ESP Horizon NT-II
ESP Horizon NT-II

Horizon NT-II, STC-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the Horizon II series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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tjon901's review"Hardtail shred guitar with classic Duncans"

ESP Horizon NT-II
The Horizon is a series of guitars ESP has been making for a long time. They have the traditional superstrat shape like the M-II but have an arched top body and are made of different woods. This guitars are made to give a thicker sound than the M-II. These guitars are full bore ESP guitars so they are made in Japan and have custom shop level fit and finish. This Horizon features neck through construction. It has a maple neck with an ebony fretboard. It has 24 jumbo frets. On top it has Gotoh locking tuners. The inlays are offset so you can really see the fretboard wood. The body is mahogany with a maple cap. Instead of the usual EMG pickups you get you get a classic set of Seymour Duncans. The Duncans you get are the 59 in the neck and the JB in the bridge. The guitar has a tune-o-matic bridge with string through tail piece for more sustain. The controls are standard with a master volume and master tone with a 3 way toggle.


I prefer playing this guitar over the M-II because of a few things. I prefer the hardtail bridge on this guitar. You do not have to fuss with allen wrenches and stuff whenever you want to change tunings or strings and it will stay in tune no matter what. I also liked the arch top body. Being use to playing Les Pauls with the arch top I have some where to put my arm. On flat topped guitars I am always searching for where I should rest my hand when im playing. The ebony fretboard on this guitar is great. I wish all guitars had ebony fretboards. Locking tuners on a hardtail guitar is something I also wish every guitar had. Passive pickups means this guitar is dead simple and reliable.


With the Seymour Duncan pickups you get a wide array of tones. The string through bridge with the neck through construction means the strings are anchored on the same piece of wood the neck is. This gives great resonance to the tone and every note that you play just sings. A set of EMG pickups would limit this guitar to a metal only role but with these you can do pretty much anything. With the Seymour Duncan pickups the guitar already comes with some of the best pickups you can get so the tone is there out of the box. This pickup combination is something that Edwards uses in a lot of its Gibson copies. The 59 has a great PAF style tone. It has a good amount of sag and the mids are nice and pronounced. The JB in the bridge is the jack of all traits and can be used for just about anything. You can get great overdriven tones all the way to searing high gain with it. Many Jackson guitars come with this pickup set so you know it can hang for metal too. But of course if you just want a metal only guitar there are similar ESP models that will do that very well.


This guitar is pretty expensive and that is a big downside. ESP's LTD line of guitars is like half the price and the quality is really good. If you want a guitar like this I suggest you try out the LTD version first and see if you can save a bunch of money. The only outside difference between the model is that the LTD comes with a rosewood fretboard. I prefer ebony but its not a 1000 dollar difference. If you are looking for a hard tail shred guitar with an arch top and neck through construction you do not have many options but this is probably the best of them.

Henrideth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Horizon NT-II
Guitar made in Japan, while selected mahogany and curly maple table in the most beautiful effect. The neck through is maple three parts and that's cool. The fingerboard is ebony, a softer and therefore enjoyable.

Mechanical level, we are dealing with the Gotoh, as a key bridge. So far the bridge there nothing wrong, simple but effective and elegant as the key system is a real pain: Supposed to be locking the mechanism is a hair pulling so it is poorly thought out, it cost me 2 Strings and one early (easy) to change my strings after the purchase is a gift ... I think for 1800E we could have more convenient tuners, and players who are used to change strings every 2 weeks go fast "burst bolt" ... Anyway, let ^ ^

The nut is bone, it was a great white binding all the way around the guitar, but classes of discrete marks (squares on the side of the hoop. Beast is Dark Brown Sunburst, a color mat not too flashy but not too dark either, which is significant, especially that ESP is not evil in the extreme on this side, if you know what I mean. 24 frets, tuning fork 64 cm, always nice to solid, no complaints on this, the quality of the hoop and finishes is at the top.

Micro level, it's Seymour Duncan humbucking eh nag, SH6 in the neck and SH4 in the bridge, so heavy, more details in "sound" ;)
The 3-position selector is really ... Divine, it slips sublimely well, I was really surprised by its sweetness, which contrasts dramatically with respect to my EC-1000 Ltd. in ... It has one volume knob push switch which acts (useless), 1 tone knob and that's it (no need for much more we agree)


The highlight of the guitar that is an ergonomics make God down. Comfortable to handle, not too heavy nor too light, style, we feel the power of the monster purr even empty. It is well balanced, very clearly, and the handle is a joy to play: Highway, but not too wide (I blamed my old shovel has to have a handle too late so that the accuracy was sometimes pretty miserable with my paws), the notes come out clearly, the switch agree, the sweep, the tapping is done without too much hassle, short fingers glide well without one has the impression of having a savonette in the hands (n 'Is not Ibanez): this is what struck me when I tested the game is easy, everything is perfectly calculated. Access to acute nickel, what a superstrate.

The guitar sounds, that too is a fact, whether clean or overdriven, the record is completely clean, if not push the gain too much. Notes, I repeat, are very, very clear, there is no harm in ringing the bizarre-sounding arrangements / multiple dissonances.

Summary: From the top level


Or it may the sin. Indeed, if the sound is clear and distinct notes, the SD can be lacking sometimes fishing. Pushed to max, it spits it galley and we feel the limits of these microphones resent large distortions (sometimes I play Death Metal / Power Metal, and these pickups are clearly not suitable for this passive style ), the output level is not high enough and small Duncan was struggling to keep pace. Basically, if you push the gain beyond the 75% it leaves his pacifier and not at the rendezvous was that bad (which is a little grain Black, so if you play, the more a shovel amp head crunch and you will be the happiest guitarist). Otherwise set apart this defect, the capacity of SD will be more than enough to thrash that spot, rock, fusion, punk (well it is not too much style but you never know) and even jazz in the middle which the guitar in my very strong assets and does not deal with a blush in vintage antique gibson ;)

However, its clear they démerdent pretty well, if you do not gain too grows again, the sound is very smooth, especially with the neck pickup. On the other hand we can have a country with slamming his pickup, more acoustic in fact. Not much else to say this is the clean channel. Ah, if the effects are éboustiflants via pedal (I say what I want) in clean, hearing cream, especially the chorus.

Clearly the beast really sounds, despite the weakness of the microphones when overloaded (mostly distortion), even if they support it remarkably well to your favorite effects pedals. In my opinion the perfect violin to have in there. Personally I plan to change them to DiMarzio Tone Zone and Evolution II, most appropriate styles that I like (Prog Metal, Death, Thrash and Power has the Slayer and Sodom).


Impeccable guitar and violin finish level, which changes rather a lot of my EC-1000 or my Jaguar HH. Surprisingly liabilities are not as ca picks it up (compared to my fender) and power output level level, mahogany does his taf :)

The gameplay is perfect, that's the word, you feel at ease when playing simply is not tangle and it's nice!

Value pretty decent but not amazing, after thinking I would do this choice (what a surprise ^ ^ even if the microphones do not sing as much as promised (but with the right amp should be able to get the sound you want, because it is quite large as the type of microphones).

ismailem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazing"

ESP Horizon NT-II
-Guitar made in Japan.
Channel-crossing (beautiful, by the way).
-24 Frets, Seymour Duncan double microphone, splitable easy with the switch in the volume knob.
-A volume knob, one tone knob, a selector switch 3 positions and the volume knob.


The neck is fast, thin and very nice for schredders. The strings are very close to the handle, so that the guitar is very enjoyable to play. The guitar is light, so comfortable, without being too light as to have the feeling of playing on a toy. Access notes treble is very easy, very perfect!


The pickups deliver a nice clear sound, clean, loaded with beautiful bass. Seymour Duncan and ESP require, the Disto is perfect, even playing with a Amplug. It is clean, clear and powerful. This guitar is built for the Hard Rock and Metal, but one of these other assets is that it is very versatile. I play mostly Metal, but you can also play blues and jazz on this guitar that sound too powerful, especially with the split. Indeed, when Seymour Duncan splités are single, the sound is much less powerful, but less round. Unfortunately, distortion, with the simple, the breath of the amp is louder, but that's normal.


I just bought this guitar in New York, and frankly it's the best of my guitars (I own an Ibanez RGA42 and a PRS SE Singlecut). The sound is versatile, but more oriented Hard Rock / Metal. The finish is perfect, beautiful color, the neck-through is beautiful, flamed darkbrown the table is really nice. The markings on the handle are really classes (on the side of the box). Initially, I vouais a guitar like this but white, but color me really blown away. I love everything about this guitar. The value for money is really excellent. I know people who have cete guitar for quite some years and they are very satisfied. The guitar is solid, so perfect for concerts, tours ... There has seen the number of artists who choose ESP!

kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Horizon NT-II
Since the time Xochitl taunting me with his opinion on the Horizon, I go too. Moreover, it has the same as me
For specs, b'en zap if you read the previous opinions.

<ul> Superstrate made in Japan, config H / H and tune o matic.
For colors, although only see thru black cherry is the French distributor&#39;s catalog, it seems that all colors are finally available for France, with a beautiful waiting time qu&#39;Algam (importer) is moving rind for ordering. I ate a quarter of waiting to receive mine in black See Through. This is also a black translucent darkest I&#39;ve seen. But it snaps
Quartersawn maple neck-through 3 games with wings reported in mahogany, ebony polished, curved maple table. There, big doubt is the table is solid curly maple, or, and this is most likely not figured maple veneer (veneer) in curly maple.
Channel 24 boxes tune 25&#39;&#39;1 / 2. Jumbo frets. Bone nut.
Spiral reinforcement at the head / neck.
Nut width 1 11/16&#39;&#39;(42mm).
INLAYS rectangular eccentric mother-centered rectangular frame and struck with the ESP logo on 12th fret.
White threads in all directions: net table edge, edge key and leading edge.
Sperzel locking MECAS Trimlok, Tune o Matic Gotoh / stringthru, one volume, one tone push / push splitter to the windings of the two humbuckers, a small 3-position toggle. All hardware is black, even the toggle! Spa on as Jackson. Little extra that adds a nice consistency to the whole. </ul>

Standard around the world, two Seymour Duncan humbuckers splittable SH4B and SH1N.
Cultural exception for France, however, as pointed out by Xochitl: Algam are importer and EMG ESP for France, they seem to offer an easy configuration EMG-cost option. I could enjoy!
Thus, serial, my split Horizon lost, but won a config &#39;properly wired EMG 81/60. Pile hair now my favorite.

Note that in most, though I have bought in the shop of my hometown, I hit the same price as mail order via Germany, with the config in EMG and a real setting of the tech mag &#39; and more. Also important to note that before rushing to the Teutonic VPC, which I use very often, however, a small turn in the store just to see what they offer is always advisable.

A few minor complaints, in bulk.

For less expensive, Ltd. are equipped as standard with a TOM TonesPro (made by Gotoh). Why do ESP, are they not equipped? It&#39;s actually quite convenient not to wallow string height during transport in a gig bag, or when removing all the strings at once (something I avoid doing, but it can happen).
The button is made of a beautiful ebony, deep black, the homogeneous structure and smooth enough, the grain is tight enough. Why this silly idea to polish the? You end up with a brilliant touch hyper, almost like playing on the glass .... It is much less than girandole unpolished, it&#39;s pretty flashy. More ridiculous, the first notes played, among the key polished the frets and the new ropes slipped each, I managed to make wonderful "skkkrïïAaAAïïk" worthy of my first (and last) of bowing a violin.
Since, fortunately, that&#39;s very quiet. M&#39;enfin, not cool.


The ergonomics are good: cut stomach is going well, but not cut to the forearm (normal for a guitar curved table).

Access to acute is impeccable, with neck-through construction, there is no butts up to the 24th box.

The Sperzel do their job, such as bone nut, no detuning in sight, unless you are extremely straight forward and play on the strings vintage 1974.

The grip is immediate. Everything falls well under the hand I was afraid a little volume knob, very close to the micro bridge. Having a game right hand is not stingy with great movements and compulsive disordered (yep, still work to do on the economy of movement, even if I&#39;m a shredder), I was nervous that the damn knob or hair cell in the axis right hand. A bit like the Jackson.
Cunning, the guys from ESP to the Horizon: the table is smashed under the knobs, they are lower than usual and pass just below the hand, not in its wake. Too bad the other hand, although they missed it on the M1 NT ...

The handle. I know enough layers of dancer to compare (Xochitl>> <img border="0" /> ).
The neck is thicker, there&#39;s more material than the Wizard Banez, the Jackson Bolt (DK1, KE3, DXMG, etc.)..
It is a bit thinner than on Jackson Soloists (yep, I still could not help the poor test SL2H put on a display for many years in my mag 5 &#39;usual, with strings and original poor ("/ (" /). Also thinner than the Schecter C1 and Washburn Idol. A handle type slippers, one is immediately. Very taste of others actually. Impecca &#39;.

However, and there b&#39;en me, I really do not arrive, the handle is covered with a shiny patent thick enough. And unfortunately, I sweat still many mimine. I admit it: Lonewolf was right
A very nice palmar sweating. Not a terrible hyperidrosis, but with the summer heat, better not to shake my hand too long, otherwise we will remain stuck
Same was not afraid, I corrected it all
A little tour with my favorite luthier, Mister White ( ) , and my mantenance Horizon is equipped with a handle with a satin black painted translucent Zouli the most beautiful effect, and that allows me not to stay stuck on the handle as chewing gum on the sole of my Nike&#39;s death that kills.

Yep, very neat ergonomic handle, quick and easy, there&#39;s no wiggle in the louloute is nice.


Well, b&#39;en there, necessarily, I can only speak of the EMG config (and so much the better, I have a big allergy SH4 which, though still predisposed to send large, and largely too beuglard dirty to me).
Well, as much to say right now, I have this ESP 3 months, but it was left plugged into an amp worthy of the name for a week ...
Before that, it was the GST Vamp2/Art a sound card.
Since then, she made pleasant vocals in my bo chicken n&#39;ampli luxury Engl E570 - VHT 2/50/2 - VHT Fat Bottom 2x12.

In clean, inevitably, the EMG 81 is not for product sounds Burstbucker / APH1. This mic sounds clear, however, preserves honest. An answer a bit hollow in the meds, a friendly and gain control. Not the warmest, but that&#39;s normal, he types in the registry ceramic micro "Gently high gain", comparable to SD SH6, Gibson 500T and other DM DP100 (I&#39;m tired of repeating it ).
The EMG 60? Same. If you are looking for super warm drooling, type in or Burstbucker APH1. Or EMG 85. And a handle 22 boxes, because the sound of the neck microphone on a handle box 24 differs somewhat from the very position of the microphone. The 60 grain, however, a really nice, clean attack a small and rather characteristic, it is round, and it is a good compromise in my ears, between fullness and precision. It always makes me think DM Norton I on another skyscraper. And away enough of SH1, more fat and dirty.
In saturax, one can imagine. The 81 is very accurate, live coverage of your game (Thurs so filthy, the filthy, clean game, his own). Harmonics come naturally. This is a micro micro bridge I prefer. Gain without going into excessive Invader/X2N, grain (we like it or not), accuracy and ceramic building that gives this cold micro reputation, reputation who then stupidly generalized to the entire range EMG. A comparison with DiMarzio Evolution and DropSonic for the "cold";).
The 60, meanwhile, is still pleasant in full. Gain more than enough to hold leads, clean and clear yet. Still the attack feature that I can not describe. Really sing. Far from the sound of an EMG 85 or SD SH1.

In the end, louloute ESP is really nice. Not a backhoe in the low (not a Gibson, it&#39;s a shame), but rather a sharp edge and character.
Not a vindictive nature ultra hardened steel, it is relatively flexible, keeping in mind that although certainly not excel in musical styles far from the scope of action that impose their microphones and not typed enough and split. Not really a scratch to easy listening or sweet fantasies, you know.

But there&#39;s no two ways about it is doing its job, and I spend my time with it really. And with his Les Paul keupine

[added 24/03/2008]
Small update microphones, I turned the couple EMG-60 bridge 81 neck to the bridge in 85 and 60A in the neck. And 18v passage in stride. ( )
The louloute gained a damn character!
I am a big chipoteur is basically a good guitar that should satisfy a lot of people. But she was pale in comparison to my Les Paul Classic ( ) ...
In short, the smooth side and a dull coat is gone, it has more banter, a bit more heat, less than a centipoil surgical precision (but still widely tolerated), and a better feel on the strings (more than dynamic it seems). And more bass in the bridge. The graft was well taken!
The note of 7 / 10 to 8 / 10 with this modification.


A very good guitar in the end. Pretty simple and elegant (by my standards for me), not a character of thugs and low forehead, excellent ergonomics. Yep, a good buy.

Same as for Xochitl Feet flightcase that are not present on the bottom, the floor-without scratching the flight. It&#39;s a shame. <p class="bbcode-cite"> % $ 1 <span>I just wish</span> the writing <span>of metal feet on the side and bottom: on the edge, they are plastoc and substance there is not!</span> .

I have a little hesitant with Jackson SL2HT, but between the fear of falling on a model problem in the U.S. direct purchase, the price still outrageously high in Europe, I preferred the ESP. It&#39;s not really the same thing, my heart still beats for pitit Jackson, but there&#39;s moments, do not push it. For a price easily 30% higher, Jackson offered only SH4/SH1 Duncan (in my mouth so the passage in EMG), the basic MECAS where ESP offers Sperzel Trimlok, and no nice table convex. And always the risk of hitting a bridge not aligned
But I have not said my last word for Jackson

[added 24/06/2006]
It is a very good scratch, but it is clear, compared to Gibson or Jackson USA I had in hand, both in mag &#39;than me, she has a truly less typical. But it&#39;s not the same price!

[added 24/03/2008]
The change I made (81 / 60 in 9 volts to 18 volts 85/60A) was particularly beneficial for this guitar.
85 in the bridge is really a good solution if the 81 is not satisfactory. A pleasant surprise!

Yep, it finally has a character of a small moth, the ESP!

Xochitl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Horizon NT-II

My my! After changes in EMG ...

ESP Horizon NT-II (

ESP? Japan is, of course! ( )
COLOR: See Through Black Cherry, Black Aqua Dark Brown Sunburst, See Through Black - For now, the catalog distributor franais, there is the See Through Black Cherry (deep red transparent).
BODY: Mahogany with White Binding / Quilted Maple Top (Somebody certainties on the thickness of the table Saddle?)
NECK: Maple with White Binding
CONSTRUCTION: Neck-thru-body
SCALE: 25.5 "
RADIUS: 12 "?)
TUNERS: Sperzel Locking Tuner
BRIDGE: Tune-o-matic & strings-thru-body
FRET: 24 / XJ
NECK PICKUP: Seymour Duncan SH-1n
FRONT PICKUP: Seymour Duncan SH-4
CONTROL: 1 Volume, 1 Tone (with push-push Tap switch), 3 way toggle switch


Warning I often compare it with my other guitar, a Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose Classic ( 2Cidproduit 2C15249.html%).

The handle is in the words of ESP, a thin U. It is comfortable and moderately fine plutt. I feel that the sleeve, so pais and more than my Start. As the handle of the Horizon is wider (the owners of the SG and the SRV spoke of "highway"), it reinforces my impression of being more pais, have, in any case, more "Contents". The guitar and the handle are compltement varnish (transparent): the left hand dplacements seem ISSA.
Bne is the key to enjoyable eye, but unlike what is often said, I do not feel a gain of fluid in my game from a rosewood fingerboard .

[edit] Since I think of 26/01/2006, I rgler my guitar and I did change the pickups. I should notice rdiger spar because it is the guitar a lot changes. I just wanted prciser here that I ascribe to the jumbo frets (having a lightweight touch to the risk of playing out of tune), is essentially the consquence bad SETTING THE guitar. I find it shameful qu&#39;Algam (distributor franais) dares to say they did rgler guitar by one of their technicians. They do not say it&#39;s a transportation problem, because even the bridges of the bridge n&#39;taient not rgls.

Access in acute greatly facilitated by the handle driver is irrprochable.

I t surprised by the lgret the guitar (much more than my strat lgre: this may be the Floyd makes heavy stratum). I&#39;ll have the PSE one day ...


Humbuckers not split:
In distortion / crunch, there is grain of Contents. The sound is thick and warm while remaining plutt prcis.
The Jeff Beck is powerful enough to push to hard rock or alternative mtal (like Deftones, coincidentally)
The 59 is round and can couraging a nice chorus with his flute or have a rock sound a bit messy (a bit: everything is relative).
In his clear, has made me think the SG standard with a buddy. As I rve snapping sounds more strats, notament positions intermdiares a little hollow, I&#39;m not fully satisfied. But we can obviously not blame the guitar.
SH4 is the slamming and 59, especially in this position, gently load low. L too, I feel a certain thickness of the sound that I can not find in my Start (HSS: DM Paf pro, SC Am Std, Am Std Sc), except possibly be of the double ct. (One night we even tried my two guitars, an SG Standard and a Fender SRV - and oddly, the simple to the SRV had more thickness of gnaque of rpondant, dynamics. Texas Special .. rules!)

Humbuckers Splitter:
The push-push (not push-pull) is located on the CONTRL of tonal and splits the two microphones at the same time: so you have six positions diffrent on this guitar.
The dual and split is good. In any case it&#39;s better than nothing. But is not "the real thing." For clean sounds simple (Who said "positions intermdiaires "?!), nothing beats the simple (or so I have not tried yet!) Finally, it is correct, without being transcendent ( Why he brought his SRV, other?)! In distortion / crunch, I have not really paid attention, I just said c&#39;tait INTERESTED.

ATTENTION, however! I bought this little gem, for him sticking a pair of EMG with a 81! It means I&#39;m looking for something puisssant prcis and trs.
Ct for blues / rock versatile, I have my Start that I love!
My comments are not only subjective, they are carrment biaiss oriented!
In fact, I know, there was no end of 2005 ESP Horizon NT-II (or other way) team original EMGs.
[edit] A forumeur of AF, at least for the evocative name, has since been delivered (by his mag franais, if I remember correctly) a Horizon NT-II directly mounted in EMGs. Ask yourself, if you your intresss.
[edit to edit!] No need to Mystras: he laid his own opinion. I named the Jacksonian Draghixa frustrated amateur hairy shovels!
[edit edit the ba!] Bin shit! The AOT 23 2006, Drag is a pseudo pass boulesque a more scatophile! Readers will no longer understand anything! ("/>


A superb guitar in a beautiful tui (I just wish the mtal feet on the side and bottom: on the edge, they are plastoc and substance there is not!). Comfortable easy play and trs (even my right arm is not the absence gn chamfer on the body).
Trs versatile with warm and powerful sound plutt (I had told my friend my drummer prfre the strata, the sal ...!).
Good qualitprix, even if the distributor could be a force on the PVC - 1790). I have a few minor criticisms to make, but for the price ...

When my wife will divorce on grounds of the family budget dilapidage hardware in the guitar, I BUY ANOTHER!
Grind my axe01/03/2006

Grind my axe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Horizon NT-II
Guitar factory in Japan with 24 frets, a bridge type tune O matic. Ct rglage, we have a volume, a tone and a toggle switch. The Saddle handle is not too flat, and for idalie dmanchs fast.


The handle is a highway, but is not suitable for small hands too. The cards are more difficult than another one of my horizon. CHAC is the acute phnomnal, a pleasure. The body of the guitar is an exeptional comfort. The instrument is well equilibrated pluttlger and trs.
Yes, we get easily a good "fat" (requires select mahogany) with a sharp attack. The veneer Saddle plays its rle. In the neck position, a plutt sings well. Little test I always do: playing a fairly complex agreement, the notes dtachent all perfectly, whatever the position of slecteur.


The NTII suits me perfectly because I play good solid rock in the spirit of my favorite band, headphone. I plugged into a Peavey 5150 most of the time, and work hard. I also test and hold a Peavey Classic 50 and an Orange Rocker 30 watts. anything. The guitar does not have that ct "toy" of many modern instruments and of the resource. No need to push too hard to gain a oats. In clean, one can also find good things. The original Duncan pickups are not too aggressive, and well let the instrument speak. I do not like the split, the gut issue.


I use it for a year and a half guitar spair. What I like least is the push / push button Tone. I find a inutilse. I tried many diffrent Horizon. I possde a few, including a United States Custom Shop vritablement amazing. The NTII really does not blush in front of her. I can not find it too expensive. Whereas I have my money and I would do without this choice problem.

shaker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP Horizon NT-II
Channel 24 through mahogany boxes with a touch bne and again in pearls.
Potentiomtres-volume and tone that is also push-pull for split mics a double single coil.
Micros-Seymourd JB/59 Duncan.
-Mahogany body with table Saddle flame.
Micro-selector 3 positions.
Sperzel locking-Mcaniques.
(Mine is dark red distributed in France by the black box list price 1790)


-The neck is thin and fast asser modern Access in good treble.
-The guitar has a weight that I would call normal or too heavy or too lightweight.
sitting, as no problem keeping up.
We ca-branch and roll itself.


-Here we have a versatile guitar that asser typemtal strongly, I think it is a version of EMG team directly.
-I play an ENGL Thunder 50 no problem and the sound is rich, and prcis law.
-Depending on whether and spil SETTING THE amp, I can close all but the guitar style color guard nanmoins mtal asser modern sound we are here in spite of the violin near the asser his gibson. The grain is more "modern" for groups like Led Zeppelin the guitar does not excel, however, metallica & co do not worry.
In-distortion as a clean guitar a good trs rpondant split relement microphones offer great potential as explained above, but the sound is too "prcis" too much "right" to an old blues drooling or something else that is more "dirty" in distortion.


-I possde guitar for a month, I love his violin trs complte, Access in the treble, it is rendered on pieces irrprochable more like hard metal.
-I possdais before a cort m-600 MODEL recess at well below prices as quality.
-I think for a high-end guitar like this the ratio quality price is a good honest plsu complete violin, good wood, good microphones, when we see the exorbitant prices that practice or gibson jackson US I think this guitar is well established
and has really nice sound possibilities.
-I do not think that choice again, since this guitar is not my type of guitar that does not detract from its quality. I board not a good feeling that's all I'm Gibsonian: p