Fender Custom Shop Telecaster 2014
SeriesFender Custom Shop Telecaster 2014

Series belonging to the Telecaster series from Fender

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Fender Custom Shop Telecaster 2014 news

  • [NAMM] Fender 2014 Proto Telecaster

    [NAMM] Fender 2014 Proto Telecaster

    01/24/14 in Fender 2014 Proto Telecaster

    Fender started 2014 with a new Proto Tele that premiered yesterday at NAMM 2014.

  • [NAMM] Fender 2014 Custom Deluxe Telecaster

    [NAMM] Fender 2014 Custom Deluxe Telecaster

    01/24/14 in Fender Custom Shop 2014 Custom Deluxe Telecaster

    Fender debuted yesterday at NAMM 2014 the new Custom Deluxe Tele.