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E-MU Electronic instrument user reviews

  • E-MU SP-1200

    E-MU SP-1200 - "My Long Time Friend "


    My first drum machine I learned on! It's so user friendly with all the instructions written on the faceplate! The shape and vibe that comes off this thing is like it's saying, "Feed me samples... let's make a beat today!" Sampling drums into here acc…

  • E-MU XK-6

    E-MU XK-6 - "Expansion capabilites "


    The XK-6 has some really good sounds like the synth leads and pads. These are the sounds that I use the most with it, but it also has some really good basses and analog sounds as well. You can figure out how to use this keyboard after using it for ab…

  • E-MU MK-6

    E-MU MK-6 - yoTrakkz's review


    The MK -6 by Emu Mo Phatt sounds is a great synth, I have read several reviews about this before I bought it and I was skeptical at first because of a few bad reviews. But after trying it out myself I will be able to write a good review because this …

  • E-MU SP12

    E-MU SP12 - moosers's review


    The E-Mu SP12 is a classic drum machine and sampler that was an innovator of it's time. I've only used the SP12 in limited use to date, as I only recently got to mess around with it for the first time at a band's home studio that I just started work…

  • E-MU Vintage Keys

    E-MU Vintage Keys - moosers's review


    E-Mu's Vintage Keys is a rack mountable synthesizer that is made to emulate vintage analog keyboard sounds. I've used it with an M-Audio Pro 88 MIDI controller, as a MIDI controller is of course necessary for playing the sounds in the module. The V…

  • E-MU E4XT Ultra

    E-MU E4XT Ultra - FP User's review


    Of course you can buy a software sampler that may exceed the E4 capabilities but nothing comes close to the features, reliability, & application ratios in a hardware sampler. I must add that the price has come down quite considerably since I bought m…

  • E-MU E5000 Ultra

    E-MU E5000 Ultra - FP User's review


    This is one serious sampler. When it comes to how you can sample and edit the sample I feel that there is nothing lacking. It makes the proces fast and easy. there are more features than I can list. But some of the non real time things that are very …

  • E-MU MK-6

    E-MU MK-6 - FP User's review


    I see another reviewer gave a 1 for features.... I dont know what you expect from a synth. Yeah, it has no sequencer, but neither do most synths. Long story short, it has the features it needs. Price paid: 600 usd UTILIZATION Pretty straight-forwa…

  • E-MU Mo-phatt

    E-MU Mo-phatt - FP User's review


    The features on the Mo' Phatt are good. This unit features tons upon tons of user controlable tweaks and adjustments for the sounds onboard. Price paid: $450.00 USD UTILIZATION The Mo' Phatt is very user friendly. The only problems I have encounte…

  • E-MU MP-7

    E-MU MP-7 - FP User's review


    A sampler is the only thing standing between this being an industry standard rather than the mpc. It has tons of buttons and knobs to tweaks sounds, and the ability to mute and umute tracks on the fly. It also has a really cool touch strip which I fi…