means for sure.

But yes, I would do without hesitation that choice with the same finances, this kit is awesome setup and playing comfort, fidelity in touch (the modules to sample great but hello to the expressive side ... ). For smaller budgets, I highly recommend the TD-12, which is great too.


christian75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-20K
Attention big scam! I sounded the alarm!
Why? For two reasons: the price that makes no sense and sounds out of the module are very Electone very un musical.
It is light years sounds of an acoustic. Over the PA or the gear output is listening quality and the gap is widening.
Today this type of Bécanne is completely outdated.
I do not even talk about the look, without comment.
It's not for nothing that one can not see them on stage for the pro or studio recording.
For my part I made my own EDRUM:
- An acoustic sonor force 3007 (I can return to acoutisque when I'm changing the skin)
- Pearl Rack
- Skin mesh
- Cymbals smartrigger
- + Ddrum Trigger Cable
- Alesis trigger i / o
- Macbook
- External sound card
- Software drumkit BFD2
Result: for a price lower than the td-20 (less than 4000 €), I bury look at and above the level of sound. More than fifty gigs and no crash. And she did double duty.

alcools's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" But must always CHRE"

Roland TD-20K
FYI, prior to the TD20 (with TDW20), I had a TD12 and a custom acoustic Yamaha Beech. As with the TD12, I find this is being done even better at the sound module, but with some amlirorations (+ shipping sounds complte with the TD20 and even with the TDW20 +). Add a few kits Vexpressions tration and I end up with the top of the moment. + Obviously, it's not because it's the top of electro that's perfect, but the TD20 is doing well, sounds are good for most and should not be the hsiter program is to get the same kit you want (obviously, no one has the same gots me Vexpression and Roland, but in doing my rglages, I got !). The pads are a joy for me at the contact, and I wonder even if I prfre not an acoustic (Obviously matter of taste). Cymbals and hihat are VH12 nikel. I bought one of dernires TD-20 K as it is currently in version KX TD-20 (which provides an atmosphere Aesthetics based on chromium, and a big GC +, and the addition of the map of TDW20 SERIES). Personally, the new design puzzled me (the black + TD20K is happening everywhere) and saw that the stores had in stock were the old prices, I profit. + And - as I said in "+", the sounds are good, but by I mean to be well exploit (mix and record) because it is not in the imitation of drumkit poses a real ground, but in the imitation of a real drumkit Sound: All sounds are original work trs (EQ, noise gate, compression recording for CC Tom and GC). You never find the original sound of a drumkit, even in turning all the effects added in the kits. You play as a CD or a sound system in concert, without even hearing the original sound. You can love, and we may not like. Personally, I do drang has not, and saves me so much time for concerts (no need to lug the real drums, no mic cables around with that a ton psent ....) . And above all, I have no choice because I make music electro now, the acoustic can not give me what I expect. - Still no possibility to import samples (even on the very latest TD20KX out this year). I will be forced to buy an SPD-S pad and more ... No sounds non traits: They could have put some of the same whole. The hotspot in the center of the mesh pad (There's more DJ dbats the above on AF) Just in passing: I read in the opinion that previous ones lacked Obviously the sensation of vibration shots (GC, CC and tom well ahead sr) but in our normal configuration, the subwoofers are just behind the drumkit with vibration, there are (in the buttocks notament <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" /> !) I put 9 because you can not import samples and for what is now the top has a gap Whereas seems to me.

EDIT June 23 2010:
Used in concert, we had good feedback from the public trs (which ignores Yamaha Beech Custom accustomed our previously non-sound available). Several people have told us of their own that the silent drum sound better than before, but realized that s'tre c'tait an electronic, yet we play a lot of Pink Floyd is a music that it should not be too prter.
For musicians of the group, however, there is always a certain lack of "direct sound or vibration" but is not dramatic. And what matters most to me is the feeling of the public.

EDIT 23/03/2011:
I can m'empcher to note that the "Christian75" who murders the TD20 is irrelevant because it speaks drumkit trigger, and he has a grudge against Roland probably seen that only two posts that He never let on AF are copies went to the TD20K and TD20KX. Moreover, unlike what he said, I saw many TD20 dj studio, but it is true that with the VST, they tend disparatre. Without VST, the TD20 (+ TDW20) remains the best for me, especially before the 2box that, even with some sounds Toms suprieurs remains slightly below the level sounds, and especially well in infrieur jouabilit (see charlet) rponse nuances, and strong. + Of the TD20 includes effects which allows the music to adapt quickly while 2box level is naked except for a delay effect.
Otherwise, a hand, always happy with my TD20, even if I put up for sale (finished my group back in the electro and rock, then back to basics since I am fortunate not to have a neighborhood problem).

Golit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-20K
I use the TD20 2 years now.
I apprcis: almost everything: relatively quiet, Idale in the apartment for concerts,
very large possibilities to tweak the sounds his idea, enjoyable play, very good
sound quality is the current top.
What I regret (some): rebound mesh skins, sometimes hard to master rimshot internal sequencer too simple, no possibility to add its samples (has come ...)
but everything is rather high at the moment.
I tried a DDrum (main concurrante): Assessment: ddrum the sounds are a little +
hot but will stop there for the rest, the TD20 is above and sometimes much!
Qualitprix report is one pricey investment, but what then rgal!
I undoubtedly would do this choice (unless there was even better coming out ...)

Zavierxp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-20K
Because I had the chance to try it, and it is the only electronic drum that given me some semblance of sense, I write this DCID of prose:

Scary!! They are almost there almost russi c'tait me to believe that a drumkit ...

I saw him be born more than 8,000, less than 6000 today, which suggests to me that a new ending for his nose pointing MODEL ... Straight out of hell?!?

But let raliste is a jewel of resemblance, a true false ... But this is not a sound, a still sounds wrong (unlike what we suggest the video BMD).
Where are earthquakes every stroke of the double? The windows fles each rim shot on the snare ...

Frankly, what the price? I would take a great sound ... An almost, in a high-end brand.
But city dwellers who have mastered the subject and who can not, like myself help but caress their chopsticks, and make them even cause a skin cell, moved back to a solution approach, unless they is wealth ...

If pleasure is priceless and you are a drummer night of the cities, no option not offered you! Unless you want to conflict with your neighbors thermo NUCLEAR! In which case, choose the genuine pleasure of wood ...

Almost silent, skin mesh gives the illusion of typing ... on skin cell ... which provides the bounce of a synthetic skin, but nothing more ...

Undoubtedly, this is the only one who MRIT note 5 suprieure my opinion ... And as it is ... THE COMMON GROUND REFERENCE
But I am not convinced, well, not completely ... (Especially the cymbals) ...

maddam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-20K
I'm using the TD20 for 2 months, I Discoveries drumkit with Yamaha DTX electronic and quickly conquered trs I bought a Roland TD8 there is a 1 / 2 years to finally fall for the last of the Roland TD20 module.
My first impressions were Premire the admiration of the same module in it, trs esttique is covered mtal (brushed aluminum I think) that gives a good look, and a cot pro indgniable (relative to all other modules of plastic ...).
First of all we say but how do I connect the multitude of connections that can be found on the back of module? Indeed one can find in addition to 14 between pad or trigger, an output gnrale a Mix In, SPDIF, MIDI IN / OUT / thr, especially trs INTERESTED thing for the studio or scne, 8 analog output for Sparer bass drum, snare, toms, hi-hat ride ... This is one reason that motivated my choice.
Ignition module, (c whaou star wars ca lights everywhere) apprcie is primarily the large LCD screen that displays the information clearly (the quality of the LCD panel lets adsirer However, high latency. .. but not good c ca l'important)

It accde in DIFFERENT ways just trs (g not touch the manual) any self-evident.

Party Sound of bte:
I t bleuf by the sound module is impressive! A great trs Ralite in modlisation sounds. Despite a pallette of its narrower than the TD8 module. Indeed j'tait a little sad by the smaller number of sound lv gnral prenregistr sample but also the form of pieces into parts (about 150 songs on the several parts TD8 module against a sentence on the TD20 70 the most part by one party) And we can customize the basic drum kit 50 against 64 on the TD8.
But concrtement, 50 kit is more than enough, and the pieces are of much better quality!

Roland's COSM technology to Modl t sounds very optimistic we can for example change the size of the virtual cymbals ... but we also have a range of trs nice effect for each bank of sound. There are a comprsseur a qualiseur, a multi purpose, and an atmosphere changer. All this allows envellopper sounds great dj the module, a sound processing that gives the imprssion to be derived from a live or studio.

Complment test trs bientot ....