ESP Horizon NT-II
ESP Horizon NT-II

Horizon NT-II, STC-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the Horizon II series.

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Henrideth 08/28/2013

ESP Horizon NT-II : Henrideth's user review


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Guitar made in Japan, while selected mahogany and curly maple table in the most beautiful effect. The neck through is maple three parts and that's cool. The fingerboard is ebony, a softer and therefore enjoyable.

Mechanical level, we are dealing with the Gotoh, as a key bridge. So far the bridge there nothing wrong, simple but effective and elegant as the key system is a real pain: Supposed to be locking the mechanism is a hair pulling so it is poorly thought out, it cost me 2 Strings and one early (easy) to change my strings after the purchase is a gift ... I think for 1800E we could have more convenient tuners, and players who are used to change strings every 2 weeks go fast "burst bolt" ... Anyway, let ^ ^

The nut is bone, it was a great white binding all the way around the guitar, but classes of discrete marks (squares on the side of the hoop. Beast is Dark Brown Sunburst, a color mat not too flashy but not too dark either, which is significant, especially that ESP is not evil in the extreme on this side, if you know what I mean. 24 frets, tuning fork 64 cm, always nice to solid, no complaints on this, the quality of the hoop and finishes is at the top.

Micro level, it's Seymour Duncan humbucking eh nag, SH6 in the neck and SH4 in the bridge, so heavy, more details in "sound" ;)
The 3-position selector is really ... Divine, it slips sublimely well, I was really surprised by its sweetness, which contrasts dramatically with respect to my EC-1000 Ltd. in ... It has one volume knob push switch which acts (useless), 1 tone knob and that's it (no need for much more we agree)


The highlight of the guitar that is an ergonomics make God down. Comfortable to handle, not too heavy nor too light, style, we feel the power of the monster purr even empty. It is well balanced, very clearly, and the handle is a joy to play: Highway, but not too wide (I blamed my old shovel has to have a handle too late so that the accuracy was sometimes pretty miserable with my paws), the notes come out clearly, the switch agree, the sweep, the tapping is done without too much hassle, short fingers glide well without one has the impression of having a savonette in the hands (n 'Is not Ibanez): this is what struck me when I tested the game is easy, everything is perfectly calculated. Access to acute nickel, what a superstrate.

The guitar sounds, that too is a fact, whether clean or overdriven, the record is completely clean, if not push the gain too much. Notes, I repeat, are very, very clear, there is no harm in ringing the bizarre-sounding arrangements / multiple dissonances.

Summary: From the top level


Or it may the sin. Indeed, if the sound is clear and distinct notes, the SD can be lacking sometimes fishing. Pushed to max, it spits it galley and we feel the limits of these microphones resent large distortions (sometimes I play Death Metal / Power Metal, and these pickups are clearly not suitable for this passive style ), the output level is not high enough and small Duncan was struggling to keep pace. Basically, if you push the gain beyond the 75% it leaves his pacifier and not at the rendezvous was that bad (which is a little grain Black, so if you play, the more a shovel amp head crunch and you will be the happiest guitarist). Otherwise set apart this defect, the capacity of SD will be more than enough to thrash that spot, rock, fusion, punk (well it is not too much style but you never know) and even jazz in the middle which the guitar in my very strong assets and does not deal with a blush in vintage antique gibson ;)

However, its clear they démerdent pretty well, if you do not gain too grows again, the sound is very smooth, especially with the neck pickup. On the other hand we can have a country with slamming his pickup, more acoustic in fact. Not much else to say this is the clean channel. Ah, if the effects are éboustiflants via pedal (I say what I want) in clean, hearing cream, especially the chorus.

Clearly the beast really sounds, despite the weakness of the microphones when overloaded (mostly distortion), even if they support it remarkably well to your favorite effects pedals. In my opinion the perfect violin to have in there. Personally I plan to change them to DiMarzio Tone Zone and Evolution II, most appropriate styles that I like (Prog Metal, Death, Thrash and Power has the Slayer and Sodom).


Impeccable guitar and violin finish level, which changes rather a lot of my EC-1000 or my Jaguar HH. Surprisingly liabilities are not as ca picks it up (compared to my fender) and power output level level, mahogany does his taf :)

The gameplay is perfect, that's the word, you feel at ease when playing simply is not tangle and it's nice!

Value pretty decent but not amazing, after thinking I would do this choice (what a surprise ^ ^ even if the microphones do not sing as much as promised (but with the right amp should be able to get the sound you want, because it is quite large as the type of microphones).