Expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments
Electronic instrument Expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments
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Used expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments

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  • Roland JV Expansion Hip-Hop SR-JV80-12
    from Reverb.com

    Roland JV Expansion Hip-Hop SR-JV80-12has images


    The Hip-Hop Collection offers a wealth of fresh sounds and instruments for producing Hip-Hop and R&B. Over 40 cutting-edge phrase/rhythm loops are also included for quick song creation.  …

  • Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral Expansion
    from Reverb.com

    Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral Expansionhas images


    The SR-JV80-02 Orchestral expansion board provides a variety of extraordinarily realistic sounds for classical orchestration. A sophisticated assortment of string, woodwind and brass sounds -…

  • Roland SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II Expansion
    from Reverb.com

    Roland SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II Expansionhas images


    The SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II wave expansion board offers an all-new collection of high-quality orchestral sounds including stunning new string, brass, wind and other orchestral sounds, as wel…

  • Roland JV Board SR-JV80-06 Dance
    from Reverb.com

    Roland JV Board SR-JV80-06 Dancehas images


    The Dance Expansion board contains 255 waveforms and 255 patches designed specifically for dance music applications such as techno, industrial, acid-house, hip-hop, trance and more. This boar…

  • Expert Sleepers FH-1
    from Reverb.com

    Expert Sleepers FH-1has images


    In perfect working condition.Includes original box and power cable.Awesome module to sequence/modulate/interface with usb midi controllers/iOS devices.Thanks for looking.