Roland TD-6KV
Roland TD-6KV

TD-6KV, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 18 reviews )
 6 reviews33 %
 12 reviews67 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ericthegreat's review"great kit for beginners"

Roland TD-6KV

Roland is touting this as a beginner's set and on that level it completely succeeds. I've been drumming for 20 plus years and I wish I had started on something like this.
Even the tom pads feel just fine and have very good sensitivity.
The lack of individual outs is going to stop some players from using this in a live situation, but if you have a decent system and have set your levels correctly it works in that capacity as well.
I found the hardest thing to get used to is the hi-hat pedal. The actual pedal is fine, but the open/closed sensitivity could be a wee bit better.
Overall for the money I am completely satisfied. Very cool and a lot of fun. If you're a beginner, this is the way to go. You won't drive anyone else nuts with your constant restarts during practice. You can play along with your favorite band by plugging in your iPhone/iPad or whatever you have. There are downloadable music sans drums on Rolands site, along with lessons you can purchase.

Great beginning set. Very light and easy to assemble. The pads have a fantastic feel. The set is very easy to set up. It's very easy to get all the pads just how you want them. The sounds are pretty basic and it took me a little while of playing with them to warm up to them. For the price range, you cannot find anything better. Great high quality sounds, very compact with all your toms snare and kicks and crashes/hats. It gives you that real drum set feel. But when you live some where that you can just rock out with real drums this is exactly what you need to go for. You wont disturb anyone with this, its very quiet and professional. Price is kind of high though but its worth it.

ftykdtyketykitykdtyk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Comprehensive for the price"

Roland TD-6KV
I use it for over 7 years!
Not to be bothered by the noise can do an acoustic drum, my parents chose to give me this for my Roland TD6KV debut drumkit.

I am generally very satisfied, especially for the price (1500 € new).

However, some points could be better (which I found on other reviews):
• Charley (the sensitivity of the foot pad and unsatisfactory)
• Stickers cables are going fast
• The sound of the kick drum

It is very complete and customizable.
There are many options (setting the velocity recording, through the design of its own kits ...)
I would do this choice with experience, or I would turn to a higher model like TD15KV

stratman45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good value for money"

Roland TD-6KV
I since November
A friend had this model and I was immediately convinced
It is this is not a good acoustic drum apartment but you need to know to make concessions.

I bought it used not very expensive which is a more magical
- Reactivity foot charley
- The pad charley
- Noise foot GC
- Some sounds are really nice
- A good compromise for drummers house
- The ability to save is

With the experience I would do this choice without hesitation
You can find real bargains

I am a beginner and it is a pleasure to play on

kalagahn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good stuff"

Roland TD-6KV
I use it since November 2009

I tried other models (Yamaha, Roland in other ranges) and it appealed to me for its good value.

- Stickers of the cables that go
- Navigation between the different kits offered

- Wide range of sounds
- Ease of customization of its kit
- Ease of use and installation
- Very good feeling on the skin mesh snare

The price / quality ratio is very good.

I would do without hesitation that choice, as this kit allowed me to rehearse and perform in various places where the acoustic drumkit is unfortunately not always accepted.

tony532's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
My drumkit is not the Roland TD-6KV original because it has been modified by me. I started on drums for several months having always preferred the guitar for several years now. However, this document will provide personal kit I hope some ideas to improve and upgrade kits exist at lower costs.
First, I went to an offer proposed by the now famous German site Thomann, namely the model MILLENNIUM PRO MESH HEAD / TD-6 SET € to 1333 with a 3 year warranty.

It is initially composed of the following on a TD-6KV:

-1 Roland TD6 Module
-1 Rack Dixon
-3 Drums Millennium 10''
-1 Drums Millennium 12''(including 1 snare and 2 floor toms bass)
-2 CY-8 (Crash / Ride)
-1 KD-8 kick drum

This version is an excellent deal in terms of price compared to full models Roland with rubber pads (also very good but without the bounce and feel of a real skin mesh) because it is a good springboard to more elaborate arrangements for those who can not afford the kits ultimate TD-20 (sigh ...).

My upgraded version is now installed with the following (photos available on my avatar):

Roland TD6-1module
-3 Drums Millennium 10''
-3 Drums Millennium 12''(including 1 snare and 2 floor toms bass)
-2 CY-8 (Crash)
-1 CY-5 (Splash / China)
-1 CY-15 (Ride)
Roland TMC-1module-6
1double-pedal double chain Gibraltar 9611
Gibraltar-1siège 9608
Charley-1pied Gibraltar 9607
Gibraltar Snare 1pied-9606
1pied-wrinkle Gibraltar 9609
-1 KD-8 kick drum

The primary advantage of this kit is the aesthetic was really like working on a real acoustic kit drums through 12''and 10''Me too shallow. Gridded skins are good qualities and we can easily change models with V-Drum Roland brand. Everything is adjustable on those drums like real (voltage skins).

A module that has proved itself: the Roland TD6. Lots of choices even when using only 3 or 4 kits futures on the 100 offered. Everything is configurable to infinity and especially envy.

On the hi-hat, it is the Roland VH-11 model that we put on an equal standard charley: I chose a model for its 9607 Gibraltar multiple shooting settings, the quality and reputation of the manufacturer . With this hi-hat, it really feels to play a "real". The feeling is there and the action of a pedal is true for many. Certainly, the nuances are not possible because the module should be replaced by a model TD-12 or ideally the TD-20 (but not for all budgets ... pity) but there is something to take his foot (this is the case to say ...).

All models are cymbals Roland (2 CY-8 crash in home, 1 CY-5 in Splash / China CY-15 and 1 in wrinkle added to the original kit). They are relatively strong and does not appear to suffer the blows of their sticks I Assen. I hope this rubber milled aged well and does not use too much because these are the components that are the most expensive on this kit. The sensations are very good especially with the CY-15 which is closest in size of acoustic cymbals. All effects are recognized (choking, punching intensity, motion, ...).

The rack mount is a trademark Dixon and comes with the clamps needed. I have expanded with the addition of an aluminum bar of the same brand and Roland MDH-10 clamps to mount toms Thomann 2 new 12''to act as a bass toms (even congas on configurations different from my sound module).

Finally, the addition of the module Roland TMC-6 trigger inputs for its further required to set up home made kit. Clarification on the CY-15, it works beautifully in 3 areas with the TMC-6 (configuration bell / edge / top) according to the manual provided some settings and easy to perform.

I will complete this review as and when my musical experiments in this kit.

All photos are available on my avatar and I will answer all questions / queries / questions and advice sought.

Musically yours.

Sp|ne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
I use it for 6 months. And it's been 6 months that I played drums. I have not tried other models, I relied on feedback from users who are confirmed.
Personal I am sooooo happy. I just play like crazy and I love trying lots of different kits. I love metal but I like playing with kits drum & bass and other "one man band". Finally it is the kits more "electro" plug me the most. Side drum sound, the kit "groove" that I use mainly. I love the sound of the snare on this kit, if I buy an acoustic I will try to find the DC that gives this sound.
In terms of navigation between the kits, I think some have not read the manual ;-)
To scroll through the kits to speed "normal" (so slow as pointed out the person who gave his opinion below) he was press "+" or "-" that it had been understood.
To scroll faster you have to press "+" then "-" (together) or vice versa. This has the effect of speeding up the scrolling.
To go faster still must be pressed in addition to "shift". And then there are ways to spend a kit to 99 in 2 seconds.
This procedure also applies to vary the tempo or scroll through the songs.

ardendrummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
In this opinion, I will not be a technicality on the TD-6KV as many before me have already described with precision and clarity.

Overall, everyone agrees that the price / quality ratio is good for the TD 6KV, I think Roland is a leader in their product range in the market for electronic batteries now (waiting for the offensive against other firms ).

Personally, I bought ECTT drumkit for the following reasons:
I began the practice of the drumkit 10 years ago about a sound at home in my room-mates attic rehearsal with the titanic amps and soon the neighbors were freaked out (police + noise = fine day)

I then opted for an electronic drum kit because no opportunity to develop a cave ...
I did a tour of a famous magazine drumkit monopoly Panam and tried all the electronics and batteries only one caught my attention: TD 6KV I found the sound pleasant to the headphone (the was trying to adopt) to € 1,450 (an investment anyway) with a lot of thought, I decided to buy it in September 2005

After a year of use, here is the criticism I can make:

I must say that I have gained experience and technology with the ability to work a lot of pattern in the headphones without disturbing my new neighbors (since I moved)

About the module, I must say that I find very uninteresting and unusable KITS (I have to use max 5) and I set myself a kit with the sounds that I found the most realistic drum sounds and cymbal ( crash, china, ride, splash) are well represented. Snare can do better, and toms and hi-hat sounds to be reviewed.
The headphone, the whole is more than adequate.
I then used this drumkit in rehearsal group by connecting the module with mixer, computer and using the speakers of my hi-fi.
(I could invest in the SYSTEM AUDIO ROLAND PM-3 to € 869 too much for my taste).
I must say that the sounds are completely different in the headphones and speakers, and I had to find a new kit to get an acceptable sound and workable (and audible with other instrumentals).

About the physical part of the drumkit, Ulises de la meshed skin is nice and a little closer at the touch of an acoustic drum. However, the rubber pads is not recommended because it distorts our learning when we go back then on an acoustic drum. On an electronic drum kit, we spend less, the bounces are different, the pads are very tight, and you hit less hard.
Quan, we go back on a drumkit Acoustik, what a surprise! It is no longer the same game at all (eg, typing month high on the toms, it easily catches cramps, etc.)
In conclusion, I recommend a beginner to make their learning solely on a drumkit or Electronik then complement with acoustic drums!

Otherwise, I find the bass drum pad is very noisy, it resonates in the floor (there is room for improvement the above). The rubber around in my snare mesh skin is cracked across (a weakness).

I use the CLICK systematically repeated in just taking the module and the headphone, when I play on a drumkit Acoustik, very useful!

Now my next goal is to utlise some elements of the TD6KV by integrating it with my acoustic drums. Do you have tips for me?

pit07's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
I bought the TD-6V complte.
Trs good price for the quality!
BMOL however small:

- The edges of pads are difficult trs chop (include the sensor is weird). A shot of two, the sound that comes out is the "center". Not always fun in the midst of music, especially when the sound has nothing to do.

- (EDIT): I add some sensors that start too got my DCON. The sensor activates the Charleston without my key though will be ... (A start ...), and the sensor that activates the tombass when I play on the ride ...

- Too few crashes. Moreover, the variations are quite limited. Knock ... knock or not. But it is difficult to get good grades.

- EDIT: j'enlve bp on the module! I still say a wheel does have more practical, but thank you Sp | not clear to me the two little tricks of the + and - buttons (see review above). Whew! ;)

- Other decision-head also for having fun with Songs (generally friendly, but super rptitives sr MIDI background and well ... not to abuse for fear of dgot be music;)): the Song Genre n4. Just as I plant kit and I hit a pad dclenchant a Sample, and the song stops to go to the net n110 Sample

- The number of low-rev kit customizable: one ... In fact, each kit can be customized, but then you lose the original kit (possibility of return paramtres plants, but good). Only the kit 99 "User Kit" available to us. It's not any standard a. .. I am trying to connect the drumkit the computer with the software DFH. History to have even more possibilities.

- The closing of the hi-hat pedals (just by pressing it). You really have support for sound (I recommend the kit rgler rgler and the volume of the sound ...!). It lacks the sound of the dme charley. Nanmoins, play on this pad is really enjoyable.

- Tip of Yamaha n'tait not too much: the cables are placed in the tubes of the rack. On the TD-6V, there is no longer that little. That's all stupid, but it sacrment practice (I have all gain!)

Apart from a I m'clate well. I am connected to the PM-10 (perfect for an apartment). Many kits are throwing the trash (set of sound effects, miawou, vroom vroom and company ...), but it's for all modules. And in the end, even when it is quickly met by all others. What is a Rock, mtal, Techno or Jazz, there really is something to find happiness: the boxes are really clear trsralistes (with beginners on acoustic drums), the bass drums though pr paths, the touches are trs well ...

pierro0409's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
I now have the TD6-KV for two months (September) and I'm really happy!
First, studying and being apart, I wanted above all a way to play the drums, but without disturbing the neighbors. It turns out that the TD6 is really affordable, and meets still to minimum requirements! I will mention to the snare mesh: it's really what motivated my purchase!
Aquérir before I could try it one time in the store (it's still the advantage of the shops over the internet!) And I went through many forums. But apart from TD3, I could not try other models. the demo site I enjoyed a lot too:
The value is there! The Roland is solid (not like I'm playing a beef, but I do not measure my shots) and sound are truly stunning (especially the hi-hat, and snare drums).
The only downside is the bass drum that my downstairs neighbor gene, and the rubber pads are a bit noisy (tom), hence the use of a headphone insulation to prevent sound charley 'poc' quest ".
Plus I play more I'm having this drumkit! The customization is complete, it can also evolve (addition of a pad or cymbal) easily.

benjaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KV
Jai bought this drumkit 4 months ago and jen am quite satisfied until Careers News that jen is given. I bought as lai dentranement drumkit in the apartment, jai acoustic drums for RPET with my band (funk rock). I play for about 10 years but Manir discontinuous (PERIOD without practicing).

Its level:
Jai trs t surprised by the enjoyable ism cymbals Manir gnrale dune. Even if there are some who argue ride continuously.
There is a large variance in the trs snare drum sounds (100 + DIFFERENT) which is where trs INTERESTED lon wants to adapt the sound a bit.
The bass drums are correct.
The weak point at this level seems to be the toms: hard to find ralistes sounds, the sound is often either too round or too flat.

I did not INTERESTED sounds too electronic or DCAL (cartoons), the sounds of percussions are correct but not enough (2kits: congas and bongos). 1 / 3 of the sounds are useless if we are to approach the sound of an acoustic drum (there is loss).

The kit is rglage dun trs ais and rglage overall TD6 module is fairly intuitive. I havent even pushed away laffinage trs sound: delay, pitch, quil stereoma it seems there is a lot of possibilities.

Jenvisage pad to position a cot in my acoustic drum sounds to distribute SPECIFICATIONS dune Manir sporadic (perceived explosion). To have sound SPECIFICATIONS I must take, in real time, sounds dune source computer (micro-computer, synth). Indeed, I know There is no possibility to store the midi sounds in the module, Cest damage!

Jouabilit Level:
The size of the toms + snare (8 inches) I do not drang mapprend it has be more prcis. There is an excellent bounce trs bass drum and an excellent rebound Snare (skin mesh), even a little too much bounce
The feeling on the toms is less flexible but this not possible for my particular problem. Jen took the opportunity to work more than the movement of the wrist plutt than using the bounce of the skin. I do not see lintrtdavoir skin mesh on the toms even if it remains prcieux snare.

The hi-hat works a bit mode on / off (open / closed), the game requires a little time CC adaptation. Its a weak point which ignores foreseeable, it is difficult davoir the same feeling playing a real quavec charley (can be the feet of charley TD12 electronic genre but I did not essay.

The sensitivity (taking into account the power of the strike) is good but not great (adpend sounds), he parat what is adjustable, I'm still not al my .

Place two strike zones on each pad is an ide INTERESTED in the game but it is often difficult to strike the edge of the pad to release the deuxime sound. A amlioration this level is possible.

Jai had loccasion of rpter sometimes in groups with my electronic drums. APRS a while CC adaptation (the back of his rglage becomes important), we all have to work really apprci a reasonable noise level (small room). The drummer can more sattacher the precision of his playing that trump plutt lnergie. AIM Jaures keep it RPET and alternate with acoustic drums (not to lose the feeling of the game). For now my drumkit electronic stay at home to work (still a long wrap, dballe). There should be two men! lol

Robustness level
Lensemble is quite reassuring. The pads are strong trs, the stand also, the clips are plastic but I havent had a problem especially for Linster. The module is of good quality. Cest good cam Roland.

Sound level:
In seeking the best quality price, I stopped on a keyboard amp Roland KC 60 (30 Watts): about 300 / 350.
Previously, a return javais essay scne Montarbo amplifier, the HP procured a small sound too shrill.
In hindsight, I would take the suprieur MODEL: KC 150 (60 Watts) to increase the functionality of my amp: scne sono return (small scene + RPET) for acoustic drums. However for home use on 30 watts is more than enough.

Overall satisfaction, I would choose the same lheure daujourdhui. Daut lai more than I bought in 1250 a small music store (she was 15 days) with 1 year warranty. Bargains are sometimes in our local distributors.