Roland TD-6S
Roland TD-6S

TD-6S, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TD-6S

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MGR/Musicmama's review"Roland TD-6SW V"

Roland TD-6S
The heart of this drum set is the TD-6V Percussion Sound Module. It has a very nice sleek black design with an easy to read blue LCD screen. This module is not overload with buttons, it has just the right amount for easy uncomplicated play. These easy touch rubber buttons are lit up for quick use. The TD-6V sound module includes; 64 voices, 1024 drum instruments, 262 backing instruments, 99 drum kits, 6 part sequencer, as well as Ambient and 2 Band-Master Equalizer for awesome effects. You get 150 preset songs with this model.

In addition to the TD-6V sound module, this drum set also includes; an upright kick drum pad which can accommodate double-brass pedals, a PDX-8 mesh V-Pad with an expanded 10-inch rim, the C-5 cymbal pad with a 12 inch playing zone with separate bow & edge triggering and a double reinforced drum stand. Any way you look at it this is a very sharp looking and playing electrical drum set. You have the capability to record your songs and learn from the pre-installed database. This drum set takes up very little room compared to an acoustical set and of course gives you the option of plugging in a head set for personal play.

I bought this drum set as a Christmas gift for my son. He has been enamored with drums since he was little. He love that he can practice whatever he wants and it doesn't bother anyone else. He is very creative.

I was able to obtain this set from a friend out of state for about $1200. I am not sure where they got it from. I just told them which one I wanted and they took care of the details.

My favorite option is the headphones. My children can play the drums without disturbing anyone else.

We are very happy with this drum set. My son has gotten hours of enjoyment in improving his talent.

Very nice and professional looking design.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to play the drums or who like me wanted a set for their children. This unit can be broke down for transport. You will be the envy of all your friends.

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MGR/Elfsea's review"Roland TD-6S V-Tour Series Set"

Roland TD-6S
I got this at Guitar Center. I paid $1250 US dollars. This is mainly used as a recording and band prctice unit.

I like the module The kit is simple to set up and tear down. I had it out of the box and playing in 40 minutes. It took some time to get it adjusted but now is very comfortable. With headphones, there is no more noise than some one on a computer keyboard. It gets very loud through the PA. The hihat does play open to closed sounds. The bass module is better upright. Get a rug because the hihat and bass module will stick to a good carpet like velcro.

If i could afford all mesh heads in a set I think I would do that. the rubber pads have a good sound but are a little jarring. GC threw in some injected sticks. After trying them I highly recommend them. Good news bad news no throne and bass pedal. I think that this is so personal that including a clunky pedal and cheap throne would not add to the value.

I was very impressed with the quality of the components. The rack seems sturdier that the one that comes with the V Compact.

I am a guitarist who thinks he can play drums. There is no way my wife would put up with accoustic drums in the house. I think that this set is a good solution to my recording and band practice needs. I tried both the V Tour and V Compact kits at Guitar Center. This kit is much more flexible in terms of dual triggers, better module with built in rhythms that I can jam over, has a sequencer and I like this rack better, it seems more stable.

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thomas lang06/05/2005

thomas lang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6S
Good and well I use it for about 6 mois.Ce I prfre in this drumkit is the number of sounds that are on offer! It is true that it's really amazing! Mesh pad is truly amazing and is extremely sensitive, but the same pads sont.Le charley does really not much room and especially the pedals is convenient because you can just put a cot in the double pedals! I find jolie.Pour edit'm even the batteries is really nickel. There are plenty of his music is really sympa.Le bien.Elle does not replace your place.Tu little charley by its tom!
Although now cotsdcevants: there is no bell cymbals (I am obliged to put on board a tom e). From time to time the crashes do not have rpondent once (this happens to me every time I play it: at least once!). Full of sounds are used strictly is nothing: it's a little gadget! The sound does not live at all the m sounds to me that you have the headset (but this needs to hang the sound engineer: Take your time to rgler!) The lments that are useless as the ambience, the "equalizer" ... The sensitivity is really not his! dernire a thing if you have a double bass drum pedals commensera trs is a fast dsintgrau pad level) there is a hole which forms and yet I am far from a trs nag!
Dnc voila.Dsol ... RVer if you have this drumkit (like me) but I tell you the strict vritJe'll have to sell it and buy a j'hsite DTXTREME IIS from Yamaha or the Roland TD12K ( a brief high-end!) I find this unfortunate because I just 6 months! But if you are taking the beginners you will like it! I find it a bit expensive in my gout.Et j ' Will take the high end!
See you soon!