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  • Clavia DSP Expansion G2

    Clavia DSP Expansion G2 - boriszuev's review


    I have 2 clavia products-nord lead 3 & Modular G2 ...i have them for 3 years - i just love them and want to buy same uppgrade for G2…

  • Yamaha PLG150-AN

    Yamaha PLG150-AN - son of the doctor's review


    I use it for one year. I like the diversity of sounds but Any vsti plug-in makes better today, this card, although having returned services is exceeded. For the same price it's better to look towards good vsti... The world evolves!…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha PLG150-VL

    Yamaha PLG150-VL - " Breath Controller essential"


    I use a Motif ES with a breath controller BC3. PLG 150 VL uses a form of synthesis that has disappeared from the scene hardware Physical modeling Yamaha sauce, there has already patented 20 years. Yet the sounds that it can produce are unique, prov…

  • Yamaha BC2

    Yamaha BC2 - " Fun inside!"


    The BC-2 is controller by the blast. It consists of a mouthpiece as placing a wind instrument in the mouth, sending the control change. It is designed exclusively for older synths / expanders yamaha, although a case is adaptive was then designed for …

  • E-MU RFX-32

    E-MU RFX-32 - MJCJM's review


    I use it recently and I do not totally control! All I know is that I rarely had opportunity to align as many effects in a sampler or workstation (perhaps on a Yamaha A5000 ... but what they are ugly those of the A5000 ...!) There was just the rig…

  • Roland PG-1000 Synth Programmer

    Roland PG-1000 Synth Programmer - " Attaching"


    How long have you use it? 10 years Have you tried many other models before buying it? Say I used midi controllers. What is the particular feature you like best and least? When one knows the D50 which is a real monster synthesis, pg1000…

  • Korg PBS-Tri

    Korg PBS-Tri - " This is great!"


    I find this absolutely brilliant card. It doubles the capacity of your Trinity by adding two banks C and D and the COMBI PROG. Then I can add real samples hammond, rhodes or other sounds. Sounds great with the trinity! …

  • Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop

    Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop - ipm's review


    few weeks Certainly one of the cards found most on the market, so that you can easily find and not too expensive. I love curls, completely outdated, but "send heavy." Overall they are very well loopées, and tempo indicated is very well respecte…

  • Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synthesizer

    Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synthesizer - " A SLAP ENORMMMMMME"


    express opinion: few months and many hours on it ... I went through a lot of stuff (digital and analog) samplers of romplers, the VA ... (I bought a JV for the card in and orchestral card were in by the previous owner) to complete my stock of 6…


    Korg EXB-RADIAS - " Well ... but ..."


    I use it for 1 year. This is a real plus for the M3. It gives a real new dimension greasy bass, pads deep, strong and crystalline leads. But ... The real downside for me is the difficulty of controlling the parameters of the Radias. Indee…