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Epiphone EM user reviews

  • Epiphone EM-1

    Epiphone EM-1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Hirako/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Where was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...) I guess it was made in Korea, China or Indonesia. I don't know... - How many frets, what kind of pickups and what pickups co…

  • Epiphone EM-2 Rebel

    Epiphone EM-2 Rebel - " Cheap and robust" has images


    Made in Korea, Floyd Rose bridge, neck 24cases The microphones are installed: - A double neck position - A simple intermediate position - A double bridge position Possible settings are: - 1 volume - A serious - An acute - A simple …

  • Epiphone EM-1

    Epiphone EM-1 - damiansdick's review


    Made in China Gloss Black Finish Alder Wood Corp / Alder Wood Neck Maple / Maple Channel Vissbr /> Strings Tranversantes and Tune-o-Matic 24 Frets 2 x Humbucker 700T & 650R 1 x Volume & 1 x Tonalitbr /> 1 x Micro Slecteur The rating r…

  • Epiphone EM-1

    Epiphone EM-1 - Jeff Willorun's review


    He is the former MODEL EM1 made in Korea in the 90s (2 humbuckers, 1 single, vibrato type Strato US standard). Correct finish (light blue) and no more. 24 frets, it was for that I bought in store dstockage, 200 or about 1 / 3 of the true original …

  • Epiphone EM-2 Rebel

    Epiphone EM-2 Rebel - Javier Guante Hermoso's review


    Korean manufacturing. Serial number: S4071879 That means, (thank you Pm. Drag and for serial number from Epiphone) S = Samick factory Made of 94 = 4 07 = July 1879: The 1879 ° Model released July 94 of the Samick factory. See Opinion …

  • Epiphone EM-2 Rebel

    Epiphone EM-2 Rebel - Pm.'s review


    Total before labsence inform decision about this guitar on the web (dj had trouble finding a picture for product details) I dun break my opinion which wants to be a more technical description of the guitar quune REALLY personal opinion (not yet had t…

  • Epiphone EM-1

    Epiphone EM-1 - nevermind's review


    No ild the origin of manufacture 24 frets 2 humbucker and a single to center probablemen Mahogany and also a nice pink floyd USE Personelmenje the handle is very pleasant has played the access to acute is fai san problle its weight is…