Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop
Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop

SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop, Expansion Board for Electronic Instrument from Roland in the JV series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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ipm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop
few weeks

Certainly one of the cards found most on the market, so that you can easily find and not too expensive.

I love curls, completely outdated, but "send heavy." Overall they are very well loopées, and tempo indicated is very well respected. a small loop on his favorite sequencer will return you many services for the first component.

Overall, this card is really typical side and mid 90's. One can only think listening to some patches: Shaggy Mr Boombastic, or more particularly George michael - spinning the wheel ...

the only regret is that the number of measurement is particularly limited. and it is therefore difficult to use variations ... why I think it is useful composition

However, she slams making a sound tool satisfaction.

to complete, some synths and especially good TR kits are the part that can make useful

On occasion, it is not uncommon to find in association with Drum & Bass, and it is true that the couple is good enough, because the low card Hip Hop are not particularly well positioned.

From my side, with a good Nord Electro 3 for E-piano and a good E-MU E5000 Ultra with Phatt rom it gives an almost perfect trio ...

spritnoirr2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop
Roland is really a strong brand, indmodable and sound professional.
I use this card since September 2006 and, being a member of the vast community of Hip Hop, I find it very compelling.
It caractrise by his cot sample, much like an E-MU. The Difference with its major competitor is that there's BIG sampling. Because it consists of 256 patches that range from simple beat, one instrument casiment west coast 90s.

Trs typ Old School, do not expect the Neptunes or The Animal. Means more than a BOOM! BOOM! ClAAAc!! DJ Premier and Dr. Dre that Bouboum, Clap! the 50 cent or Timbaland.
Each patch possde several possibilities of layering of sounds, just a saxophone, + bass, + beat, following the pressure force of the pad of his mpc or after its location on the keyboard matre.
The beats of old have this capacity thanks to strong tapper Low Fi and Listen to sample patches to beat it seems to have everything done with an Akai S950 ... Or ... To mark this great ... A Roland S330!
The more we dplace in this map, the more we realize that several samples can not be used because others before us made it dj tubes (shame but we are happy even when poss der card history!), I think Kanye West, Sniper, Mob Deep ...
In complment Card and Bass Drum, the beats are so fat you might want to sample. It was a good pallette of colors. Finally on the part fatbeat, we can have a recess kick, the snare and hi-hat part. Moreover when the sample leaves dfile it lasts long enough (6 / 7 steps) for the loop to ease ... Once you find the right tempo (then 90 or 91 bpm?)
Friend breaker, this card is majestic Mount once in octaves on your keyboard matre, the same beats that affect MCs will dance the Breakers. Acclrs they retain their atomic sweet! And shall in no way effect the pitch or fast forward playback.
Bass, good vingtainte are hot and powerful even if sometimes they seem a bit old. Effects such as "DJ" "Come On!" "Stop!" "Clap Your Hands!" ect ... Are nice and well damn even if I know I will not use 90% of them.

There are samples of sax and trumpets that are trs interressants, correct, hot and taking place. One has the impression that each sampler notes.

The piano patches are well done and Hip Hop, it gives the impression of a grand piano synth tail with reverb and cho mtallique an Akai Hip Hop.
And as the world is imperfect, some forcment patch electro hip mtallo hopo pabo just a little tarnish the image of the high card and gives a score of them a feel of oven-all in shambles. But when you love something, it's also accpte dfaults ;-)!
Here is my decision CRITERIA:

The card is really Hip Hop?
Yes, 4.5 / 5.
Patches of beats and bass are good?
For the Old School 5 / 5!
Patches of instruments are they drinking?
Pianos and saxes typs dancing and old school 4 / 5
The remains of the patches (and electro effects) they are interresting?
Weakness of this card, 2.5 / 5
Total 16 / 20.
I, who wanted an Akai S950, with this card and I served all this for 60 euros (during live '!). The Difference with E-MU is that we have no need to up the gain to be realized that the sound that comes out is Fat!
Historical Map and classical both possder absolutely!