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Epiphone Bluegrass user reviews

  • Epiphone MD-100

    Epiphone MD-100 - "MD-100 Gibson Epiphone Resonator Guitar" has images


    The MD-100 is a quite a work of art,with good craftsmanship,chromed brass body,Grover machine heads,rosewood fretboard and a round mahogany neck it's good for strumming, finger picking,and of course my favorite slide. There is no sound to compare…

  • Epiphone Biscuit

    Epiphone Biscuit - " A good compromise"


    I do not have to provide tech info, I bought this dobro that was hanging in a music store for months ... no record, oxidized strings .... but a good price. the handle is very nice, just adjust properly bending the ivory color makes it rather soft t…

  • Epiphone MandoBird-VIII

    Epiphone MandoBird-VIII - crch's review


    -In which country does she makes? Indonsie - How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? 21 frets 1 single micro - What are the rglages? 1 volume, 1 Tone - What type of sleeve? Screwed one pice a custom gigbag Epiphone …

  • Epiphone Biscuit

    Epiphone Biscuit - Gordon Shumway's review


    - Made of Core - 19 boxes, the 12th round bead - Channel through - Mcaniques that do not move trs Note trs a good quality of manufacturing: the finish is impeccable, nothing Exceeds, no apparent default. on the other hand, classical default:…

  • Epiphone Biscuit

    Epiphone Biscuit - rudyblues's review


    Purchased in USD. Trs hard to find in France. For the price really looks like a cel Dobro (nothing to do with its competitor Fender). UTILIZATION The handle is comfortable trs. It is not as certain standard dorbro, not tiring to play. CHAC is…

  • Epiphone Biscuit

    Epiphone Biscuit - MadZia's review


    Hardware: Chrome Scale: 24.75 " Nut Width: 1.62 " Neck: Set Neck Mat: Mahogany FB / Inlay: RW / Dot Binding: B Body Mat: Mahogany Top: Mahogany / Spruce Finishes: MR The "biscuit" of resonator guitar is an Epiphone, Acoustic. U…