Roland TD-8KV
Roland TD-8KV

TD-8KV, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland TD-8KV

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Kelerm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
Used for 3 years (I have cursed the drumkit arrter shoulder and give me a bass)
I apprci this material
In COMPTITE with Yamaha to the era I finally selected two roland ffectu I change on this set I replaced the pad and hi-hat pad snare I put a pad on stand 120 Classic Snare well located between my legs j'tais + comfortable.
The price of this hardware is a little but there is the lev qualitbr /> If I had the choice again I would do this choice

batteurfou33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
I have sold since late 2005.
I had bought in 2001 and in the meantime I bought a Yamaha DT Extrem.
To return the TD8, I confirm the quality of sound (always in ROLAND) against the rack for a little "cheap".
Pads "skin mesh" are comfortable ... too comfortable ... So much so that after only jou prs on for 2 years, I was scared the day on board on'm a traditional drumkit with real skin!
The rebounds are so easy on this type of pads that you forget the "ralitquot; ...
That's why I'm on a TD pass from Extrem team of real skin drum ...
On the cymbals I have not found terrible because they were simple pads.
I know that the Next-Generation Electronic drumkit, Roland rose sharply ... but frankly there was no harm to do ... and for the price I'd pay the era (24,000 FF) this n'tait not top notch.
So I deprecated this type of product for beginners o those who do not play every day parallle on real drums with real skin ...
Moreover sries Most recent internship at Roland returned to the rubber pads (except the CC) ;-) ))
This much, I tried a little rcente ago and it is true that it seems to ease a dconcertante test as just passing ...
And sounds of cymbals and the touch pad is very effective cymba.
But I prfre not too cut my feelings of real drums so ... a choice I would not renew the future!

Vergèze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
April 2003: I use it for some time, but always with an enthusiasm rvalu.Rien inferior acoustics. CHRE a little but I do not regret as the game is enjoyable. Sound, superb leisure ralitpeuvent be changed. In conclusion a great choice that I certainly do it again because I am Fully filled.

end of October 2003: same enthousiasme.J 've added a PD 120 DC on my old DC sound booth and the charley CY12h mounted on a cymbal stand and it's even better (more like a a "real" drumkit and touch more true)

pups's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
User for 3 years from the TD 8
I bought this type of drumkit because I wanted to learn this instrument in an apartment and told me that later I would have a sound. I also tried the Yam but hang.
It's expensive but it's true I could have it in mensual and do not forget that it is modular trs without touching anything you have 64 types of batteries fully r fast rules and sound, 2 Jack 2 and Dial directly to mixing desk, the Ir sound is a little relieved and you constriuisez with some exprience your sound that can grace the function of chaining be modified easily for you DSIR diffrent environments bring different song.
What about the calm rpetitions in small rooms where you can play at Modra and thus allow guitar and amp to the vote not to force, it is amazing how the music is beautiful when you do the shoot not only dtails.
In any fawn scne if you play, you will be picked up by microphones to the mixing desk so the beautiful sound of your acoustic dpendra the mic and Ir that deal, it is sometimes comical.
I do not dtach this hardware but it is true that the sound without amplification in the small club, which motion and physical sensation. What you do not with the electronic even if your return is nickel.
For tanks, I dj with the hardware is fine scne, such as Franco Spa, scne Fnac, without any problem and I assure you a ton still the sound that comes out of this "little thing". Is lost in look but gaining in surprise.
The most ngatif are certainly CONTRL HH and the diversity of sounds that can be a single cymbal from a vritable.

kevin31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
Great machine, very good stuff, I've recently but the soft settings and configuration are very convivial.Avant this acquisition, I have the YAMAHA DTXPRESS2, I sold it quickly, hit, setting, feeling, not at all V like a good little budget drum.mais necessarily so I got my money.

zootmelk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-8KV
I have this little toy adult mlomane for a month, and it's really good stuff.

I localataire in an old building: old floor, wall opposite to those stone castles of the Loire ... IDAL place to facilitate good neighborly relations. Submitted and in the case, APRS one month of daily sessions (with headphones I prcise), some APRS midnight, not a complaint, not even a rflexion. So it keeps its promises silence level. Only small BMOL: the hat is a little noisier than other lments.

Among the highlights (and justifies the purchase of the TD6 TD8 relation), the snare, toms and bass drum skin which are teams of make of the Manir trsraliste a touch of acoustic drums. In the same order of IDE, the form of cymbals (ride and crash) adds an acoustic similarity. Only weak point, the Charleston (encore. ..). But hey, with 200 euros more, you take the MODEL CY-12, and forget a (cf. the views available on the forum).
The minutes of the trs is correct. Cel adds to the database rather strongly filled with samples tantt fun tanttrellement uses, and a module properly provided, and you, I think, one of the best quality market prices (still find a price below ... 3000 euros)

Clearly, a choice that I really regret it.