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Series belonging to the Signature series from ESP

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ESP Dave Mustaine user reviews

  • ESP DV8

    ESP DV8 - "ESP black V thats also a signature"


    Back when everyone was jumping to ESP guitars Dave Mustaine was one of them. ESP was grabbing up all the endorsements along with Krank amps but thats another story. Dave had a signature ESP made that was very similar to the Jacksons he had been playi…

  • ESP Axxion

    ESP Axxion - "Radical shaped Mustaine signature"


    I remember when this guitar came out Dave said it was like his weapon for going into battle or something. This guitar sure is something with its strange shape. It didnt last long because not long after Dave was off to Dean guitars. This guitar was ma…

  • ESP DV8 SE

    ESP DV8 SE - "ESP Dave Mustaine model with a special edition finish"


    This is one of the few variants ESP got to make of Dave Mustaines signature guitar before he left to go to Dean. A lot of people were switching guitar makers back then. Mustaine went from Jackson to ESP to Dean all in a couple years. It seems now tha…

  • ESP DV8

    ESP DV8 - "Dave Mustaines shortlived signature ESP"


    A few years ago it seemed like all the famous Jackson players seemed to jump ship and go to ESP guitars. I guess they didnt like the fact that Fender had purchased Jackson. This is Daves first ESP signature guitar. It is pretty much an ESP copy of hi…