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ESP user reviews

  • ESP M-II Deluxe

    ESP M-II Deluxe - "A Killer Guitar I Use Daily"


    The LTD Deluxe is a guitar I happened to snag BRAND NEW for half off. This thing was the perfect upgrade, it literally improved my playing and inspiration as a musician getting a new axe that plays and sounds as beautifully as this one. UTILIZATION…

  • ESP Eclipse-I CTM Vibrato

    ESP Eclipse-I CTM Vibrato - "Beautiful guitar"


    The ESP Eclipse 1 series CTM is a brilliant offering. I always found the eclipse guitars to be too edgy for my tastes. The coupling of a satin black finish, gold hardware, gold triple ply binding, and a Bigsby B7 tremolo make a very refined statement…

  • ESP Series 400 Stratocaster

    ESP Series 400 Stratocaster - nickname009's review


    This is an 80s, I believe, strat by ESP made in Japan. maple neck rosewood board, 22 fret neck 2pc ash body vintage style trem 3 awesome single coils 1 vol, 2 tone, 5 way switch. this one's in a sunburst finish. It's pretty much an exact s…

  • ESP Eclipse Custom

    ESP Eclipse Custom - "Black and beauty"


    ESP he is one of those companies that build great sounding instruments that is built for the hard rock and metal type players. Many of their guitars nowadays featuring signature version of the interest. They have a branch company called LTD that as a…

  • ESP Eclipse Custom

    ESP Eclipse Custom - "White with a nice angry tone"


    ESP is a guitar company based out of Japan that has a lot of hard rock and metal guitar players attached to its name. Many of their guitars have a certain prowess and look to them that defines them in the hard rock and metal seeds. This is a guitar t…

  • ESP Horizon NT EMG

    ESP Horizon NT EMG - "High end workhorse"


    ESP is the leading maker of metal guitars nowadays. They pretty much have two brands of guitars, the ESP line and the LTD line. The LTD line is what you see mostly. These guitars are made all over the world and have really nice specs and are sold at …

  • ESP Vintage Plus Maple

    ESP Vintage Plus Maple - "Old school strat tone"


    ESP has had their Vintage Plus line up for quite awhile now. This is pretty much the same as all the other years, but they're starting to age them which adds a real cool effect to them. It's like they're broken in from the factory. The guitar feat…

  • ESP Horizon FR-7

    ESP Horizon FR-7 - "7 string alder body version"


    As a seven string player, I've been waiting quite awhile for ESP to finally release a seven string version of their Horizon guitars with a floyd rose. They've made hard tails before, but the floyded one was what I truly wanted. The guitar features …

  • ESP Horizon FR-27

    ESP Horizon FR-27 - "27 frets"


    This model has actually been available over in Europe for a bit now, but it's finally arrived on US shores. The guitar is like a standard Horizon, but you have a few extra frets. If you've ever seen the Kiko sig, or a Caparison Horus, you'll know e…

  • ESP Jeff Hanneman Urban Camo

    ESP Jeff Hanneman Urban Camo - "$ thanks!"


    ESP guitar company really has taken a new turn for their manufacturing and product lines. Many of their guitars seem to be simply signature guitars anymore. Their branch company called LTD seems to make some other previously built guitars that are ju…