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Roland Electronic Drum Kits user reviews

  • Roland TD3

    Roland TD3 - "Perfect e-drum setup for apartment"


    I purchased the Roland TD-3 drum kit to be used in my apartment to practice drums without annoying my neighbors. Eventually I started using it to record MIDI drums in Pro Tools. The TD-3 is perfect for this kind of application. It isn't as fancy a…

  • Roland TD-30K

    Roland TD-30K - Azuma's review


    What I like most about these drums is how powerful and high quality they really are. I must mention that these drum set are as close as you can get to the real one , the hi-hat , the great snare , everything sounds as good as it gets. The pads …

  • Roland TD-3KW

    Roland TD-3KW - "great electric set"


    So after a trip to Guitar Center on a Thursday evening, myself and a buddy of mine start looking into some electronic drums. One of the first ones we messed with where the Roland TD 3kw. At first glance all the electric drums looked the same to me. …

  • Roland TD-4KX2

    Roland TD-4KX2 - "beginners to intermediate drummers"


    The Roland TD-4kx2s is a set I used several times because I didn't want to take care of a real drum set and it was also more transportable and I could plug it in to my recording equipment. I use this drum set almost every day and it is amazing. Unles…

  • Roland TD-6KV

    Roland TD-6KV - "great kit for beginners"


    Roland is touting this as a beginner's set and on that level it completely succeeds. I've been drumming for 20 plus years and I wish I had started on something like this. Even the tom pads feel just fine and have very good sensitivity. The lack o…

  • Roland TD-10

    Roland TD-10 - "Awesome for Recording and Practicing!"


    I have the older version which comes with: - TD-10 Sound Module - (3) PD-120s (snare & 2 floor toms) - (2) PD-100s (2 rack toms) - (3) PD-9s (cymbals) - (1) PD-7 (hi-hat) - (1) KD-7 (single kick drum) - (1) FD-7 (hi-hat pedal) The TD-10 module feat…

  • Roland TD-6S

    Roland TD-6S - "Roland TD-6SW V"


    The heart of this drum set is the TD-6V Percussion Sound Module. It has a very nice sleek black design with an easy to read blue LCD screen. This module is not overload with buttons, it has just the right amount for easy uncomplicated play. These eas…

  • Roland HD-1

    Roland HD-1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by drumnono/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've been using it for one week. Cons first: No cymbal edge sound. All toms have only three volume levels. Almost no beater rebound. Average sound. It has a metronome bu…

  • Roland TD-9KW

    Roland TD-9KW - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by twit/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I haven't given up my acoustic drum kit but I did yield to the convenience of the TD9 three months ago. I've used it for several live gigs in locations where the volume had to sta…

  • Roland TD-6V

    Roland TD-6V - "Roland TD-6V V Drums Kit"


    26 years playing in my 30 yr tenure on this planet - touring 10k venues to quiet NY sessions.. everything in between. Bought used, but like new condition. TD-6V (2005 model) for 1100.00 First, I take my reviews really seriously. Check my DW revi…