ESP Truckster
ESP Truckster

Truckster, LP-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the James Hetfield series.

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asbedo 07/24/2014

ESP Truckster : asbedo's user review

«  just perfect »

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Previous comments ... mine was filed on Christmas Day in 2005, bought new in 2008, RAS to date, it does not move in time, the quality is excellent (even breads have class and n do not change, that was my fear at the time)


soloists, go your way, there's no floyd, "only" 22 cases, and the last force to twist the strands. For rhythm, however, perfect: it "reads" extra jumbo Braille, the handle slides relatively well (I weighted to "cause" jumbo we can not forget), but even sweaty, it really is playable. Attention to the shape of the handle which could confuse some (it's not a Fender), but which one is very fast.
For sound quality, bein ... it sounds good, very good!
NB: I liked playing seated until the truckster which requires me to play up ... all the weight is on your ass, so on the thigh it tends to be the trunk, slowly but surely.


EMG 60/81 ... everything has been said, typed metal, it remains my eyes very versatile for this type of shovel. If I have to choose between different combos based EMG 60/81/85, the handle 60 is just gorgeous, warm and round, giving more versatility in the sounds two competitors 81 and 81/85.
Its clear I often rotates with the 60 + chorus & equalizer (MXR KFK 10 band, which I recommend to sculpt YOUR sound!), The 81 being reserved for distos (for its cutting / clarity) for fast riffs, harmonics and PM (much less draft in this config as 60).
Because it is scratched JH, it is not optimized for the Satriani, sure, but you can really tap into different things Metallica, without making porridge! the top!


I use it as main guitar since 2009, with no regrets about purchasing it ... there's nothing I do not like about this guitar. I tried such models LP / LTD, but this time with qques grievances; the quality of an LTD Truckster, although very good in its price range, is really a tone below her big sister ESP (and I'm not talking about the samurai version made in Tokyo by the Jedi masters at ESP) both in terms of materials (paint a bit greenish, less soft touch varnish, quality wear as "stencilled" on LTD, etc ...) that sounds;
Incidentally, the "spent" effect that made me hesitate to start on its purchase (1600 € for a new shovel with lots of bread ... it must be assumed), is one of the details which I do not divide them today (in taking normal care, you will not add impact, the decor remains is solidly painted / protected!).
hindsight (and other guitars viellissant less) I would do this choice without hesitation