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pgreslin 03/08/2007

Yamaha WX7 : pgreslin's user review


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A MIDI controller extraordinary for those who like me have already the mastery of a wind instrument (I have 12 years of clarinet at the conservatory being young Yeah ... it's been 20 years already so)
It took me a few hours to get by with WX7 and a few weeks to be comfortable enough to play everything I wanted.
It is associated in my setup to a PLG150-VL (the equivalent of a plug VL-70m) and it's really a pleasure to rediscover the sensations of this type with an electronic instrument.
Compared to his successors, it makes my point even figure reference (the WX11 is less efficient and WX5 really any toc plastic)

In France, the WX series has completely disappeared since a stupid law of the EEC is obliged Yamaha WX5 stop marketing.
That said, there are still relatively easy parts (reeds and mouthpiece) for this instrument ... in Japan.