Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Native Instruments Reaktor 5

Reaktor 5, Environment for audio development from Native Instruments in the Reaktor series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 11 reviews )
 8 reviews73 %
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tarrtime's review"Synth with DEEP editing"

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Reaktor is a software application and plug-in that can be used as a stand-alone software instrument, or as a plug-in inside a DAW. Reaktor can be used as both a sound generator or as an effects processor for external sounds. There are many different sound generator instruments inside Reaktor that were created by NI and included standard with the software. There is also an online community/library of instruments on the NI website where you can download user created libraries for Reaktor. Although Reaktor can be used to do typical effects processing (filtering, reverbs, distortions, delays, etc), my favorite part of Reaktor is the creative/unique effects that can be used. I definitely recommend checking out 'The Mouth' and 'The Finger'.
Reaktor can be purchased as an individual software application, however I received it as part of the Native Instruments Komplete Bundle. It can be downloaded off the NI website and installed. Authorization is completed using the NI Service Center application.


If you are a tweak-head or a synth geek, then you will appreciate Reaktor. I don't really have the patience to go too deep editing this instrument or building my own instruments, but the capability is there if that is what you want. I have used a lot of the stock instruments in my music creation and love what Reaktor brings to the table. However, if you want truly unique sounds, then Reaktor allows you total flexibility and creativity to design something that no one else has ever used.


Reaktor was designed to allow for deep editing by the user. It is a modular synthesizer that uses discrete building blocks to create and sculpt sound. There are included sound libraries that demonstrate just how flexible and diverse the instrument can be. There are a lot of Reaktor libraries that have been around since Reaktor 1, 2, 3. I don't find a whole lot of use for these libraries. The best Reaktor libraries are the more recent releases - Prism, Spark, Razor, Skanner, etc.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"glad i didnt buy it"

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Reaktor 5 seemed to be great at first glance. But they layout of it was so much different than the other VST’s that I was use to it almost made this plug in unuseful to me. I have and have had it for a while but I hardly every use it just because I really don’t like the interface. Most all VST’s have the same style of interface and layout but this seemed to be so different to me. Plus the cost of it alone is over 300 dollars. I wouldn’t pay that much for this at all. It came with a bundle that I purchased a while ago and it has been the least used plugin that came with that bundle.


I wish I understood it a little better because so many people keep saying its so good. I have even tried opening the manual and trying to get to hang of it but the manual just seems confusing to me. I am old but not that old. So I guess it was just one of those softwares that just wasn’t for me. Thank goodness that I didn’t pay for just these vst. I am not even sure if they have a free version or trial verseion for you to try before it you buy it.


If you are looking fo rmore presets and really don’t want to mold and make sounds your self then I would say don’t get this. This program seemed to be more for someone who is into sound design and creation rather than jus at musician or producer/music creator. Maybe one day I will take the time and start over with the program and see if I can get it right but for now I will just leave it sit there untouched. There are so many other vst’s that are way better.

yoTrakkz's review"I love this program! Must Try it."

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
When I installed Native Instruments Reaktor 5 it was extremely quick and easy to do. There where no issues with it and I run windows vista now. Native instruments as a good look to it, and a easy workflow so you can get to what you need to get to fast and without searching through a bunch of options and folders. The manual will give you all information you ended to get up and running or incase you need to go back and look up something that you haven’t had a chance to tap into yet. But you will probably need the manual to get started, so don’t try to just hop in and start doing it on your own. Read your manual!


Software works perfectly with the configuration. I use Reaktor as a VST, it has some great kits in it that I use quite often through fl studio. I have only been using Reaktor for about 6 months now, and at first it was a little tricky to me for me to understand. But once I picked up the manual everything was cleared up and very easy to use. Now I feel like I understand this program fully and I have understood how to do all the things that are possible with it.


The thing I like about it the most is the ease of use, it wasn’t hard once I pulled out the manual and took the time to really dig in and understand it. The value is right where it should be, it’s a standard price for this type of software, it will be interesting to see how they do the upgrades though. And how much the upgrades will be. I would make the same choice to go with Reaktor again, because I feel they have a quality product with lots of possibilities for a reasonable price.

MGR/mtebaldi's review"Native Instruments Reaktor 5"

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
I recently purchased Native Instruments bundle pack called Komplete 7, which comes with all the most popular, and powerful virtual instruments made by this German software company. Native Instruments are known for their almost unmatchable quality of soft-synths like FM8, Absynth and others. Reaktor is one of the companies oldest products and also, interestingly enough, the model for all their other products created. As the name hints, Reaktor let you create your own synth instrument from scratch. A quite amazing feature rarely found in the world of digital music.

Reaktor 5 costs $399 for it’s stand-alone and plug in version. A $99 upgrade is available for those who own the older version, and it can also be purchased as part of Komplete 7 bundle for $499, which includes almost all NI instruments ever made. Quite an awesome deal.

<a href=""></a>

The best feature found on Reaktor is by far its capability for allowing anyone to create their own sound synth or effect from scratch. Although it will require a decent amount of knowledge regarding programming, the possibilities and results are infinite. The pros don’t stop here though. Reaktor comes with amazing sounding built-in synths and effects so you can taste the power of Reaktor right of the bat. It allows the user to even manipulate these built in instruments for your own customization of the instrument. If this isn’t enough, you can also go to NI website and download hundreds of other user-built instruments free of charge.

If you don’t have much knowledge of how synths work or if programming is not your cup of tea, Reaktor might seems at first just like a really complicated plugin. As long as you are willing to sit down and learn all its powerful capabilities, this program can become your favorite weapon in your DAW.

Like all the other NI instruments, quality is definitely quite superb, but it might consume a decent amount of your CPU when running it. As long as you know how this program operates, the amount of enjoyment you will gain in creating your own sound is just unmatchable.

Fans of Native Instruments and synth lovers are certainly to have a blast with this unique product. Anyone could literally feel as though they are channeling Robert Moog by using this application. It’s a highly recommended plug-in for the experienced digital musician. And the German bulletproof quality is there to take you wherever your creativity might lead you.

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moosers's review

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Installing Native Instruments Reaktor 5 for quick and easy without any problems or any compatibility issues at all. Since I have installed the software on my machine I haven't had any problems running it and it has always run smoothly for me. The interface of Native Instruments Reaktor 5 is easy to follow for the most part, but if you don't have any experience with software of this type, it may take a little while to understand what everything does. This is powerful software and has a ton of uses and applications. I don't have a manual for this software, but would recommend trying to find one if you don't have any experience with any versions of Reaktor.


I am currently running Native Instruments Reaktor 5 on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. With this configuration I haven't had any trouble running this software in any capacity that I have tried to use it in. It always runs smoothly and without issues. It won't take up too much CPU power unless you are really running a lot of things at once. Overall, Native Instruments Reaktor 5 runs stably with my configuration.


I've been using Native Instruments Reaktor 5 for about four years and have found it to be a great piece of synthesis software. It is great for making your own sounds from scratch that you can then play with a MIDI keyboard or use for whatever else you'd like to. I haven't used any other software like this, as I never had any reason to because Reaktor 5 fills all my needs when it comes to synthesis software. It is a pretty reasonable price, and you know you are getting a good piece of software because it is made by Native Instruments. Overall, highly recommended for those looking for synthesis software.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Features are great. 6 Drum computers, 10 synth's, 6 sequencers, and much much more make this program worth every penny. I've even started using the Reaktor effects as plug-in's because they sound better than most moderately priced pi's on the market.

Price paid: $450

Calling up presets and playing right of the bat is easy. But getting down to the nitty gritty and realizing the true genius of Reaktor takes some time. There are great core tutorials that will open some huge doors as far as usability goes. My only beef is that you can't used pro tools as a sequencer, but Cubase will work for that.


The best sounding synth software out there! Hands down. I've tried Reason, Sampletank, even used a buddies Motif for a couple days, and kept going back to Reaktor. The quality of sound is amazing, and the ability to fidget with the structure of each synth is beyond compare to anything else. Every nuance of each synth, whether it's a drum machine, sound generator, sequencer or effect patch is completely controllable. You can actually enter the core design of each sunth and move wires around, change types of eq's, change compressors, basically, anything you want. It's got amazing sound quality.

This is the most well built program I've used. It sucks up quite a bit of CPU, but the results are well worth it.


Absolutely got nothin but love for Reaktor, it's opened some crazy production doors that just weren't possible before this program. Thank god for native instruments.

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Posted by: locar ( 7-, 2005)

psantoni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Everything has been said


It is still very heavy resources.


I use it for years. The only problem with Reaktor is the endless possibilities of editing tools that can broke my productivity. So it must be that I chose the moment I make music and I do that or programming.

In any case, if it should remain one software in my studio ...

sonicsnap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fantastic!"

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Easy installation and activation easy enough via the "Service Center" NI Note, however: As I use Reaktor as a plug-in, I started to activate this version. But this activation did not seem to be taken into account. Everything is back to normal when I turned on the stand-alone version.


Reaktor works fine on my Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad Core. Some set of users can take a lot on the processor (up to 30%) but these are extreme cases. On average, we turn more around 5 to 10%. No stability problems.


I use it for two years and I can not do without it. I did not yet embarked on the development of an original instrument. At most, I made small changes in the tools created by others. For between the instruments provided by NI and the huge library users there are plenty to have fun! Indeed there are sets that offer a variety of sounds incredible and they are of extraordinary quality. You can do anything with Reaktor, effects, synths, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, tone generators. Many instruments are original and interesting. That is to say that one can engage widely in the acquisition of Reaktor, even if you do not feel able to create his own instruments. Although I can not remember the exact price, I can say that in regard to opportunities and quality of results is given! Much more if you get Reaktor in a pack "Komplete". Great!

steekus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Relatively simple installation (Internet connection required)


Macbook/1G ram / Mbox
resource intensive, but with 1GB of ram it runs well (with protools in sequencer)


The sound is undeniably huge, clear, precise.
But I would not recommend that for those who like tweaking, spend hours creating a sound.
For me this software is limited for most of the sound designer to 'homestudiste'.
Lots of presets genres textures / air / water and finally some preset really 'music'
It takes all but personally I am separated after three months because I'm in the search for instruments instinctive
(I opted for Arturia vintage collection which is much more to my needs)
up to you, I give a rating based on my needs and repeating that no software has a sound as 'pure' as reaktor

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Installation without problem.
no incompatibilitbr /> The general configuration is not easy (the rest of reaktor ...)
the manual I have not read ... I just tried the new sets

editj'ai read the manual, it is interesting trs, we learn things really, but hey there is still so much to learn ... (and good)


Powerbook G4, 1GHz, 764 MB RAM, 60GB hd + sound card presonus firebox.
acer 400euro Surcouf with amd proc sampron3000
I have not really been able to assess the performance but in any case it sounds (I left inopinment a good time but this is not too mac days ... I'm waiting to test on the G5 to say more)
config anyway with my mac + trs sound card seems really stable (I was expecting much worse) APRS, it depends also sets utilisbr /> trs editca runs well, especially the core level and the debug to better manage the consolidated cpu create sets.
is stable, trs APRS stable even while on the achievement


I use it not even for a day
the particular feature I like most in this new version is currently the new sets that are really interesting trs (like: Autechre, Prefuse 73, Squarepusher ...)
I had before that I only have four overview and I hope that this new version will allow me to go further (especially a matter of time) but I think I can use it more for composition and for the live sets of the previous version.
report quality price is really good at trs views of the possibilities of soft.
with experienec I referrer that choice again (I have not even possible the question)
I give this advice because this app is really worth ... I'm not a big pro reaktor I work over the composition
but I'm really motivated to progrss ... (when I have more time) in any case the existing sets seem really useful for my music ...
editje used for several months now, I am addicted to this app rste a reference to his music and leave the "ease" of understanding.
can be found at the site of native sets trs good quality which alone justifies the purchase of this software. reaktor made me stop looking for plugs and plugs, I made it myself or on the bank of native and is already more than enough
I keep having the Ides of new sets etc, the problem is the time I have to realize these ides
Bravo NI