ESP Truckster
ESP Truckster

Truckster, LP-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the James Hetfield series.

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TartifletteMaster 01/11/2008

ESP Truckster : TartifletteMaster's user review


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Guitar factory in Japan.
Mahogany body, EMG 81 active pickups in the bridge position and 60 EMG in the neck position.
Fixed bridge, no tremolo or floyd.
2 volume knobs (one for mic), 1 Tone and a 3 position micro slecteur. Note the prsence a non deuxime slecteur cbl (look for what!) Prs of the handle.
Al Channel 22 boxes in mahogany, rosewood fingerboard.
Tui fly box sold in ESP.


I quickly adapted to trs round of the Truckster, it is fine and well proportioned. A bit below my ESP "The Mirage" Custom Shop any of the same, which is really well above anything I could get the hands ... May be a matter of getting used too because I played it for 6 years! In any case there are faster trs brands on the Truckster.
Pleasant surprise, the body is relatively lightweight not be tiring standing for a long time. The shape, trs close to Gibson Les Paul is trs enjoyable in all cases.
As for the rglages can not make more intuitive: one volume for each microphone (very practical), 1 Tone gnrale and a slecteur for pickups (bridge / neck / mixed ). We arrive trs quickly find a good configuration regardless of the type of sound research (clean, crunch and distortion that buggers) and I think despite what some say is the EMG has a great versatility this guitar. The knobs are very easy to ACCS.


I play in a thrash group (a little pub;): / atrophid) and the Truckster is perfect this style of music.
- Prampli: Engl E530 Modern Rock
- Amp: Mesa Boogie 20/20
- Cabinet: OUR 4x12 "
Mostly I use a big fat distortion, the bridge pickup (EMG 81) gives the ultra prcis (watch out for bread!), The output level is impressive, and shows great guitar in the mix! It's really enjoyable to hear what is happening in RPET explode without ears ... The tufts are rhythmic in trs sharp, there's nothing to drool ... Like when you go solo, with good sustain and harmonics perantes.
When the sound of the EMG 60 in neck position, it is much warmer, rounder and trs well be to find a good clear sound and more crunchy.


I play this guitar for 2 weeks and I really love it! I love the look but it is purely a story got and the ease of playing is clean I think most of the ESP. All I got is well proportioned.
As for his well it's really terrible for the metal, I do not think either has the IDAL to play jazz or blues (it's a signature even when Hetfield!) Although I think is versatile enough to get by more than respectable.
I pay 1300 NEW (eBay live!) Is 500,600 less than the average price ... At this rate the relative quality price! The normal price, I think it's about average, now have to see APRS 1 year of use it is the quality of components, although I do not make too much trouble knowing ESP (my "Mirage" has a custom fifteen years and takes its GE trs well!).
This choice I would do without hsiter!