Roland TD-3KV
Roland TD-3KV

TD-3KV, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TD-3KV

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 4 reviews36 %
Audience: Beginners

fabptitpom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV

For how long have you been using it?


I use it for a few days
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What thing do you like most/least about it?


More: The Snare meshed skin! Toms rubbers me pleasantly surprised, the cymbals are superb, choking is realistic, the module is great, we can solve everything! J'ajoue and the rack is great, we really can modulate all!
Cons: The bass drum pad is a bit noisy when I use my double pedal, hihat management is not easy, the pedal is very sensitive ...

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Did you try many other models before getting this one?


No, this is my first drumkit!

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What is your opinion about the value for the price?


I got to 750 of occasions with iron cobra double pedal, stool, so the price is great!

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Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...


Without hesitation, but if I had more budget, I would have taken over a model with that of meshed skin ...

batt300's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
I have this drumkit for a year and overall I am satisfied trs. To play drums in an apartment, we can better RVer. Aesthetics level, size, quality sound, touch, it surpasses the Yamaha. It has an affordable ... The skin mesh is also quite INTERESTED. TRS is a good drumkit for improving your technique.
on the other hand, not really possible to work its sounds, despite efforts by Roland raliss to program sounds progressive. Nothing beats a good acoustic for this drumkit.
A small BMOL also on charley trsraliste not always (in terms of rendering opening / closing pedals and touch)
Also damage the module TD3 couraging unable to record ... Next step: buy another module!

benj63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
I bought this kit and I love everything is a regal I played drums for 6 months and I play in groups I record two tracks on the stereo panoramic nikel adjustable compression short as possible sturdy easy to carry a bend go for buying this drumkit is a wonder that gives me pleasure every day!

Alichino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
Hi all,

I have a TD3 KV for 3 months and I do not regret my choice. I will give my opinion here for those who are beginners like me and want to buy an electronic drum kit to play in an apartment and move faster than one per week and some practice outside.
I begin with defects:
- The charley: this is clear from the moment we have a pad that is not directly connected to the pedal and we did not feel open / close when we play with the pedal, c is not terrible ... I can assure you, the sound is still not too bad and I still have progress and work with charley.
- Frustration: even if the sounds are good and the behavior at the hits quite well damn, it's not worth the good old drums that vibrate and feel of a real one. Against it by perhaps an advantage came on a acoustic one feels at ease and more confident.
- Sounds: different, original, realistic ... There's something for everyone and it's worth it.
- The provision, touching the pad with mesh head snare ... No problem for those who want to improve on that, I guarantee you it's a real drumkit and not a gadget.
- Silence: little we played through headphones, the neighbors do not understand (the sounds on the pads are small plastic sounds hit very low, the neighbors do not understand even if you hammer to death). I have seen many who spoke of the problem of vibrations in the ground: I have a small thickness of rock wool (it cost 5 Euros per sqm and just slip it under the drumkit, no need to tinker with stuff complicated or spend even more) and the neighbors have never had anything to complain about.

In short, I strongly advise: A tool like this for such a price is very good!

james2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
I use the TD3 for 2 years as I live in an apartment is very practical

the + is the modularity of the rack is quite well done you can do a lot of configs without much break the head. the pads are responsive, but the fact that they need an adaptation of rubber (that's not it's not real skin!) is quite simple to use you plug it adjust the volume and it works. it sounds different enough to be able to build the kit desirbr /> in - I live in lacated play with only the TD3 is useless. it is interesting to disassemble the TD3 and incorporate its a classic drum set (ca greatly enriches our game: looking for work sounds sounds ect) the small problem is the ergonomics in this case it must be for all debrouiiler fit.
in - of course you can play with headphones but the sound flat plastic strip / pad is super unpleasant for our roommates and neighbors (especially the pads and foot slap on the gc) ca is still a drumkit and AC makes noise) but we will not ask too much either

in + / - MIDI control is not too bad (using a sensor for example) but for this we must have an external device to choose his death (bass drum) it's been live her little effect .. .

for 1000 we must recognize that it is a hell of investment, the possibilities are enormous if we have a long or little imagination but for that price you can also get a combine acoustic ... the whole is to see what is going to do and reflect on the possible use of electronics (flat live enregistrment .....)

I think I would take I'm still happy hyper

diss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
I use it for 2 weeks
most: the simplicity of the CASC Settings, the sound is still more than a yamaha trsraliste range above the VLOC trs pr Cise, a very fine game, the snare mesh, the choking of cymbals by hand.
no point ngatif

I tried other batteries before the electronic yamaha dt express Dtexplorer 1 2 and 3 (rhythm box too) and I was aiming TD6 Kv purchase, the difference between the TD3 and TD6 in no way justifies If the price for some gadget supp and its really a little different

I bought a new headphone offered with 950 (value 50), a value tama pedals GC 60) and a pair of rod 950 and yes all in France (and there are some who sell 900 used?). what the price there is no better
was 16 years since I made it my drumkit Premire electronics and I would do without this choice hesitate

stcollard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV

The debate Acoustic / ELECTRONICS will always and all the better ... (Sign of passion)

Still, the distance between the latter is reduced significantly.
Then it's a matter of personality and taste.

This amazes me and fills me with mail, especially for the budget.

I will not give up my old pearl Fiber-Glass but probably use it in addition to Roland. I do not consider the Roland as a simple practice but as an instrument in itself and some quality. Only the price could believe in a lower quality compared to its big sisters.
Actually, I did compare them. I found that Roland does not diminish the quality depending on the range but the potential.

The TD3 is:

- Simple, cleared (just enough to not get lost);
- A good aesthetic taste (compared to the entry level Yamaha)
- And good robustness.
- Gives off a quality image ...

The sounds are true to an acoustic and even more when the scales of each instrument against each other made.

The benefits of e:

- Respect for neighbors and family (to repeat during the night, unexpected);
- Respect for his hearing and that of others during rehearsals;
- Concert in small places as possible in good conditions and without acoustic moderate his hits;
- Facilitation of registration;
- Embedded tools: metronome, délencheurs MIDI, ...
- No breakage of chopsticks;
- ...

1. To navigate quickly between sets:

let press the + or - button

2. and to go even faster:

let press the + or - button press and press and let the other (+ or -) also

3. The TD3 do not have to default to the mesh head pad, it must be configured for optimal efficiency of the pad.

4. I do not understand the criticism of the hi-hat pedal. Closed sound occurs when the pedal is pressed, the semi-open when the pedal is made just slightly with his foot on the bumper and the open when the pedal is released. To address the low sound produced by the charley played at the foot, it is possible to independently increase the other sounds of Charley. If that's not enough, make the balance of each instrument according to Charley at the foot.

Kargol's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV

I have now for one month and a half this electronic drum kit and I'm happy.
This is a great tool, which allowed me to make rapid progress: Before I had an acoustic drum in my room and I could never play because I live in an apartment and my neighbors was a two fingers to kill me in pain ...

The sensations of the drumkit are quite well: the mesh pad skin of the snare drum is a success, although it is much smaller than a real snare drum ...
For the other pad, it's okay to work but it is far from being faithful to one acoustic, while the bass drum pad is fine with me!

As for the hi-hat, I am very disappointed. The pedal works very poorly and shape of the pad is not very suitable. To work's enough, but not to work the opening of Charley ... Must be pressed very hard on the pedal for the hi-hat closes.

Finally, to the sounds of the modules ... it's okay but not great. There is little choice on the toms and they'll not like me. For the snare drum, there are two decent choices but they have defaults: the best snare sound change in a big hit, so he is not used to record since it would spoil the whole piece.
I had to spend time on beautiful settings in the module, nothing to do: he disappears, the snare is more dynamic in the song.

The cymbals have a good sound although the choice is fairly limited.

Finally the sound of the bass drum is not bad, the one I took a punch and comes out well on my demos.

The value for money seems okay but it's sad that Roland, left all competition, have a policy that forces people to buy their best models. They could have put the best drum sounds, but they are not made to be bought a TD6, see 12 or 20 ...

I do it again this choice because the drumkit fully met my expectations: I work for 1 to 2 hours a day quietly, replacing a drum machine on my demos.

Fritouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
Well now that I buy I can do a more Retailer:

Pads (toms, hi-hat): Good rubber, very solid, is dirty rather quickly. Rebound quite enjoyable.

Skin mesh pad (snare): Trs good bounce, trs enjoyable sensations, leaving only the rim adsirer

Pads cymbals (ride, crash) smothering system interesting, enjoyable rim, good feelings.

Bass drum: Good

Hit-hat pedal: so and so, almost inaudible sound of the shut

Module: Excellent, everything is

In short, it's great for START

Pom's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-3KV
Here I craqu has spent several years I wanted buy a drumkit but the problem "neighbors" to me empch. Then came little by little the idea of ​​purchasing an electronic headset on more emmerd ears ... with the adjacent population. After several tests on Yamaha and Roland I ended up choosing the Roland TD-3KV. First for the budget I m'tais fix. But also for sound quality that I find better than the DTX series from Yamaha.
I could take the TD-6DX but I found the difference in cost too lev 500 more for possder a module, it is true a lot more performance, but which is serves little. When you have chosen sounds, you rarely change.
After a few days of use I do not regret my purchase (let it be said) and frankly I take my foot.
Its defects:
Charley: nothing to do with a real hi-hat I can not seem to recall the feeling of a true, the opening of the pedal setting is bizare I can not find the semi openings. The sound is very low when closing the hi-hat. And then the hi-hat cymbals, well it's not it's a cymbal pad, the bounce is different
The pads are a reduced diameter but it is only a matter of habit, I still sometimes rattling chopsticks.
His qualities:
Sounds! sounds! Sounds !, can be its drumkit with the sounds you dessire small onions
The snare drum pad (dp 85) FABULOUS small but Maouscosto, good bounce, bearings are alone.
Tom pads are (identical to charley pad !!!!) will have much better rebounding are very correct, even surprising in the bearings.
The cymbals: rebounds very correct, they do not move like real (this has been bizare) but I am satisfied, only small BMOL there are only 2 sounds. Sound bell when tapped on top is not reproduced.
The Pad Bass Drum: THE PANARD I put a pedal TAMA, I have found no difference, I even found a much better now true.
Module: This possde all the sounds I DSIRE. Branch complement in my walkman or my chain it gives me the feeling that I had when I was doing the scene (must close your eyes, I'm still in my little house) and allows me to play with the great last night i was with "LED ZEPPELIN". Its default when your on Channel 32 and you want to return to Channel 2 or 3 must be pressed again backwards many times. A small digital keyboard would was better.
That is all this has to tell you that I m'clate and I recommend its purchase.