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Yamaha External Audio Interfaces user reviews

  • Yamaha UW10

    Yamaha UW10 - "Small, but definatly some latency"


    The UW10 is a very small compact interface that reminds me a lot of the Behringer Ucontrol. Its very simple to operate and its only purpose is to record some basic stuff. I really didn’t even use it for much but just recording some basic demo vocals …

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - FP User's review


    The features are good and the plugins are awesome. MLAN can be difficult to work with but once running it tends to run pretty flawlessly. Price paid 700 UTILIZATION It is easy once it is setup but because of the MLAN update it can be a little tri…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha Audiogram 3

    Yamaha Audiogram 3 - " NOMAD"


    Great a small portable sound card powered by the USB. Powerful preamp. 7 ms latency with the yamaha driver but the driver with 3 ms asio 4all. (Test on an acer with windows 64 bit i3. UTILIZATION cool any problems the driver easy to insta…

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - " EXCELLENT SOUND CARD"


    For both instruments preamps mics worthy of the DM 2000 console in the same brand. Its multiple input-output (adat, spdif ...) UTILIZATION quite stable once installed. low latency, expandable via a 01x which allows have a total of 18 physical…

  • Yamaha GO44

    Yamaha GO44 - Halban's review


    - RESOLUTION 24 bits - Sampling 44Khz 192Khz - Outputs: Stereo Line, Midi Out, S / P Dif, headphone - Input: Stereo Line, Mic, Midi In, S / P Dif - Connection FireWire (IEEE1394) - Two FireWire ports - FireWire or sector - Headphone Volume - …

  • Yamaha Audiogram 3

    Yamaha Audiogram 3 - kiksp's review


    -What characteristics have motivated your choice? asio drivers and the price certainly no midi but at this price there is everything you need to register -What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk ,...)? pc fixed Acer dual core 2.4 GHz …

  • Yamaha Audiogram 3

    Yamaha Audiogram 3 - Little_Paco's review


    What technical specifications motivated your choice? Ben looked from one simple, with volumes above a headphone jack, and eats little while between prs and more small ships with Cubase. For what purpose? To make the dishes of course! What is your con…

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - steako's review


    I possde the i88x since its release I had a 01x a year and I am eyeing a logical extension dedicates. I work with either a PC or a laptop. I have changed several times since I possde the Yamaha .... But I always used the onboard firewire chipset …

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - vanpet's review


    I had a Tascam US-122L, 2 / O via USB, which made me proud to begin service in my home studio. I was happy, but my arsenal of equipment forced me to choose an external sound card with more inputs and outputs. I have a limited budget (and yes, we d…

  • Yamaha I-88X

    Yamaha I-88X - kluck's review


    Hi I bought one for I88X m 'ADAT interface with my AW4416, that was the only sound card and ADAT 16 channels for a reasonable price: 500 euros in Playback It is connected either on my Mac mini with panther in Logic Express 7 or in stand alone on…